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Chapter 350: I want to fly higher and higher

Chapter 350: I want to fly higher and higher

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Wolf One and the others had yet to shoot when the nearby seawater started to churn… soon after, a terrifying strength came at them from the bottom of the sea...

"What's happening?" Wolf One got a scare and tried to get away from the churning seawater.

But the momentum of the rising water was too strong. Amongst the water was mixed the faint aura of a monster cultivator. A sea monster was up to mischief!

The ocean was the natural habitat of sea monsters. If you were to meet them in the open sea, they would give you an unbelievable headache. Earlier, Wolf One and the others had carefully inspected the surroundings and didn't find anything amiss. Where did this sea monster come from?

And why did it want to deal with them?

Did it mean that a powerful and hungry sea monster just happened to pass by, and decided to have a meal after seeing them?

Wolf One struggled with all his might, but it was useless.

He couldn't even change his posture amongst the frenzied sea waves… since he was unable to resist, he could only do his best to hold on. He operated the true qi inside his body at full strength, trying to protect himself.

His teammates did the same.


Compared to Wolf One and the others, Song Shuhang was even more surprised and felt like crying. When the nearby seawater started to churn and seethe, he realized that the tsunami Venerable White predicted was finally here!

But didn't Senior White say that I would get swept by the tsunami only if I were more than a hundred meters away from the island? Isn't my current distance from the island only fifty meters? Song Shuhang had paid close attention to the distance he had traveled. Such being the case, why was he swept by this tsunami?

But there was an even greater problem now—what did he have to do in order to activate the disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition?

Dammit! Earlier, I remembered to ask whether or not the disposable Song Shuhang 001 used the coiling flight (or Bladestorm) feature, but I forgot to ask how to activate it!

Did he have to chant that disgraceful incantation again, Moon Prism Power, Make Up? After chanting it once, he didn't really want to chant it again.

Moreover, he was in the middle of the water right now. The seawater would enter his mouth if he were to open it to chant the incantation.



The sea waves started to rise and quickly reached the height of twenty meters, their momentum unstoppable.

Wolf One and the others were picked up by the waves and dragged toward the shore on the island—these waves seemed intent on throwing them onto the sandy beach.

When he was dragged away by the waves, the silly and handsome Fox Ten unconsciously shot a glance toward the island. It was at that point that he saw a fearful figure in white. The figure in white had a gentle smile on its face. It almost seemed as though this sudden tsunami was within its calculations.

Is this the doing of that handsome cultivator?

I should have tried to convince Wolf One to use gentler means to retrieve Whale Wight and Shark Nine. We shouldn't have gone for something as extreme as kidnapping the small monk or that youngster!

Although Fox Ten was regretting his decision, he did so only after things were over for them. Thus, it was completely useless.

The sea waves kept dragging Wolf One and company, as well as Song Shuhang, toward the island.


Song Shuhang hadn't been too lucky, and while being dragged away by the sea waves, he was pressed beneath the tsunami, continuously sweeping the seafloor. Just like Wolf One and the others, he struggled with all his might, but couldn't get away. In front of this tsunami that was akin to a natural disaster, he felt small and insignificant.

'Now then… is 'jumping through the dragon gate like a fish' even more difficult than getting away from this tsunami to reach the surface of the sea?' Song Shuhang suddenly recalled what Senior White had told him earlier. Since his Turtle Breathing Technique was still active, he didn't have to worry about drowning.

What Venerable White described at the time was the real process of the fish jumping through the dragon gate, and it had nothing to do with the 'jumping through the dragon gate' bottleneck that cultivators of the First Stage had to face. But if that bottleneck was only 1/10 as scary as this tsunami, it was still pretty difficult to overcome.

Song Shuhang clenched his fists and thought to himself, 'I won't give up so easily. I'll jump through the dragon gate at once. I don't want to merely live up for a hundred years.'

When this thought flashed through his mind, the disposable Song Shuhang 001 edition on his body suddenly lit up.

Soon after, he felt an endless stream of energy burst out of his body. All this energy produced a powerful force that pushed his body away from the frenzied waves.

This thing is finally working! Song Shuhang thought and seized the opportunity to move toward the surface of the sea.

The talisman-like effects that Senior White had added were very powerful. Thanks to their strength, he was able to easily proceed toward the surface of the sea. Under the astonished gazes of Wolf One and the others, Song Shuhang rode the wind and cleaved through the powerful oceanic waves, getting out of the sea.

"Ahaha, I managed to come out." Song Shuhang heartily laughed and prepared to move toward the island and Senior White.

But right at this time, he felt as though he had lost control of his body. Just as before, that burst of energy was continuously surging and the powerful force beneath his feet wasn't showing any signs of stopping.

At last, Song Shuhang broke through the surface of the sea like a missile. Without the resistance of the water, the speed at which he was rising toward the sky became even faster.

"..." Song Shuhang.

