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Chapter 45: The girl backed up against the wall again

Chapter 45: The girl backed up against the wall again

Five minutes after leaving Medicine Master’s house, Song Shuhang reached the interweaving alleys of Auspicious Street.

Then, he blinked a few times, looking at the familiar yet strange scene.

Dozens of meters ahead of him were eleven hoodlums packed together. They had colorful dyed hair, rows of earrings, nose rings, lip rings, and various kinds of weird tattoos.

For example, the hoodlum with a tall physique, leaning against the wall with one hand while wearing an evil smile, had a cute tattoo of a rubber duck on his arm.

The one who was forced to back up against the wall as he placed his hand on the wall, slightly above her shoulders, was a beautiful short-haired maiden.

Approximately 1.5m tall, short hair, with a beautiful face despite having no makeup.

Because of her dainty figure, she looked like high school student.

Both cute and pretty.

At this point of time, the short-haired girl who leaned against the wall was expressionless, with a certain chilliness in her eyes.

“Beauty, are you feeling very lonely in this place?”

“Do you wanna play with us big brothers?”

“Play for free, all kinds of pleasure.”

“It will feel very good, y’know?”

“Us big brothers will accompany you to play too.”

“Around the corner there’s a small but pretty good shop, it’s quite close. I’ll assure you that you’ll wanna play more after trying it once.”

All kinds of teasing, all kinds of enticing.

It wasn’t just the scene that was familiar, even their lines were incredibly familiar! In this day and age, could it be that these hoodlums all made an agreement to repeat the same script before an innocent girl?

Song Shuhang sighed and rubbed his temples.

As a young man of good character, despite how that cute short-haired girl wouldn’t thank him and would even scold him for being a busybody, he couldn’t just stand by without doing anything when a scene like this unfolded before his eyes.

He still decided to help this young lady out; because it was as easy as just lifting his hand.

Which is why this fella Song Shuhang should have been drowned in good friend cards a long time ago.

Shuhang rubbed his fists as he walked up with large strides.

At this time, the short-haired girl noticed him.

When the cold-faced girl saw Shuhang, she finally couldn’t maintain that icy expression of hers, the corners of her mouth twitched. In this day and age, there are still such busybodies, huh.

“Annoying guy.” The short-haired girl softly said.

“Oh? What did you just say beauty? You agree to come with us big brothers?” The rubber ducky hoodlum grinned nefariously, he kept one hand on the wall and moved the other to touch the short-haired girl’s face.

The short-haired girl coldly snorted, then she suddenly opened her crossed arms, grabbed onto rubber ducky hoodlum’s head, and forcefully yanked his head towards her.

This action, does she want to kiss me? This girl has such a fiery passion! Rubber ducky hoodlum was delighted, he stuck out thick lips that were coated with saliva and prepared to have a taste of this little icy beauty’s lips.

After that…… there was no after.

A *bam* sounded out.

Rubber ducky hoodlum could only feel an acute pain on his forehead, like he was struck by a metal hammer, his vision darkened and he lost consciousness. He even had a vague feeling that there was some liquid flowing out of his nose, was it caused by the trauma to his head?

The short-haired girl remained as cold as before, after that strike to the head brought rubber ducky hoodlum down, she threw the unconscious hoodlum to the side like she was tossing away trash.

When she doesn’t move, she’s like an iceberg, yet when she makes a move she’s incomparably fierce. An attack like a headbutt is rarely used, even amongst men, unless one had confidence in the hardness of their skull; otherwise a headbutt would usually just makes both sides suffer.

The young lady provocatively looked at Song Shuhang,

“Yellowy, fuck, yellowy has fallen! Don’t die, yellowy!”

“Damn whore! You will pay the price for your deeds!”

“Us brothers will make you understand such pleasures as if you were going to heaven!” The hoodlums behind cursed one after another, and surrounded the short-haired girl with malevolent looks.

Short-haired girl snorted, she stretched out her arms, formed fists anchored at her sides, and spread her slender legs, sinking down into a horse stance.

Her movements flowed very naturally, seeming graceful yet dashing.


An amateur won’t be able to notice a thing, but someone with experience would realize that this little horse stance shows that this young lady has a solid foundation in martial arts.

It was a pity that Song Shuhang and the numerous hoodlums were truly amateurs in every sense, all they could make out from this girl’s movements was that it looked cool.

“Hurr!” The short-haired girl’s fist was as quick as lightning, her body leaned forward, her tender hands were like an artillery bombardment on the hoodlums.

Usually, if such cute little fists slammed into a person’s chin, they would just feel a slight pain for a while. But those hoodlums who were struck were all blown away, their bodies drawing a beautiful arc in the air, then they fell onto the floor hard.

The hoodlums’ pupils contracted, and all froze with their mouths hanging open. Impossible, she’s such a cute girl, how could she throw such a scary punch?

They stood motionless, yet the short-haired girl didn’t stop. She pivoted on her left leg, then unleashed a spinning kick with her right, knocking the hoodlum to her right to the ground, and then stepped on him with her other leg when he fell.

Borrowing the force of that step, she bent her waist and clamped her legs around the neck of another hoodlum like a vise, her body was as flexible as a snake as she flung the hoodlum away……

How was she a cute and pitiful young maiden who was forced back to the wall? She was practically a killing machine, every part of her body was a weapon that could release explosive attacks!

What made things worse was this killing machine was on god-mode!



A little over ten seconds. The eleven hoodlums were all down on the ground like corpses.

The short-haired girl patted away the nonexistent dust on her tights, then glanced at Song Shuhang, raised her head to a 45 degree angle, and snorted.

Next, the short-haired girl turned away like a proud cock and arrogantly left.

Song Shuhang rubbed his chin, and nodded seriously, “So I was really being a busybody? No wonder she got angry.”

Then he said in a low voice, “But come to think of it, she has been backed up to the wall while surrounded by hoodlums two days in a row, she can’t possibly have a special talent or physique for being ‘forced back to the wall by hoodlums,’ right?”

Far away, the short-haired girl who proudly left suddenly paused, her mouth twitched, then she quickly left.

After the young lady had gone some distance away, Song Shuhang squatted in front of the hoodlums, and poked the rubber ducky hoodlum with a finger.

Rubber ducky hoodlum released a groan of pain. Good, he’s still alive.

“It’s fine if he isn’t dead.” Song Shuhang nodded in relief, then left at ease……

He wasn’t a good person to the very core as that would just make him rotten, since these hoodlums weren’t dead, he was too lazy to call for an ambulance for these hoodlums.

Let them lie on the ground and spend some time reflecting. Remember this with their bodies: Don’t go up to tease a pretty lady the moment they see one!

You can’t say for sure that the lady doesn’t have god-mode at the ready at any time, could you?

Moreover, Song Shuhang didn’t have the time to waste on these hoodlums; he wanted to quickly return to the dormitory, and wait for the ‘flying sword book transfer’ from Great Master Tong Xuan.

Flying sword book transfer, this was a godly skill that used to only appear in dreams. Now that it was going to reveal itself in the real world, just what would it be like?

Also, what would the ?Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique? and ?True self Meditation Scripture? look like? An ancient stitch-bound book? The more ancient bamboo scroll? Perhaps a silk canvas or beast skin scroll?

They all seem wonderful.

The only trouble was that his roommates may be back in the dormitory. Wouldn’t it be inappropriate if the flying sword book delivery arrives then? It wouldn’t be easy to explain to them would it?

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