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Chapter 2536 - Chapter 2536: More Than Just the Disdain of the Demon Emperor

Chapter 2536: More Than Just the Disdain of the Demon Emperor

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When Song Shuhang delved into the concept of “shared reality illusion,” his mind easily embraced the idea.

“Isn’t it essentially sharing a genuine illusion?” In this era, regardless of the reliability of anything, the prevailing trend was to explore the concept of “sharing.” It wasn’t that big a deal.

In today’s world, whether it was a house, a car, a bicycle, a computer, or a smartphone, nothing was exempt from sharing. Even relationships between boyfriends and girlfriends were venturing into sharing services. Whether it was reliable or not, giving sharing a try seemed like the right way to go.

The small illusory reality that the Overlord Hound Xie Wang had conjured was shared from a more formidable Xie Wang.

As for the even mightier Xie Wangs true form, it wasn’t even within the confines of Earth’s space. How he managed to “share” his genuine illusion remained a mystery.

“Can this ‘shared genuine illusion’ technology be extracted?” Song Shuhang attempted to command his chaotic space.

In the next moment, the chaotic space composed of os and IS devoured the Overlord Hound Xie Wangs illusionary realm in one swift motion.

The Overlord Hound Xie Wang, ensnared within the chaotic space, let out a series of agonizing screams.

One by one, the ‘eye runes’ on its body were peeled away. In the blink of an eye, it resembled a plucked chicken, entirely stripped of its illusions.

Subsequently, Song Shuhangs chaotic space autonomously contracted and began executing his directives. It diligently analyzed the method of the ‘shared genuine illusion.’

If Song Shuhang could dissect and develop this “sharing technique,” he could integrate it into the cultivation chat feature.

This way, members of the cultivation chat group could partake in the experience of sharing genuine illusions. Once the technology matured, senior members who possessed their own genuine illusions could even share them and lease them out for a fee.

This function, coupled with live-streaming and top-up options, was a match made in heaven!

“Wonderful, absolutely wonderful,” Song Shuhang mused as his excitement grew.

He was an individual with seven genuine illusions of small golden cores and a faux Senior White’s desert illusion. If he were to lease out all his genuine illusions, making a fortune every day wouldn’t be far-fetched.

With this opportunity, he could eventually pay off his debts!

With these thoughts in mind, Song Shuhang privately messaged Lady Long Luo from the Black Dragon World.

“I’m busy. Please call me Lady Fat Ball,” replied Madam Long Luo.

“Then, would you mind being a bit busier?” Song Shuhang inquired.

“l do,” Madam Long Luo responded candidly. Madam Long Luo, resembling an artificial intelligence, didn’t possess the finesse to navigate certain questions with ambiguity or polite refusals.

“So, what should I do to make you not mind being busier?” Song Shuhang had communicated with Lady Long Luo before and understood the key to engaging with her. There was no need to beat around the bush.

“I’m sorry,” Long Luo contemplated for a moment before replying, “l request

to adjust the charging ratio for the cultivation chat to 10 First Stage spirit stones: 1 coin.”

“Is that all?” Song Shuhang was taken aback.

“That’s it,” Madam Long Luo confirmed.

Madam Long Luffs request was modest to the point of being heart-rending.

“No problem, I agree to your request. I’ll adjust the charging ratio for the Demon Emperor to 10:1,” Song Shuhang nodded, readily accepting the proposal.

Madam Long Luo proceeded with the operation, her delight evident.

Moments later, a small system announcement appeared in the Cultivation Chat feature: [Recharge function fully activated: Fellow Daoists who recharge for the first time can enjoy a 5% discount. [Purple Grape] King Kun has an exclusive 12% discount. [Not only does the Demon Emperor enjoy a 10 First Stage spirit stones rate, but the exchange rate is also 1 coin.]

King Kun was left speechless.

Why was he being repeatedly reminded about the 12% discount? He only had one egg left. How could he recharge? The Demon Emperor was equally bemused.

Is he targeting me?

“But is there any point in targeting them? Childish,” the Demon Emperor coldly chuckled.

He was much more than that. As a Demon Emperor of his generation, he had forcefully forged his own path with the talent of eight dragon patterns, attaining immortality. This “cultivation chat” function held no meaning for him.

Given its meaninglessness, there was no necessity for him to recharge.

Thus, not only a 10:1 exchange rate but even a 100:1 or            wouldn’t impact him in the slightest.

Go ahead, Madam Long Luo. Have fun doing as you please.

The Demon Emperor held an air of disdain in his heart.

On the other side, after issuing the announcement, Madam Long Luo promptly provided Song Shuhang with a plan to enhance the cultivation chat feature.

Lady Long Luo assisted Song Shuhang in upgrading and refining the “cultivation chat” feature.

Since her authority was granted by Song Shuhang, whenever an upgrade was required, she had to present the “upgrade plan” to Song Shuhang. Once Song Shuhang approved it, she could connect the upgrade function to the cultivation chat feature for implementation.

Song Shuhang was the true core of the cultivation chat.

The upgrade plan she submitted this time included the VIP function that King Kun had previously proposed.

This encompassed the “friend block” function that both King Kun and the Demon Emperor desired. Additionally, it featured some exclusive minor functions such as dazzling, multicolored usernames…

“Miss Long Luo, you’ve developed so many new functions?” Song Shuhang expressed his surprise.

Miss Long Luo replied, ‘As long as there’s a framework and ideas, perfecting new functions isn’t difficult.’

Originally, in Lady Long Luffs plan, the “top-up function” for the cultivation chat could only be implemented after Song Shuhang had advanced to the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm and acquired spatial talent. However, with the continuous evolution of Song Shuhangs Inner World, along with the “space authority” talent he had acquired from the fat ball’s clone, and the spatial coordinates of the Divine Weapon Mystic Mirror, the simple spirit stone charging function could be smoothly developed.

As long as Song Shuhangs Inner World didn’t falter, the upgraded cultivation chat function would allow him to use the QR code to confirm friends’ coordinates and perform remote spirit stone recharging.

Once the top-up function was complete, various new functions centered around top-up capabilities could be launched.

With money on hand, one could access a multitude of services!

Madam Long Luo believed that once the “VIP user” function was introduced, not only would the Demon Emperor become the most loyal customer of the “VIP function” before he cracked the cultivation chat.

“Alright, let’s connect the VIP function and proceed with the upgrade,” Song Shuhang confirmed.

Moments later, an announcement appeared: “The VIP customer function will be launched after this update. The monthly VIP function will include the ability to ‘block designated friends for 7 days’ each month, a cool Rainbow Gem member name function, and top advertisement placement in the live broadcast room… For more details, please see the upgraded VIP user privilege

The Demon Emperor was speechless.

Tyrannical Song, you rascal!

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