"Senior White, the brakes! How do I brake?!" Song Shuhang shouted. He even unconsciously used the ❮Roaring Lion's Technique❯. His voice was deafening and spread very far away.

But did Senior White even have the concept of 'braking' in his mind? The answer was: no. The only concepts in Senior White's mind were: speed increasing, 3x speed, 5x speed, 10x speed, XXx speed. Something like braking wasn't worth considering!

And just in this fashion, Song Shuhang shot toward the sky, flying higher and higher.

He had been too naive! Although there was no coiling flight feature, there was the rocket-style speed increasing feature!

The happiness I long for lies in the higher skies~ I want to fly higher and higher, dancing like the wild wind, escaping the earth's embrace~ I want to fly higher and higher~ the wings stirring up a storm, and the heart howling~ fly higher and higher...

"Oh… after I removed all the other features and changed the energy of the Ten Thousand Mile Flying Escape Technique into an upward thrusting force, the strength of the generated propelling force turned out to be vastly superior to what I had expected… I need to further improve this part." After seeing Song Shuhang shoot up in the sky, Venerable White started to think about how to develop the 'disposable Song Shuhang 002 edition'.

Wait, I shouldn't be thinking about improvements right now. I should save Song Shuhang first.

Venerable White calmly took a wooden sword out of his sleeve——he had prepared this sword beforehand.

"Disposable meteor sword 001, go! Safely return little friend Song Shuhang here!" Venerable White activated the sword art, and the wooden sword shot up in the sky, chasing after Song Shuhang's silhouette.


At the same time, those huge sea waves clashed against the sandy beach with a loud sound. After clashing against the island, they broke into tiny pieces and dispersed, changing into raindrops that returned to the sea.

On the sandy beach, Wolf One and the company were lying on the ground, not even having the strength to stand up.

Venerable White calmly gazed at them. Afterward, he shot a glance at the far-off submarine, faintly smiling. Next, Senior White didn't pay any attention to Wolf One and the others, letting them lie on the beach like corpses.

Wolf One and company gasped for breath, trying to slowly recover their strength.

At the same time, Bull Two shot a glance at Venerable White. He had no idea what this cultivator was planning to do. Since he bothered to drag them onto the sandy beach, why didn't he take any action but left them here, drying in the sun?


Venerable White picked up Yu Jiaojiao with his hand and said with a smile, "Thank you, Jiaojiao. You saved me a lot of trouble this time. Is there any matter you need help with?"

He needed to give Yu Jiaojiao a gift for their first meeting. Moreover, she even helped him, wouldn't it be embarrassing if he were to give her nothing in return? He couldn't let that happen.

Yu Jiaojiao's body started to become pink; she seemed somewhat embarrassed.

In the next moment, she said, "Senior White, there is indeed something I need help with."

"Do tell. Let's see if I can fulfill this wish of yours," Venerable White said with a smile.

"I wondered if you could help me experience the 'shapeshifting dragon gate'." Yu Jiaojiao's body became even pinker, but her small eyes were looking at Venerable White expectantly.

Venerable White's smile disappeared, and he gazed at Yu Jiaojiao with a serious expression on his face. "The shapeshifting dragon gate? Are you sure?"

In regards to cultivation, although monster cultivators had a very long lifespan compared to humans, their cultivation speed was several times slower than humans before they could condense a Monster Core and assume a human form.

Before condensing their Monster Core, they wouldn't be able to assume a human form even if they had already reached the peak of the Fourth Stage Realm.

That was of course unless they had had some kind of lucky encounter—like Lady Onion in Song Shuhang's pocket, or if they were part of a particular race. In that case, they would have the opportunity to change into a half-human form while in the Fourth Stage Realm.

Amongst snakes were several species of monster snakes that would shed ten layers of snakeskin every realm, and after they had reached the Fourth Stage Realm and shed their snakeskin forty times, they could turn the upper part of their bodies into that of a human while the lower part would remain that of a monster snake. Monsters snakes such as lamias were very famous in Chinese legends.

Monster fishes also had the opportunity to assume a half-human form. They were precisely those mermaids in legends.

But unlike monster snakes, who only needed to shed their snakeskin, monster fishes needed the help of a Seventh Stage Venerable to gain the ability to change into half-human form. The Venerable would have to cast a shapeshifting illusion spell on them while they were trying to break through the Fourth Stage Realm.

After experiencing the spell, they would be able to change into a half-human form, greatly increasing the speed of their cultivation. However, the difficulty in breaking through would also increase tenfold, if not more.

"Yes, I'm sure." Yu Jiaojiao's voice was still lovely as before, but also very resolute. "I've already prepared all the materials, offerings, and spirit stones necessary for the creation of the shapeshifting dragon gate."

It seemed that she hadn't decided to experience the shapeshifting dragon gate on a whim. She had been preparing for it for years, if not decades.

"I see." Venerable White faintly nodded and added, "But I have a condition."

Then, he shot a glance at Song Shuhang who had already turned into a black dot...

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