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Chapter 50: Foundation Building Fist Technique and the right way to execute it

Chapter 50: Foundation Building Fist Technique and the right way to execute it

Song Shuhang nodded seriously, then opened the second image of the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?, and began memorizing everything on it.

When he looked at it again after memorizing everything, he entered the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? world.

As before, the dark green grassland appeared, then a well-built man once again demonstrated the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? over and over. The only difference was the fist technique demonstrated, which was a different move.

Song Shuhang watched with extreme passion, with a fervent desire to move his body and practice the hand and leg movements that he saw before him!



The special hypnosis space seemed to last a long time, but only a minute or two had actually passed in reality.

Medicine Master gave Song Shuhang a two-hour time limit, but Song Shuhang only used a little more than an hour to experience all eighteen moves of the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? and the ?True Self Meditation Scripture? and commit all of their contents to memory.

He leaned back against the chair, and rubbed his temples with force. This one-hour period made him feel more exhausted than spending four hours refining the Body Tempering Liquid, and caused his head to ache.

Medicine Master asked, “Done looking?”

“I’m done, shall we find somewhere to try it out?” Song Shuhang opened his eyes and said excitedly. Although he still felt rather tired mentally, once he thought about the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?, he was itching to try it out.

“Let’s go down to the lawn over there. It is spacious and empty, and you can put your arms and legs to use there.” Medicine Master pointed at the lawn close by the men’s dormitory.

“Practice the fist technique in a public place like this? Wouldn’t others be able to sneakily learn it?” Song Shuhang doubtfully asked. After all, Medicine Master had just said a moment ago that privately teaching others was forbidden. If the techniques were learnt by others and he was taken as the teacher, wouldn’t that be an injustice to him?

More importantly, practicing on that lawn where many people pass by would be really embarrassing.

Even though what he’s practicing is genuine foundation building martial arts for cultivators, the problem is that no student in Jiang Nan University would know that.

They would definitely think that Song Shuhang had seen too many Wuxia films, and began to practice martial arts on the lawn after being possessed by the devil.

“Haha, if someone could learn the fist techniques for foundation building just by looking at the forms, what would the mnemonic chants be for? Did you think that the rows of words on the scrolls are just to hypnotise you? That is the true secret that cannot be passed to others.” Medicine Master said with a smile.

“I still feel that we should go somewhere more secluded. There’s a large patch of empty space on our dormitory’s rooftop, it’s usually deserted.” Song Shuhang felt that he shouldn’t give up yet.

“You sure have a lot of demands, don’t you, child.” Medicine Master was very nonchalant about it. “Alright, let’s go to your rooftop then.”

Song Shuhang sighed a breath of relief.

He had dodged a bullet, there was no need to do the shame ‘play’ anymore.



The rooftop was a great place; pick up girls, bang, watch meteor showers, it had brought together many lovers in Jiang Nan University in the past.

It was a pity that too many people liked to climb onto the rooftop, and many of them loved to practice being the MC of Titanic, spreading their arms wide open beyond the rooftop’s railing, enjoying the wind blowing at them. Nobody knows if it’s because they enjoyed it too much, but there were often people who accidentally jumped off the rooftop……

Therefore, for safety purposes, a large lock had been added to the door leading to the roof of the men’s dormitory.

But this large lock posed no problem to Song Shuhang.

He calmly took out a spare key from his pocket and opened the large lock. He could do this because when school reopened, the teacher who managed the dormitory asked Song Shuhang’s roommate, Tubo, to buy it. With Tubo’s personality, how could he not have a principle of leaving a few spare keys for himself? All of his roommates had one of these keys.

The rooftop was separated into two sections from the middle of the staircase, and Song Shuhang and Medicine Master casually chose the left side.

Medicine Master began to explain to Shuhang, “The ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? has a total of eighteen moves. In normal circumstances, all you would need to do is practice the whole fist technique from start to end, then the qi and blood in your body would be abundant and even be filled to the brim. After that, you can cross your legs and meditate with the ?True Self Meditation Scripture?, then you would be able to refine the qi and blood and store it at your heart’s acupoint.”

Shuhang nodded, then closed his eyes to study the eighteen moves of the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? in his mind.

