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Chapter 1962 - The man on the top of the tide

Chapter 1962: The man on the top of the tide

There was no need for an introduction. No pressure came from him, and he simply stood there with the bearing of a grandmaster, but that alone was enough to make others feel that he was very cool.

Sister White Dragon muttered to herself, “The Scholarly Sage…”

Sure enough, the obsession that Song Shuhang summoned belonged to the Scholarly Sage.

If it’s the Scholarly Sage, he should be able to fight against that man of liquid metal, right?

Sister White Dragon wrapped herself around Sixteen, Senior White’s clone, and True Monarch White Crane, and retreated some distance.

While fighting the fat ball with Daddy Turtle and buying time for Song Shuhang, she had become so exhausted that she had no energy to participate in any subsequent battles.

On the other side, after shooting another dragon breath at the fat ball, Daddy Turtle similarly retreated some distance and waited for an opening.

In the air, the Scholarly Sage and the fat ball were left standing opposite each other.

In the Inner Demon Cave, the Ruler of Shadows said softly, “This is a scene that’s rarely seen even in ten thousand years.”

He thought that as soon as Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song used Shadow Sanctum to summon the Scholarly Sage’s obsession, the bracelet would explode.

So he was surprised when Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song activated the Scholarly Sage’s obsession while preserving the bracelet. Rather than exploding, Shadow Sanctum seemed to have evolved.

Moreover, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song’s body seemed to be filled with mysteries. Inside his body were hidden laws that even he could not see through… There was even the faint aura of eternity.

He really does deserve to be the first Sage in a thousand years. He possesses great fortune and has the capability to be the man that stands atop the golden wave of prosperity that is soon to wash over the universe.

The tide of spiritual energy will soon descend, and the great change of heaven and earth is imminent. Every time this happens, the next period would be regarded as the golden age for cultivation by Immortals and Tribulation Transcenders.

As long as this man does not fall to his death from atop the tide, he will surely achieve great things in the future.

The Ruler of Shadows said, “The shadow born from the Scholarly Sage’s obsession is immensely powerful. If he manages to live through this battle, the experience and insight that he’ll gain from fighting with the Sage will be priceless.”

Song Shuhang and the Scholarly Sage’s obsession had become one. Every detail of the Sage’s battle would become a part of Shuhang’s experience, and this was an opportunity that countless powerhouses all across the universe dreamed of having.

Well, the premise is that Tyrannical Song manages to survive through this.

We can only wait and see if his body withstands the shock after this battle is over…


Meanwhile, at the edge of the scholarly faction, a spatial gate opened.

The driver uncle and the great master from the Jingang Temple emerged from the spatial gate.

They had just gone through a huge battle and the resources and energy they had consumed were huge.

But when they sensed changes happening back in the scholarly faction, they rushed back as fast as they could.

As soon as he returned to the scholarly faction, the driver uncle was stunned.

He stared at the figure in scholarly clothes floating in the air. It was a familiar figure that had appeared in so many of his dreams.

Now, that figure was standing not too far away from him.

He felt as if he were in a dream.

The driver uncle whispered, “Teacher…”

In the next moment, tears streamed down his face.

After a brief moment of surprise, the Jingang Temple’s great master took out two small bottles from his pockets and collected his tears. These were the tears of an Immortal, and they were great for refining treasures.

Besides, if the tears of an Immortal were to fall to the ground, they would leave a big hole when hitting the ground, and they could even distort the environment.

The great master felt that he was preventing a crisis and that this action of his was an act of great kindness.


The driver uncle wasn’t the only one; every single person in the scholarly faction raised their heads and looked at the figure in the sky.

Even though this figure did not exude any power or pressure, it meant everything to the scholarly faction.

The power of faith gathered around the figure in the sky.

The Sage was back!


Song Shuhang’s current state was very special.

This was the style that he’d always dreamed of having.

His only regret was that he could not fully control his body.

He was in a state similar to when he entered a dreamland. It was like his body had become the body of the Sage, and his consciousness was merely attached to the Sage’s body.

However, he could feel that he had more freedom than when he entered a dreamland.

He could still perform some independent actions with his body.

For example…

As his consciousness willed it, the 49 Holy Apes that had previously been restrained reappeared.

They were all dressed in scholarly robes and held Scholarly Scriptures in their hands. They stared solemnly at the fat ball in the distance.

Soon after, the big Holy Ape began chanting, “Cool, cool, cool~ Cool, cool, cool~”

On the second beat, the smaller Holy Apes followed suit. “Cool, cool, cool~ Cool, cool, cool~”

With the constant chanting of the Holy Apes, the righteous qi energy in the scholarly faction gathered.

In addition, as the ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ and the ❮Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique❯ began to adapt to the new state of his body, the number of smaller Holy Apes began to increase.

However, these newly added Holy Apes were different from their big brothers—they were transparent.

One after another, the transparent Holy Apes appeared. They similarly held transparent Scholarly Scriptures and joined the Holy Ape Choir.

The number quickly reached 100, then 200, then 300…

Their numbers kept increasing. In a short period of time, an army of Holy Apes formed above the head of the Scholarly Sage.

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said with an aching heart, “You’re forcing it, which can make things worse.”

The Scholarly Sage did not need any support. He was cool as he was. Even though having a sky filled with apes cheering sounded cool, it gave off a feeling of being superfluous.

Song Shuhang replied, “But I like this new addition.”

For example, Senior White Two was so strong that he had 12,345 Holy Apes cheering for him.

On the opposite side, the fat ball managed to speak again. “Sage!”

The effect of the Impregnating Gaze ended, and the fat ball was back to full power.

“You’re the cutest!” the body of the Sage said suddenly.

The fat ball was taken aback for a moment.

What the hell do you mean by ‘cute’? Are you complimenting me?

The Sage then attacked, his right palm shooting toward the fat ball.

In the palm of his hand were countless dots of starlight, and the void was shattered wherever it passed. Then, a faint projection of planets collapsing and shattering into countless fragments appeared in the Sage’s palm.

The fat ball similarly swung its arms and greeted the Sage’s attack without showing any weakness.

If it were someone else, it might have chosen to dodge.

However, the other party was the Scholarly Sage, and it did not even entertain the idea of dodging the other party’s attack.

It would meet his attack head-on and not show any cowardice.

The fat ball’s palms shot out, and the world shook again. In its palm, there was the faint projection of a black hole that devoured everything.


The Sage’s right palm and fat ball’s palms collided. Afterward, the Sage took a step backward, while the fat ball took two steps backward.

Additionally, there was a light palm print left on the fat ball’s chest.

The Sage’s palm just now penetrated its defenses and struck its body.

In the first round, the fat ball’s clone lost.

“Cool, cool, cool~ Cool, cool, cool~” The big Holy Ape sang with a deep voice, and the smaller Holy Apes all echoed with the same rhythm and pitch.

[Pain, pain, pain~] At the same time, Song Shuhang’s mind was struck with a wave of sharp pain.

When the Sage and the fat ball’s palms came in contact, the secret appraisal technique was activated.

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