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Chapter 2086 - 2086 Dreams are meant for the night

2086 Dreams are meant for the night

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Song Shuhang gritted his teeth, and then moved his hand toward the screen, tapping on the [No] button.

He, Song Shuhang, was not a person who would vent his anger on others.

It was Heavenly Silver Trigram who had made the masks, not Senior Copper Trigram. So, he could not move his Close Friend Copper Trigram to the blacklist for such a trivial reason.

The VIP— Emh, the blacklist was a list that was easy for others to enter but difficult to leave.

As such, he could not do something like move Senior Copper Trigram to the blacklist as he might not be able to move him out.

At most, if he were to meet Silver Trigram in the future, he could blacklist him.

Injustice had its reasons, and debt had its owner.

Blaming innocent people for no reason was just a sign of being a failure.

Therefore, Senior Copper Trigram should stay in the good friend list!


Song Shuhang sighed deeply and looked at Sister White Dragon, who looked exactly like Sixteen.

Once again, it should be emphasized that the disguising technique of the metal trigram clan was truly an evil cheat code. In addition, they were just wearing a mask, so why did it also change their bodies?

It just does not make any sense!

“Sister White Dragon, it was not easy for me to muster up the courage to do what I did.” Song Shuhang sighed.

Luckily, the dense branches and leaves slightly helped with his embarrassment.

It was the first time in his life that he had flirted with another person in public, and all of this started because he blurted out some random nonsense in the beginning.

But after blurting out the line “Sixteen, can you flirt with me?”, he could only thicken up his face and go with the flow.

In order to reproduce this kind of scene again, the stars would have to align, and he had no idea when such an opportunity would present itself.

However, a man’s plans could never match the plans of heaven.

Little did he expect that Sixteen and Sister White Dragon had switched their appearance.

Sister White Dragon said softly, “How about I just keep quiet and you continue with whatever you were doing?”

Her gentle tone was like that of a person taking pity on a foolish child.

Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at the sky. After a second, he forcibly changed the subject, “Sister White Dragon, why did you switch appearances with Sixteen?”

The change in topic was a bit abrupt, but it could at least take away the embarrassment.

“Senior Song, you can say that it’s because of me.” The black-skinned Soft Feather raised her hand timidly and said, “Just now, toward the end of your meditation, I was studying that mask of Silver Trigram that Senior White gave me earlier.”

Toward the end of Song Shuhang’s meditative state, things had already stabilized, so no one was worried about him anymore.

Finding herself bored and with nothing to do, the black-skinned Soft Feather remembered the mask that she was given earlier and wanted to see what uses it had.

Song Shuhang looked at her in puzzlement. “What does that have to do with Sixteen and Sister White Dragon switching appearances?”

How could a chef practicing cooking ultimately become a master of traditional painting?

When being stared at by Song Shuhang, the black-skinned Soft Feather lowered her head in embarrassment and said weakly, “It’s because I remembered that I’m an inner demon, and so I can transform into whatever I want even without this mask. Because of that, I felt that the mask was useless to me, so I let Sister White Dragon try it out instead.”

Sister White Dragon explained gently, “Since the human being I am most familiar with is Sixteen, I chose to use the disguise mask to change into her. The mask, plus my understanding of Sixteen, allowed me to imitate her appearance and replicate about 50% of her personality.”

If she had not been interrupted by Song Shuhang, given some time, she would have been able to replicate about 80% of Sixteen’s personality.

Song Shuhang then looked at Sixteen, who currently looked like White Dragon.

Still, why did Sixteen turn into Sister White Dragon?

As if seeing through Song Shuhang’s thoughts, Sixteen explained, “Sister White Dragon discovered that this mask is very powerful, and it doesn’t only have the ability to change one’s appearance. When she disguised herself as me, she felt that the process was the same as when she used the dragon race’s natural ability to transform into a human. So, she asked me to try to disguise myself as her to see if I would gain anything from it.”

Song Shuhang nodded and asked, “Did it have any effect?”

Sixteen replied, “Yes, it was quite effective.”

When she transformed into Sister White Dragon, she felt as if her body had become that of a dragon.

Every scale on her body, and even her dragon claws and dragon tail, felt exceedingly real.

It was as if she had really transformed into a dragon.

Sixteen was currently activating her true dragon bloodline, and her body was in the stage of transforming into a dragon.

After using Immortal Master Silver Trigram’s mask, her understanding of the process increased considerably. Moreover, the true dragon bloodline in her body seemed to have been stimulated and became very active.

Affected by this, the spiritual energy in Sixteen’s body started increasing.

In addition, Sister White Dragon released the seal suppressing Sixteen’s power, so her strength began to rise quickly.

Song Shuhang smiled and said, “That’s great then.”

He just felt a little bit regretful.

Sister White Dragon, who currently looked like Sixteen, could see through his thoughts at a glance, so she said through voice transmission, “If you’re feeling regretful, then go ahead and flirt with Sixteen again. With your steel face that even the heavenly tribulation can’t tear apart, what are you afraid of? Also, it’s not just you who feels that it’s a pity. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see that little Sixteen’s dragon scales are quivering slightly. That’s a sign that she’s also feeling some regret right now.”

Song Shuhang rolled his eyes.

Sixteen currently looks like you, Sister White Dragon. How can I make a move?

At this time, Senior Divine Dragon said, “This disguise is really commendable.”

It had cast a true sight magical technique of the dragon race, and its eyes were shining brightly

In addition, it had special authority as Garre Holy Mountain’s trial officer. In order to prevent anyone from sneaking into the trail grounds, its position gave it the power to see through things such as illusions and disguises.

But now, even with its authority and the magical technique guaranteeing it true sight, it could not see through the disguises of Sixteen and White Dragon.

It felt as if the two of them had really swapped bodies. Rather than a disguise, it looked more similar to a monster cultivator’s ability to transform into a human after the Fifth Stage.

After the Fifth Stage, whether it was their monster form or their human form, both were a part of their true bodies. For this reason, they could freely choose to appear in their monster or human form when they became a Profound Sage and had to deliver their Profound Sage Speech.

The divine dragon recounted what it saw and its guesses.

Sister White Dragon translated its words.

“After changing your appearance, it feels as if even your body has changed…” Song Shuhang pinched his chin and pondered.

If he really gained the ability to change his appearance like Fifth Stage monster cultivators… When he advanced to the Eighth Stage in the future, could he use this mask to change his appearance into one that was highly attractive?

The thought alone made him feel excited.

However, he quickly shook his head.

Dreams are meant for the night. How can a mask possibly deceive the heavenly tribulation?


At this time, the energy that Demon Emperor Hezhi was sending over through his clone finally dried up.

In the next moment, six dragon pearls floated above Song Shuhang’s head.

They circled around him as if saying goodbye and went back to their owners.

The Almighty Merchant leaned over and asked, “Where’s the dragon pearl I lent you?”

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