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Chapter 301: Do you want to know more about the Heavenly Island?

Chapter 301: Do you want to know more about the Heavenly Island?

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Pedo Uncle 002 edition acted the same way as that other pedo uncle that was sexually harassing Zhuge Yue earlier.

After hearing Pedo Uncle 002 edition's words, Zhuge Zhongyang's hair stood on end. "Uncle, I'm not gay!"

"It doesn't matter. This uncle here is very experienced and will make you feel really good. Moreover, as long as I refine someone with your special type of constitution in a cauldron, I'll be able to jump through the dragon gate and reach the Second Stage Realm." Pedo Uncle No. 2's tastes were even heavier than Pedo Uncle No. 1's.

In addition, was it a tradition of the sect to teach their students these lines? He basically said the same lines as Pedo Uncle No. 1...

"Don't come over! Stay away from me! If you come closer, I'll bite my tongue off and commit suicide!" Zhuge Zhongyang howled.

"Don't worry, my dear. Even without your tongue, you'll still be delicious." Pedo Uncle No. 2 evilly smiled.

At this time, Zhuge Zhongyang was really thinking of killing himself!


"It's over there." Nine Lanterns looked at Song Shuhang and pointed her finger toward the nightmarish scene.

Song Shuhang heaved a sigh and quietly took out his treasured saber Broken Tyrant—luckily, he had come just in time and Zhuge Zhongyang had yet to be 'deflowered'.

In the next instant, he accelerated and dashed toward Pedo Uncle No. 2.

Pedo Uncle No. 2, who was just about to pounce upon Zhuge Zhongyang, felt something was amiss. He suddenly turned around and used his metal rod to ward off the attack coming at him from behind.

Song Shuhang held the saber tightly and didn't use a showy technique or the Flaming Saber. He merely slashed vertically with considerable strength. Song Shuhang had learned these basic moves from the young man in green clothes in Venerable White's 'illusory reality'.

The treasured saber Broken Tyrant clashed against Pedo Uncle No. 2's metal rod.


In the next instant, the saber cut through the solid metal rod like a knife through butter! Its power didn't decrease at all, and the blade kept aiming at Pedo Uncle No. 2's head.

"Is that a treasured weapon?!" Pedo Uncle No. 2 cried out in amazement. Although the metal rod in his hand was an ordinary weapon, it was still made of tempered steel, and yet the weapon of his opponent had easily cut through it!

His opponent was using a treasured weapon—that was the only explanation!

In this critical situation, Pedo Uncle No. 2 cast his metal rod aside and rolled to a side to evade Song Shuhang's attack.

After dodging the attack, Pedo Uncle No. 2 suddenly disappeared, becoming invisible.

Not good. Not only did I fail to take advantage of the element of surprise, I even let him become invisible! The enemy is completely hidden, while I'm full of openings… what an awful situation! Song Shuhang secretly heaved a sigh.

"Song Shuhang!" Zhuge Zhongyang cried out in surprise after seeing Song Shuhang.

"Shush...!" Song Shuhang hinted for Zhuge Zhongyang not to move heedlessly and stay silent.

I can't find him with my eyes… and I can't sense him with mental energy either. As if that wasn't enough, even his smell disappeared after he became invisible.

It's really an incredible and mysterious technique. If I can't see him, and I can't smell him… maybe I should try to 'hear' him?

Song Shuhang closed his eyes and pushed his sense of hearing to the limit. After opening his Ear Aperture, he could hear even the wind blowing and the grass moving. And even if the enemy was currently invisible, he would surely come in contact with the grass on the ground when moving. He just had to wait for that opportunity.

Unfortunately, Song Shuhang didn't hear anything.

Other than making them invisible, this technique allowed the enemy to remove both the sound and smell produced by his body. At this time, Song Shuhang was in a terrible situation where he could only get passively beaten.

Is there really no way to counter the technique of this guy?


Just as Song Shuhang was thinking, the ghost spirit in his Heart Aperture made its move.

Although he had already made a contract with the ghost spirit, Shuhang had yet to complete the synchronization process with it. This process was long and tedious, and Song Shuhang could do nothing but wait and let time run its course.

But now, just as he was in deep thought, the ghost spirit came out of his Heart Aperture on its own initiative. Then, it started to float above Song Shuhang's head, carefully gazing at the surroundings.

In the next instant, their sight finally synchronized.

Through the eyes of the ghost spirit, Song Shuhang saw that a spectral figure was quietly approaching him from the right side.

The spectral figure was shrouded in a layer of black mist, and it was exactly this black mist that allowed the man to become invisible and cover his smell, sound, etc. It was something akin to a 'ghost' form.

However, this ghost form seemed incapable of concealing itself in front of Song Shuhang's ghost spirit.

Pedo Uncle No. 2 approached Song Shuhang slowly. Next, he stretched out his right hand, revealing a set of skinny and sharp fingers.

While shrouded in this black mist, his entire body underwent a strange change. Right now, he didn't look like a human, but like a demon instead. He evilly grinned and thrust his ghastly claws toward Song Shuhang's chest, aiming at his heart.

But right at this time, Song Shuhang suddenly turned around and slashed at him with his treasured saber Broken Tyrant.

Pedo Uncle No. 2 didn't have the time to evade this time and was immediately cut into two pieces.

"How did you discover me?!" Pedo Uncle No. 2 bellowed.

Moreover, even if he was cut around the waist, no blood gushed out. What came out was a mass of black mist that mixed with the mist already shrouding his body.

Soon after, Pedo Uncle No. 2's body was swallowed by the mist shrouding him.

"You actually dared to kill me! I curse you, I curse you in the capacity of a creature of the Netherworld Ream! I curse you to be infected by the filth of the Netherworld Realm and fall for eternity!" Pedo Uncle No. 2 howled.

A cursed rune came out of the ghastly mist shrouding his body and rushed toward Song Shuhang, trying to brand itself on his body. It was an innate skill Pedo Uncle No. 2 could display if he was killed in his ghost form.

No one liked to be affected by curses. Therefore, Song Shuhang quickly retreated, trying to avoid the cursed rune.

But right at this time, the ghost spirit rushed downwards and opened its mouth, swallowing the cursed rune. Then, it burped satisfied and returned to Song Shuhang's Heart Aperture.

Even curses can be eaten now? It seems that the appetite of my ghost spirit is getting bigger and bigger...


"Is it over?" Zhuge Zhongyang asked weakly.

Although he didn't see Pedo Uncle No. 2 dying, he saw that Song Shuhang wasn't on alert anymore and therefore asked.

"For now." Song Shuhang nodded—amongst the three freaks, the last one was still chasing after the other two passengers. Therefore, this affair had yet to finish.

The background of these pedo uncles seems problematic.

They came from the Netherworld Realm and had ghost-like forms... does that mean that they aren't humans?

Song Shuhang looked at Nine Lanterns, giving her a perplexed look.

"You're wondering what the Netherworld Realm is, right?" Nine Lanterns narrowed her eyes and smiled—Song Shuhang didn't know whether it was his own misconception, but it seemed that she really wanted to tell him about this 'Netherworld Realm'.

Did it mean that Nine Lanterns wanted to introduce him to matters related to the Netherworld Realm?

"No, I'm not that interested." Song Shuhang clenched his teeth and replied.

"Eh? You aren't interested? Hehe, alright. It's fine if you're not interested. After all, it isn't a good place." Nine Lanterns laughed and continued, "In that case, are you interested in knowing what kind of place the Heavenly Island is?"

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