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Chapter 2321 - Chapter 2321: I Got It Wrong, My Last Memorial Day Was on November 27, 2019

Chapter 2321: I Got It Wrong, My Last Memorial Day Was on November 27, 2019

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At that moment, the cultivators below were utterly in awe of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

If the cultivation world had a ranking board of its own, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song would undoubtedly be among the top three.

Meanwhile, right at the forefront, Song Shuhang found tears nearly welling up in his eyes.

This was all thanks to the timely assistance from fellow Daoist Stone Tablet and his other assistants.

The aftermath of the battle between the Ruler of the Netherworld, albeit one stirred up by the residue of the combat between its avatars, still carried terrifying power. Especially since it was interwoven with the secondary damage from the laws of the Ruler of the Netherworld.

Such harm was more excruciating than physical injuries.

It had been quite a while since Song Shuhang had experienced such intense pain that it brought tears to his eyes.

If it weren’t for the timely protection, he would probably be left with just his head and rely on the foundational principles of the ‘Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique’ to rebuild his body.

Sensing his discomfort, Fairy Creation extended her small hand from the side of Song Shuhang’s helmet and gently wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes. She didn’t want the cultivators behind him to witness his tears and tarnish his image.

This was one of the benefits of having plenty of accessories.

In the sky, Senior White Two was taking on the attacks from the Fat Ball head-on. After a series of fierce clashes, the space fortress that the Fat Ball had transformed into was hurled into space.

The battle between the two avatars of the Ruler of the Netherworld was capable of annihilating worlds. Once they moved into space, Senior White Two could really let loose.

Gradually, they fought further and further away until they arrived at an unknown planet.

“We’re safe now, ” Sage Monarch Winter Melon said slowly.

“I survived… I seriously thought I was a goner this time,” sighed the cunning Venerable.

Meanwhile, Venerable Xichong from the Buddhist sect secretly formed a hand seal and retrieved a Buddha Bead containing his will. He had thought that he would die for good this time, beyond the reach of even the resurrection array. “This time, it’s all thanks to Senior Tyrannical Song and his friends.”

When it came to Senior Tyrannical Song’s friend, a chill ran down the spines of all the cultivators present.

Although Senior Tyrannical Song’s friend had been smiling and was quite handsome, an unexplainable feeling of terror, death, and violence washed over everyone who laid eyes on him.

In the presence of Senior Tyrannical Song’s friend, none of the cultivators dared to speak too loudly.

Indeed, he was the first Sage in a thousand years, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song—or rather, Tribulation Transcender Tyrannical Song. His circle of friends was equally terrifying.

“Senior Tyrannical Song, was that Sage Monarch White just now?” suddenly, a nun from the Holy Light sect asked.

Her question triggered a lightbulb moment among all the cultivators.

After being overwhelmed by the terrifying pressure exerted by Senior Tyrannical Song’s friend, they hadn’t paid much attention to his appearance. They had just registered that he was remarkably handsome.

Now, the Holy Light nun’s question made everyone recall that Tyrannical

Song’s formidable friend bore a striking resemblance to ‘Sage Monarch White’!

However, Tyrannical Song’s formidable friend seemed even more powerful than Sage Monarch White, and their temperaments were notably different.

“Was that Sage Monarch White just now?” Sage Monarch Winter Melon inquired.

Tyrannical Song’s terrifying friend wasn’t Sage Monarch White. Nevertheless, when his name came up, all the cultivators shuddered.

Even though Senior Tyrannical Song’s friend appeared amicable, handsome, and charming, he exuded an aura of terror that none of the cultivators could ignore.

Once Senior Tyrannical Song’s friend appeared, everyone refrained from speaking too loudly.

The Holy Light nun’s question led to further speculation.

“Hey, I heard there was an Earthly Dao treasure that could alter a person’s appearance. Could that be what Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s friend used?” whispered one cultivator.

“That might explain it. His resemblance to Sage Monarch White is just too uncanny,” agreed another.

