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Chapter 2088 - 2088 The problem has returned to the starting point

2088 The problem has returned to the starting point

Song Shuhang wanted the Almighty Merchant to stay for a while longer as his intuition told him that he would need his help soon. The main reason was the current state of his physical body.

After being affected by the Heavenly Emperor’s time technique and being flooded with Demon Emperor Hezhi’s peak Tribulation Transcender energy, Song Shuhang felt that there was something wrong with his body, although he could not pinpoint what the exact problem was.

As he had been flirting with Sixteen earlier, he was overcome with excitement, which made him forget his physical discomfort.

But once the awkward situation came to an end and the Almighty Merchant took his leave, he became more aware of his situation.

The first problem was the illusory pain in his limbs.

His body below the neck had been disintegrated, yet he felt as if his missing parts were on fire and being flattened by a steamroller driven by Fairy Dongfang Six.

The pain felt so real that Song Shuhang even had the misconception that his body had grown back.

However, this level of pain was still nothing to him. He had experienced more pain than his peers had eaten rice. He could bear tenfold this kind of pain!

But amidst the sensation of searing flames and the sensation of being crushed by a steamroller, there would be short bursts of pain that came from his waist every twenty or so seconds, and this was the worst pain of them all.

It felt as if someone was kicking his waist violently, with his kidneys and dantians on the verge of exploding due to how powerful the kicks were. It was difficult to bear this severe pain, both mentally and physically.

Besides these sensations of pain, Song Shuhang felt as if his energy was flowing backward.

While using the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯, his energy would suddenly stop or straight-up start flowing backward.

This feeling gave him the urge to vomit blood.

But as he could not vomit blood in his current state, it only left him extremely uncomfortable.

“He’s experiencing cultivation deviation.” At this moment, the strand of hair on top of Song Shuhang’s head said aloud.

It was Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair.

At this time, her voice was very weak, as if it could get cut off at any moment.

When the virtuous lamia and Fairy Creation built the great filter, this strand of Pavilion Master Chu’s hair had also contributed.

Due to them being in Garre Holy Mountain’s trial grounds and the Inner World being partially blocked off, she could not rely on the energy of her main body. Because of that, after the energy in this strand of hair was exhausted, she had no way of recovering, which left her in a weakened state.

Sister White Dragon, who currently looked like Sixteen, said slowly, “These are the after-effects.”

She took a step forward and placed her hand on Song Shuhang’s body, using a mental magical technique to relieve Song Shuhang of some of the pain he was feeling at the moment.

Song Shuhang asked with a wry smile, “Is it because of the energy that Demon Emperor Hezhi gifted me?”

He was no longer as ignorant as he once was when it came to matters regarding cultivation.

When Pavilion Master Chu and Sister White Dragon said what they said, he immediately understood the reason behind what was happening to him.

When he condensed the Nascent Soul Fetuses, he used a lot of Demon Emperor Hezhi’s energy. Due to time constraints, Demon Emperor Hezhi’s energy was used directly, with barely any refinement.

While using this method, there would naturally be some troubles left behind.

The illusory pain and inconsistent flow of energy in his body were probably just the start of what he would have to face.

If these problems were not resolved with haste, his condition would only become worse.

Song Shuhang asked, “Seniors, do you know how I can solve this problem?”

“Actually, Senior White and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword discussed this matter when you were practicing earlier,” the black-skinned Soft Feather said. “At that time, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword came up with a possible solution. After dying once, you should be able to resolve all the issues.”

“Don’t talk about something as horrible as death!” Song Shuhang said, feeling tired.

The black-skinned Soft Feather smiled and said, “Mm-hm, I thought so too. That’s why I seriously protested Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s proposal.”

However, her smiling little face soon scrunched up. “As a result, I was severely reprimanded by Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword. It said in its adorable voice that I’m unworthy of being an inner demon.”

Song Shuhang gritted his teeth and said, “…When Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword comes back, I will show it what a real inner demon is. I’ll make sure it gets a little inner demon of its own!”

Sister White Dragon did not forget to translate everyone’s words.

When it heard the translation of what the others were saying, the corners of the divine dragon’s mouth twitched.

“Aside from dying, were there any other suggestions?” Song Shuhang asked expectantly.

At the same time, he felt as if someone had kicked his abdomen area again, and the pain was only getting worse.

The intensity had gone from violent kicks to someone jumping on his abdomen.

If this continued, the intensity would soon jump to someone dancing on his abdomen and then directly to graveyard dancing.

“Shuhang, you should tell us about your symptoms first. That way, the seniors will be able to better understand your current situation and come up with a suitable solution.” Sixteen, who currently looked like Sister White Dragon, flew over to Song Shuhang’s side and used her sharp claws to gently trim the overgrown branches on his body.

“Summing them up, I feel illusory pain in my limbs, and then my energy is flowing backward, and…” Song Shuhang began to briefly describe his state.

Sister White Dragon translated his words.

Senior Divine Dragon was still baffled as there were a lot of technical terms in Song Shuhang’s description.

For example, the feeling of being steamrolled by Fairy Dongfang Six and then the whole graveyard dancing thing.

It sounded like an incurable illness.

“Only those two?” Pavilion Master Chu asked weakly.

Song Shuhang nodded and replied, “For the time being, yes.”

Sister White Dragon said, “The illusory pain in your limbs should be a spiritual backlash.”

Pavilion Master Chu added, “The reverse-flowing of your energy is a physical backlash, but as it was suppressed by the blood of the Scholarly Sage, it should not be able to cause a big mess.”

The Scholarly Sage’s blood really was a wonderful item.

If it had not helped suppress the adverse reaction, Song Shuhang’s body would have probably been sent into utter chaos by the sudden reflux of energy.

“Overall, things are better than we expected,” Sister White Dragon said. “As for a solution, it would probably be fine to go into seclusion. You should close up and carefully refine all the energy that originally belonged to Demon Emperor Hezhi. You must convert it into energy that is truly your own. Once you do that, the flow of energy should return to its natural state.”

“As for the spiritual backlash, it can only be overcome through your will,” said Pavilion Master Chu.

“There is still another solution as well, and that is to make your body stronger. As long as the strength of your body increases, you can forcefully suppress and control the flow of energy,” the divine dragon said slowly. “So, the problem has gone full circle and returned to the starting point.”

The General Principles Chapter of the ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯ seemed to be summoning Shuhang.

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