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Chapter 311: Did someone carelessly press a button to fast-forward my life?

Chapter 311: Did someone carelessly press a button to fast-forward my life?

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Nine Lanterns died a little inside after reading this wish.

Why would I want to cry copiously?! Moreover, why the hell inside a sleeping bag? What kind of wish is that?! Why the hell did I make so many long-term plans when I was just a kid? Why… just why…?

The heart of a young girl, huh? What heart of a young girl?! Isn't it more like the heart of a wife? Still wrong, it's more like the heart of a mother or a grandma at this point! This monstrosity has no relation whatsoever with the heart of a young girl!

Nine Lanterns smashed her head against the table once more.

The thick table couldn't take it anymore, and cracks started to appear on its surface… at last, it finally collapsed!

Song Shuhang stayed silent and looked at the convulsing Nine Lanterns carefully; he was too scared to stop her.

Nine Lanterns raised her head, with pieces of the table still glued to it, and looked at Song Shuhang—was she really going to marry this man and bear two children for him?

How did it end up like this? Moreover, the children must have different genders!

How can I make this wish disappear?


"Crack, crack, crack…"

The sudden sound of firecrackers echoed in Song Shuhang's ear; the surrounding area was bustling with excitement.

Eh? What's happening?

Song Shuhang blinked a few times. At this time, he was sitting in front of a mirror, a little stupefied.

Next to him were several makeup artists, putting makeup on his face.

On his right side was a row of formal attire, and he too was wearing a black suit...

Behind him were a smiling Mama Song and a pleased Papa Song.

...Just what the hell is happening?

"At last, even our Shuhang is getting married." Mama Song smiled, her eyes teary. From time to time, she would wipe the tears from her corner of the eye.

"Indeed! Eh? Wife, why are you crying? Our son is getting married today, quickly wipe those tears off. Otherwise, people will make fun of you," Papa Song said in a low voice.

Eh? I'm getting married???

Are my ears having problems? How come I'm suddenly getting married?

Wait, let me recall what happened!


Song Shuhang faintly remembered that he was with Tubo, Gao Moumou, and the Zhuges. Together, they accompanied Lu Fei and her elder sister to an island in the East China Sea.

Immediately after, the plane they had boarded had problems, making them crash on the mysterious island. Afterward… well, there was no afterward because he didn't remember anything past this point.

Were my memories sealed?

Song Shuhang frowned and tried to recall what had happened—but it was useless. No matter how much he tried to recall, he couldn't remember anything. It seemed his memories had been really sealed!

Alright, even if I don't have any recollection of what happened on the mysterious island… just what the heck is happening right now?

Why are these people putting makeup on my face? And what did my mother just say? I'm getting married?

What joke is this?! I haven't even fallen in love yet. How come this important step was skipped, and I'm getting married directly?

Did someone carelessly press a button to fast-forward my life?

There is something very wrong with this situation!

Song Shuhang immediately recalled the Nine Provinces Number One Group. Where is my mobile phone? I have to go in the group chat and ask the seniors what's happening!

Just as he was thinking this, he overheard Mama Song and Papa Song's conversation.

Mama Song said, "But how can I not be excited?"

She wiped her tears off and continued, "Four years ago, when Shuhang went on that trip with his friends, the plane crashed. And since he returned home, he has been acting like a lunatic. Back then, I had no idea what to do. All the boys in the neighborhood were getting married one after another, building their own families. And when I thought that our Shuhang couldn't get married even if he wanted to, I was very depressed. I was so sad that I couldn't sleep at night."

Eh? Four years? It's already been four years since I've come back from the mysterious island?

Moreover, I've been acting like a lunatic for the whole time?

Did something unexpected happen when my memories were sealed, turning me into a fool?

What a horrible situation, whole four years spent as a lunatic!

Mama Song was choking with sobs. "But I didn't know that our foolish Shuhang had dated a girl four years ago. Moreover, this girl doesn't care about Shuhang's state and is still willing to marry him. I'm so happy… sob, sob… if Shuhang could recover from his current state, it would be even better, sob sob…"

Papa Song hugged Mama Song, he patted her back gently and tried to calm her down by whispering something to her.

"..." Song Shuhang.

I dated a girl four years ago, and she is still willing to marry me?

Who might she be?

Song Shuhang racked his brain and tried to remember the girls he was close to four years ago.

The first one he recalled was his classmate Lu Fei. After all, she was the first girl to confess to him. However, it was unlikely that she would marry him if he was currently a lunatic. Their relationship wasn't that good.

Next was Soft Feather. Although Song Shuhang really hoped it was her… as before, the possibility wasn't big. After all, she regarded Song Shuhang as a kind senior of the Nine Provinces Number One Group that had helped her. Moreover, they had met only twice. They weren't really in love with each other.