Next, he performed the stance for Foundation Building Fist Technique One.

It must be said that the exhausting crash course in the illusion world was very effective. Right now, when Song Shuhang posed for the first move of the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique?, it gave him an extremely familiar feeling, as if he had already practiced this fist techniques many times before. His body moved naturally, and the first move was released like passing clouds and flowing rivers.

It was very easy, there was no difficulty in it. After going through the Body Tempering Liquid’s purification, Song Shuhang’s body was more flexible than a yoga master. It would be no problem for him to bend his head back and tuck it between his inner thighs, so the moves of the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? posed no challenge to him.

Practicing Foundation Building Fist Technique One all the way to Foundation Building Fist Technique Eighteen was incredibly easy, just like doing a morning stretch.

But weirdly, he had practiced the entire fist technique, and yet he didn’t feel the slightest bit of that thing called ‘qi and blood’. There was no need to even mention an abundance of ‘qi and blood’.

What’s going on? Song Shuhang was baffled, and looked towards Medicine Master.

Medicine Master noticed Song Shuhang staring at him, so he asked, “What’s up?”

“Senior Medicine Master, I practiced the whole fist technique, yet didn’t feel any qi and blood!” Song Shuhang gloomily answered.

“You already practiced it? When? Why didn’t I see it happen?” Medicine Master widened his eyes.

“Senior, were you daydreaming?” Song Shuhang asked, “Wasn’t what I threw out ‘Foundation Building Fist Technique One’ all the way till ‘Foundation Building Fist Technique Eighteen’?”

“……” Medicine Master: “You mean you weren’t just posing to familiarize yourself with the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? moves?

“No, I was being serious earlier, and practiced the whole ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? from start to end.” Song Shuhang answered earnestly.

It can’t be that Senior Medicine Master is secretly a troll, right?

Medicine Master’s face changed, then he heartily laughed out loud, “Little friend Shuhang, a cultivator’s foundation building body technique isn’t as simple as just posing. This is why I told you earlier that there won’t be any use if others learned the poses, what’s of utmost importance is the fist’s chant!”

When he was done laughing, Medicine Master explained, “Try it again, don’t just focus on posing, you need to softly recite the fist’s chant, and match your breathing with the chant. When you throw your fist, put in force! Don’t be a weak little girl, start again from the very beginning!”

So it turned out that it’s because I didn’t do it properly? No wonder it felt as if this ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? was like radio calisthenics.

Also, could it be that Senior Medicine Master is a natural troll? He stood by my side watching me jumping around like a monkey, yet didn’t voice out to give me any advice?

Shaking his head, Song Shuhang once again reviewed the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? in his head.

Next, he began to chant the incomparably profound fist technique’s chant. He no longer paid attention to just perfectly posing with his punches, recalling that indistinct-faced man’s might when he punched.

In the illusion world, when that indistinct-faced man demonstrated Foundation Building Fist Technique One, he displayed matchless ferociousness with brave advances; he also paired strength with gentleness, using 70% strength while keeping the remaining 30% in reserve. The punches he threw were curved, while craving for straightness.

Song Shuhang needed to temper his body, so he naturally made each punch and every pose with maximum strength, bringing about his full potential. Only then would there be the effect of his body being tempered.

Foundation Building Fist Technique One’s three stances in one move were once again performed by him.

“With the self as the core, all the movements begin from the waist……. The body like a bow, full of strength…… and the punch like an avalanche.”

With his gaze right ahead, he moved a step forward, exerted strength from his waist, then performed Foundation Building Fist Technique One. The punch was thrown like a cannon, with great force and profound strength.



Song Shuhang could only feel like two huge yellow cymbals were clashing into each other right beside his ears.

Just as he was reciting the fist technique’s chant, it was as if there was an invisible, untouchable, yet real force converging into him. That power unceasingly squeezed into his body, coiling around his fists.

When he threw this punch, Song Shuhang had the impression of the air exploding in front of him.

At the same time, his body felt fiery hot, and a faint feeling of fatigue ran through his shoulder, waist, and leg muscles. It was as if what he just threw wasn’t just one punch, but instead a hundred or a thousand consecutive punches!

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