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Chapter 2157 - 2157 Sorry to have disturbed you, goodbye

2157 Sorry to have disturbed you, goodbye

Due to his memory loss, Song Shuhang could not remember at all why he had such a weird and scary magical treasure.

This throne was not cruel to the enemy but to oneself.

However, Song Shuhang did not think too much about it, and he instinctively summoned this throne at this critical moment.

His intuition told him that this throne could come in handy. In the world of cultivation, strange magical treasures often had very special purposes.

As long as this throne could help him and the petite fairy maiden, then he had nothing to hesitate about!

Faced with the throne covered in bone spurs, Song Shuhang was not afraid. After all, he was wearing armor!

With the armor on, he wasn’t scared of those bone spurs.

But as he sat on the throne, Tyrannical Song hissed.

Severe pain assaulted his nerves. The pain he was experiencing was something that mere words could not describe.

While enduring the pain, he supported the petite fairy maiden in his arms and observed her condition.

The effect of the throne turned out to be amazing.

The heartless fairy maiden’s conditions improved right away, and the same was true for Song Shuhang.

The feeling of air passing through his chest disappeared, and he no longer felt cold.

The two sat motionless on the scary throne.

Sister Scarf asked, “What kind of magical treasure is this throne?”

Song Shuhang said, “I don’t know, but what I know is that it’s useful right now. When I sat on this throne, my wounds stopped worsening.”

This throne had the effect of preserving one’s life.

No matter how grave one’s injury was, as long as they sat on it, they could keep living.

“It’s working on me as well,” said Sixteen. Although she was sitting on Tyrannical Song’s lap, the throne was working on her. Perhaps due to her occupying a relatively small area, when she sat with Tyrannical Song, they counted as one.

“The only problem is that I can’t stand up now,” Song Shuhang said in a deep voice. As soon as he left this brutal throne, its effect would be lost.

While he was fine and the hole in his chest was slowly recovering, probably due to the self-recovery effects of the several body-tempering cultivation techniques that he practiced, the heart of the fairy maiden in his arms was showing no signs of recovery.

After the hole in his chest healed, the petite fairy would have to sit on the throne by herself.

Song Shuhang said, “Anyway, let’s leave this damned place first.”

As long as he could preserve his life and get out of this tribulation-transcending space, he could find a way to heal the petite fairy’s heart.

Sister White Dragon replied, “If you want to leave, you might have to do another thing.”

She vaguely remembered that there should be a very important step after the Eighth Stage tribulation.

“There’s another step? Is the tribulation not over yet?” Song Shuhang frowned and fell into thought. After Sister Scarf mentioned it, he recalled that there indeed seemed to be a follow-up step.

From what I can remember, it should be a very exciting step.

“From my fragmented memory, I remember that the next step should be the part where you harvest your rewards, and there won’t be much danger.” Sister White Dragon scratched her chin with her little claws.

As long as you don’t seek death, that is.

Song Shuhang asked, “Then when will the next step take place?”

Sister White Dragon replied, “Just wait. Don’t rush things.”

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth. “I’m not in a hurry. It’s just that staying like this hurts.”

The throne under him constantly inflicted pain on him.

This was the price of preserving his life.


The waiting time was rather long.

When playing games or indulging in entertainment, an hour flew in the blink of an eye. But when one was purely waiting, a minute would feel like an hour.

Song Shuhang leaned against the throne of torment, enduring the pain.

The guy who invented this throne was a sadist!

To preserve your life, you have to sit on this throne while waves of pain constantly assault your senses. How many people can even bear this kind of pain?!

While he was in thought…

Song Shuhang found out that his body was adapting to this pain.

Accept the pain, adapt to the pain, then ignore the pain!

I already knew that I have a very strong pain tolerance. However, isn’t my ability to accept pain and adapt to it a bit too strong? Song Shuhang felt a sense of unease in his heart.

What kind of person was I before losing my memory?

Why am I so adept at adapting to pain?

This is no longer something that can be explained by being a simple “tank”…

As time passed, Song Shuhang discovered even more terrifying things.

He… began to enjoy the pain.

The tingling sensation gradually started feeling like a massage.

The muscles of his body began to signal to the brain that they were enjoying this feeling.

The cruel throne seemed to have become a massage chair.

This is definitely not a normal ability! Song Shuhang became a little flustered.

It was likely that this ability would let people misunderstand him.

Therefore, he absolutely could not let the petite fairy maiden and Sister Scarf find out that he was now enjoying the pain.

Thinking this, Song Shuhang began to take deep breaths from time to time and let out gasps of pain.

Every time he hissed, the fairy maiden felt a twinge of pain in her nonexistent heart.

She stretched out her hand and tightly held onto Song Shuhang’s hand.

Song Shuhang hissed in a timely manner.

Behind him, the lamia’s dictionary was quietly updated.


After an unknown length of time, Song Shuhang’s consciousness became somewhat hazy due to the “massage chair” he was sitting on.

As it continued to poke him, he started feeling drowsy, even forgetting to keep hissing from time to time.

He subconsciously leaned his head against the blades of two sharp knives.

At this time, the efficacy of his body-tempering techniques was displayed.

His head was as hard as iron, and the sharp blades failed to hurt Song Shuhang’s scalp in the slightest.

And then, he fell asleep.

Sister White Dragon: “…”

And you were hissing until a moment ago!


While drifting in the world of dreams, Song Shuhang found himself at the center of a huge vortex.

There was an upside-down staircase in the vortex, like a world in a mirror.

He found the place awfully familiar.

After some thought, Shuhang jumped into the vortex.

As he did so, the upside-down staircase turned into a huge pyramid.

Song Shuhang walked up the large steps of the pyramid.

After some time, a wooden door appeared in front of his eyes.

It was a very ordinary wooden door without any decoration. There were not even any runes or carvings on it.

Song Shuhang reached out and pushed the door open.

“You’re here.” Behind the door, a young man with three eyes smiled at him. “I’ve been waiting for you to come again. Come, let’s hold another betting match and gamble everything!”


Gambling is not a good thing!

“Sorry to have disturbed you, goodbye.” Song Shuhang cupped his fists, turned around, and closed the wooden door behind him.

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