Then, there was Su Clan's Sixteen, and just like Soft Feather, Song Shuhang met her only a few times. Although the relationship between the two was slightly more complicated than Soft Feather's, the chances of Sixteen being the bride were still low. After all, the Spirit River Su Clan was a very powerful family, and its influence wasn't inferior to that of a big sect such as the Limitless Demon Sect. If Sixteen wanted to get married, it wasn't easy, especially if the groom was blockhead-mode Song Shuhang.

Except for these three, there was Lady Onion who was still stuck on the enlightenment stone. But Lady Onion wished she could bite him to death. Let alone marry him, she was probably hoping for him to die as soon as possible.

Wait, where did Senior White go when I lost my memory four years ago?

Does it mean that even Senior White couldn't cure me in my state and had no choice but to leave?

In this case, did he leave behind a message or something?

What a headache… after all, he had lost four years' worth of memories.

Just as Song Shuhang was in distress, Papa Song stepped forward and changed into a formal attire. Then, he pulled Song Shuhang up.

"Let's go, son. Today is your big day. Remember, don't cause a scene!" Papa Song patted Song Shuhang's shoulder and brought him downstairs.

Song Shuhang bitterly smiled and followed Papa Song.


The wedding was held at Wenzhou City's cathedral.

Song Shuhang hadn't misheard, the wedding was really held in Wenzhou City's church. The church was a very famous spot in Wenzhou City, and a lot of people would choose to hold their weddings there.

However, Song Shuhang felt a bit awkward at the thought of getting married inside a cathedral.


Papa Song accompanied Song Shuhang to the wedding car. Afterward, they headed toward the cathedral together.

When he got out of the car, Song Shuhang saw that there were already a lot of people waiting beside the cathedral.

There were grown-up versions of Tubo, Gao Moumou, Yangde, Zhuge Zhongyang, Zhuge Yue, and so on. On a side, there were also Lu Fei and her elder sister. As expected, Lu Fei wasn't the bride.

Except for this group of people from his university, there were also a lot of his childhood friends and people from the neighborhood, as well as a large number of relatives.

After seeing Song Shuhang appear, these close relatives and friends came forward one after another to congratulate him!

After following the long red carpet, Papa Song and Song Shuhang entered the church. Since Song Shuhang's mental state wasn't normal, Papa Song had to lead him personally.

As he entered the big church, Song Shuhang saw even more relatives and close friends.

At the same time, a woman wearing a white wedding dress came toward him while being led by a middle-aged man.

A white veil was covering her face. This veil was rather uncommon; it wasn't transparent, but was made of white gauze cloth, and series of pearls were attached to it. They covered her face completely, and Song Shuhang couldn't tell who she was even after carefully looking at her.

Although he couldn't see her face, he noticed that this woman had a very good stature. Her silhouette was a perfect double S. The parts that had to be big were big, and the parts that had to be slim were slim.

With such a good stature, as long as her face wasn't too bad, she would be regarded as a beauty.

But what was her real identity?

Song Shuhang was very curious as to who this woman that had decided to marry him regardless of his current state was.

She wasn't just using him as a scapegoat, right...?

When the woman arrived in front of him, Song Shuhang restrained his curiosity and stretched out his hand, taking the hand of the soon-to-be bride from the middle-aged man. Then, he supported her by the arm, just like a proper bridegroom.

Mama Song cried tears of joy.

Papa Song was also very happy.


The wedding march continued.

"Papapa~ papapa~"

Song Shuhang pulled the hand of his soon-to-be wife and arrived in front of the priest presiding over the wedding ceremony.

Perhaps because he knew about Song Shuhang's mental state, the priest didn't waste time on useless talk. He didn't ask any of those classic questions, such as, 'Do you promise to be faithful to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love her and to honor her all the days of your life?' or 'Do you promise to be faithful to him in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love him and to honor him all the days of your life?'.

Or such as, 'Do you take her to be your wife?' or 'Do you take him to be your husband?'.

After getting on the altar, the priest opened the Bible and started to pray for the newlyweds and blessed them to stay together till death did them apart.

Afterward, he didn't waste further time, and the scene immediately jumped to the exchange of rings.

They were doing things in the simplest way possible.

Song Shuhang restrained his curiosity and exchanged rings with the bride.

Both he and the bride were wearing rings with huge diamonds on top of them.

But even at this moment, Song Shuhang couldn't believe what was happening. His current state of mind could be summed up with the following sentence: Shiet, I'm really getting married!

"I pray to God to give you two happiness." The priest gave his blessings to the newlyweds.

But the most important moment was finally approaching.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and gently lifted the veil decorated with pearls the bride was wearing— I really want to see who this woman is, the woman that has decided to marry me regardless of my state for the past four years!

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