While these speculations circulated quietly among the cultivators, Song Shuhang, who stood at the forefront, remained focused. His attention remained fixed on the ongoing battle above.

As the aftershocks of the clash between the Netherworld rulers subsided, Song Shuhang did not immediately remove the defenses of the two ‘Holy Cities’ behind him.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon seized this moment to ask, “Senior Tyrannical

Song, is your friend confident in dealing with that fat ball?”

Song Shuhang turned his gaze back to the battlefield above. “In the vast myriad of worlds, there is no one who dares to claim they can handle that Fat Ball boss.”

Senior White Two’s strength was on par with the Fat Ball. However, because the Scholarly Sage had taken a bite out of the Fat Ball, it wasn’t in perfect condition. Consequently, in their countless clashes, the Fat Ball always managed to outmaneuver Senior White Two.

At that moment, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song suddenly launched an attack! With a sudden leap, he ascended into the sky atop the Black Lotus and charged toward the east.

Raising his right hand high, a mysterious rune materialized in his palm.

Crackling sounds of electric arcs filled the air as the power of lightning condensed within Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s hand as it formed a formidable lightning sphere.

Sage Monarch Winter Melon was momentarily dumbfounded.

“The Palm… Lightning Palm?” inquired the black-bellied Venerable.

“No, this is definitely not the Lightning Palm. It’s undoubtedly a potent, unique spell, albeit with a slight resemblance to the Lightning Palm!” Xichong confidently declared.

When Profound Sage Tyrannical Song launched an attack, there was no way he’d use a basic spell like the ‘Lightning Palm’.

After all, with Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s cultivation level at the Tribulation Transcender Realm, a simple palm strike was far more potent than using the Lightning Palm for an attack.

As they conversed, the lightning sphere within Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s palm underwent a transformation!

In the blink of an eye, the lightning sphere expanded.

From ten meters in diameter to a hundred, a thousand, and ultimately reaching five thousand meters.

It had become a Town Level Lightning Palm.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

Behind Song Shuhang, a massive Virtue Tree adorned with shimmering lightning emerged and merged with the Town Level Lightning Palm.

This Virtue Tree contained the power of heavenly tribulation lightning. After merging with the Lightning Palm, its potency was enhanced significantly.

In the eyes of the cultivators, it was as if a second miniature sun, composed entirely of lightning, had appeared in the sky.

This was no ordinary Lightning Palm; it was a newly developed technique by Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

What a terrifying technique.

“Where are you hiding?” Song Shuhang bellowed.

The Town Level Lightning Palm in his hand bore down fiercely upon a specific point in the void.

Crackling sounds reverberated as if space itself was about to rupture under the might of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s assault.

The Town Level Lightning Palm pressed against a focal point in the void but encountered an invisible force opposing it.

An equally enormous defensive force field obstructed the massive lightning sphere.

In the end, the Town Level Lightning Palm exploded.

The colossal defensive force field disappeared along with it.

Behind the defensive barrier stood a figure—a miniature Fat Ball.

Inside this diminutive Fat Ball was a dragon-shaped command seal, faintly visible.

“Tyrannical Song,” the miniature Fat Ball greeted him.

“Big Boss Fat Ball,” Song Shuhang responded solemnly.

“The fused state is more intriguing than I anticipated. I used a portion of my body to deal with Bai. The other part was reserved specifically for you, Tyrannical Song. Your death anniversary is coming next year on this day,” the miniature Fat Ball waved gently while summoning hundreds of shrunken cannons on its body.

“I’m sorry, Big Boss Fat Ball,” Song Shuhang responded calmly. “My last ‘memorial day’ was on November 27, 2019.”

As he spoke, glowing text appeared on the stone tablet behind him.

The miniature Fat Ball was momentarily stunned.

However, before it could react, Song Shuhang turned and fled without hesitation. The Inner World once again went into turmoil.

It was precisely because the Inner World was in turmoil that Song Shuhang deduced the presence of a formidable enemy nearby.. In the end, he located the alternate account of the Fat Ball!

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