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Chapter 2187 - 2187 Are you in pain? My pain was far greater than yours!

2187 Are you in pain? My pain was far greater than yours!

Sure enough, having the ability to gouge out one’s eyes was standard for big shots.

While pondering on illusory realities, Song Shuhang stepped forward and arrived before the three-eyed young man.

When Senior Three Eyes talked about the importance of illusory realities, Song Shuhang immediately thought of Pavilion Master Chu’s Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion.

The Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion was so realistic that even cultivators had a hard time telling if it was real or not.

Every plant, tree, and person that was inside seemed so real.

For tens of thousands of years, Pavilion Master Chu kept up the illusion of the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, which seemed to have eventually broken through the limitations of ordinary illusory realities.

Afterward, Song Shuhang thought of the Ancient Heavenly City, which was also related to illusory realities to an extent.

Back then, some survivors of the Ancient Heavenly City tried to rob Pavilion Master Chu of her Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion, intending to use it as a foundation to recreate the Heavenly City.

“Very good. Relax yourself,” Senior Three Eyes said seriously. He then pressed his third eye against Song Shuhang’s forehead. “Don’t resist, accept the information that I’m transferring to you!”

Are the hidden mysteries of the illusory reality contained in this third eye?

While Shuhang was in thought, the eye of the three-eyed young man touched his forehead.

When the eye touched his skin, Shuhang felt something similar to an electric shock course through his brain.

This pain instantly reached the limit that Song Shuhang could endure.

“Ouch!” Song Shuhang gasped.

His body began trembling from the pain.

What was present was not his physical body and only his consciousness, yet the pain felt so real.

Senior Three Eyes said slowly, “It will hurt a little. Bear with it.”

“Senior, you should have warned me earlier!” Song Shuhang gasped.

“If I had reminded you earlier, you would have instinctively guarded against the pain. How would you have relaxed then?” Senior Three Eyes replied while observing Song Shuhang’s expression.

Then, information about illusory realities poured into Song Shuhang’s brain from the third eye, and this information seemed to be authentic.

Song Shuhang began to cooperate with the young man, and tried to relax to better receive the information.

It would be wonderful if my QR code group ‘Cultivation’ could develop an information transmission function, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

He felt that there were still numerous functions that he had to uncover.

Since “Cultivation” could allow for pure energy to be transmitted, something like transmitting information should be possible as well.

He was in the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm now, and as he continued to advance, he would definitely be able to unlock more functions and authority.

Just as he was thinking this, he caught a glimpse of the eyeball-looking butler, who was repeatedly blinking at him. It was a rather desperate kind of blinking as well.

Song Shuhang: “???”

What is it trying to tell me?

Oh, no… Senior Three Eyes might be trying to trick me! Song Shuhang realized.

However, it was too late.

In the next moment…

“Ahhh! I’m about to explode!!!” Song Shuhang screamed.

A huge amount of information was suddenly stuffed into his brain from the eye of Senior Three Eyes.

The information was like a powerful torrent as it rushed into his brain.

His brain was left shocked by the amount of information pouring into it.

If the information on illusory realities had a size of 1KB, then the data stream that was forced into his brain this time had a size of 1TB. The gap in size between the two was over a billion times.

The information that was being poured into his brain was no longer information related to illusory realities, but rather countless questions about cultivation in all kinds of different languages.

All these questions were seeking clarity on cultivation.

Practitioners of various strengths, fields, and worlds raised all kinds of questions.

There were male and female, old and young, deep and high-pitched voices…

With such a large amount of information being stuffed into his brain all at once, Song Shuhang felt as if his brain was going to explode.

…Are these the questions that the practitioners around the universe asked during my question-answering session? Song Shuhang immediately realized what was going on.

These were seeds he planted himself.

When you plant a seed, you must be prepared to reap its fruit—Nine Provinces Number One Group’s Fairy Soft Feather.

Song Shuhang had always felt that Soft Feather’s words were extremely accurate.

‘We are all adults, so we should not avoid the fruit borne from our actions.’

However, this “fruit” is just too big.

These days, there is an option to pay one’s debt in installments.

When bearing this fruit, couldn’t they have given me the choice to take it in installments?

Song Shuhang said with trembling hands, “Senior… Please slow down… My brain is going to explode…”

“Are you in pain?” the three-eyed young man asked in a gentle, almost brotherly tone.

Song Shuhang nodded while shaking. This scenario where a huge amount of information poured into his brain in one breath was a brand new kind of pain.

In addition, the pain breached his limit without warning, leaving Song Shuhang with no time to adapt.

If the transmission speed slowed down a little bit, Song Shuhang had the confidence to gradually adapt to it.

“Yes, you’re in pain,” the three-eyed young man said softly. “Don’t be afraid, though. Although you are in pain… My pain was far greater than yours!”

The butler covered its eye with its tentacle, unable to bear to look at the scene.

At the same time, its other tentacle moved the chair forward and stuffed it behind Song Shuhang, allowing him to sit down.

“The pain you are experiencing right now is only a trillionth of the pain I endured when you were delivering your speech. Can you feel it? I was shaking in pain and could not even get up. After so many years, you are the first to make me experience so much pain,” the three-eyed young man said happily. “So, you have to be proud, little friend Tyrannical Song. Hold your head up high. You are the best! You deserve this honor.”

This honor is something I don’t want. Can I reject it? Song Shuhang clasped the armrest of the chair so tightly that his fingers left deep gashes in it.

The three-eyed young man laughed and said, “Don’t worry, little friend Tyrannical Song, this is just the first wave of questions from the real-time question-answering session. I have prepared a total of ten waves for you… I planned to use it during the Seventh Stage betting game, but I did not expect that this trump card would come in handy so soon.”

Song Shuhang’s eyes rolled upward.

There are actually nine more waves of this?

I’m going to die!

The three-eyed young man said softly, “Try to resist, little friend Tyrannical Song. As long as you can make it to the tenth wave, I’ll give you this eye.”

Each of the next nine waves was going to be more brutal than the last.

He bet that Tyrannical Song would last until the fourth wave at most!

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