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Chapter 2371 - 2371 Boundless Universe in the Sleeve

2371 Boundless Universe in the Sleeve

But this time, Song Shuhang was well-prepared. His third divine eye suddenly shone brightly!

He wasn’t attempting to flood Senior White Three with a barrage of ‘junk messages.’ Considering that every Senior White likely had their own ‘luck’ buff, bombarding them with useless messages would be a self-destructive move, akin to digging his own grave.

So, Song Shuhang’s strategy was to establish a connection to bind himself with Senior White Three!

Regardless of whether it was the black and white, the plain white, the colorful white, or any other kind of white, binding any of them was the right choice.

As Senior White Three began forcefully feeding him information, Song Shuhang’s third divine eye lit up and projected a Golden Core QR code.

“Let’s be friends, Senior White Three!”

While Senior White Three was forcibly transmitting information, it was likely that he would use his mental energy for control over the connection. Mental energy was a tool for compelling the transfer of memories. By gently swiping Senior White Three’s mental energy on the Golden Core QR code, Song Shuhang hoped to establish a connection.

“Di-Ding ~ ‘Unknown White23’ has added you as a friend. You have created a friend list: Mysterious Friend.”


Song Shuhang couldn’t help but grin. Senior White Three was now part of his friend list and would grant him various capabilities.

“In that case, let’s have a chat with him first.” Song Shuhang thought.

Just as Song Shuhang was preparing to employ various techniques, Senior White Three’s eyes lit up even more and intensified the data transfer.

Song Shuhang’s head throbbed intensely. The pain was excruciating.

“Should I break eye contact?” Song Shuhang pondered. Now that he had successfully added Senior White Three as a friend, there was no need for further visual contact.

A moment later, Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and chose to endure the influx of information. He wanted to take a gamble. He believed that the information forcibly transmitted by Senior White Three held more than mere trash data. There had to be something concealed within it.

The pain inflicted by the information was bearable, and Song Shuhang was no stranger to enduring discomfort. Even if Senior White Three had indeed fed him useless data, he could employ the memory-erasing technique to delete it afterward to eliminate any issues.

“Fairy Creation, Soft Feather, please monitor my condition!” Song Shuhang instructed.

The two fairies could serve as his safety net.

If anything went awry, Fairy Creation and the black-skinned Soft Feather possessed the means to sever the connection between him and Senior White Three forcefully.

With Song Shuhang’s active cooperation, billions of messages were rapidly transmitted from Senior White and the other two.

As the incoming information began to accumulate, Song Shuhang gradually realized that his initial suspicion was correct: this data wasn’t mere trash.

He focused on processing the information, akin to assembling countless pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in his mind.

This process continued for approximately fifteen more seconds before the information transfer abruptly halted.

There was nothing more to receive.

“Huh?” Song Shuhang was perplexed.

He felt that he could endure more, and his mind had plenty of space to accommodate additional information. Why had the transmission ceased?

Moreover, the information didn’t appear to be complete. It was akin to downloading a file; it felt as though only 3% of the file had been acquired and left a considerable amount of content unretrieved.

Song Shuhang forcefully reopened his third divine eye and stared at Senior White Three’s eyes in hopes that the data transfer would resume.

However, Senior White Three, situated below, had simply closed his eyes.

Song Shuhang was left speechless.

The sensation of receiving a portion of the information but not its entirety left him with a sense of unease.

Deleting the incomplete information would be a waste and cause regret for the agony he had endured. However, preserving incomplete data in his mental storage would serve no purpose.

Below, the headless god-killing mecha dragged Senior White Three’s steel lion and made its way towards the descending tunnel. Killing another ancient god was no easy feat, so they intended to make the most of it.

Within the steel lion, Senior White Three appeared to brim with energy. His body was unscathed. Nevertheless, he didn’t resist and allowed the mecha to pull him along.

Song Shuhang was at a loss for words.

The personality of Senior White Three, with his long hair, was distinctly different from the other two.

Attempting to employ the cultivation chat function to send a message to Senior White Three proved futile; he remained indifferent and unresponsive.

“Let’s descend and retrieve Senior White Three,” Song Shuhang proposed.

Senior White Three constituted a significant lead, and they couldn’t allow him to be taken underground.

“I’ve been waiting for that,” Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet declared, “Man and Stone Tablet as one, No. Tyrannical Song!”

Song Shuhang placed his right hand on Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet’s body and initiated the Blade Nurturing Technique. Their two forms resonated, instantly entering the ‘monolith-man fusion’ mode.

In the next instant, Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet’s figure flashed and emitted all of his energy. He exploded with the speed of a Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender and hurtled toward the ground.

Song Shuhang reclined on Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet’s body, his eyes closed.

“Have you devised a plan to rescue Senior White Three?” inquired the sword.

“I have a plan,” Song Shuhang confirmed, “but I must first approach Senior White Three.”

On the ground, the 90-meter Godslayer, burdened by the steel lion and preparing to return, halted once more.

The city’s defense system issued a reminder that the ancient god who had previously escaped had returned.

This time, they were determined to defeat that entity!

The mecha which they called the Godslayer pivoted to face the sky, its intention clear.

This time, the city’s defense system refrained from firing. Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet’s speed closely approximated Pavilion Master Chu’s escape technique.

Before the city’s defense system could reactivate, Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet had already brought Song Shuhang to the vicinity of the Godslayer.

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, I entrust the rest to you!” Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet called out.

“Universe Creator!” Song Shuhang, adorned in a windbreaker with flowing sleeves, extended his right hand toward the Godslayer.

Under the vigilant gaze of onlookers, the 90-meter-tall Godslayer vanished.

The entire city was dumbfounded.

Where had their Godslayer gone?

A mecha measuring ninety meters wasn’t akin to a tiny caterpillar; how could it simply disappear?

Song Shuhang lay on Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet’s body with a throbbing headache.

He had originally targeted Senior White Three’s steel lion, but somehow, the mecha had been swept up instead.

A creature of such size exceeded Song Shuhang’s storage capacity.

Universe Creator was on the verge of collapse; after all, Song Shuhang had only recently acquired proficiency in this mystical technique.

At that moment, Senior White Three opened his eyes.

He casually patted his own body, then, like a ‘spiritual body,’ floated out of the steel lion and approached Song Shuhang.

Subsequently, he extended his hand. He lifted Song Shuhang’s T-shirt and gently placed his palm on Song Shuhang’s abdomen.

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