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Chapter 1960 - Deep love    

Chapter 1960: Deep love


What was the weight of love?

If the weight of the love in the Impregnating Gaze released by Song Shuhang’s own eyes was 1, then the love contained in the Expert’s Appraisal released by the Sage’s eye was 10,000.

As for the love in this specific Impregnating Gaze, it was even stronger.

The deep love in this Impregnating Gaze spanned over centuries, millennia, and even epochs.

It held an unprecedented, overwhelming love that could be said to be unforgettable!

This love not only made its target’s belly pregnant, but even made their heart, their bones, and every one of their cells pregnant.

Perhaps because of how strong this love was, a stream of blood began flowing down from Song Shuhang’s left eye socket.

He was tearing up because of love.

The ray of the Impregnating Gaze shot out extremely fast.

The fat ball’s clone received a direct hit. Or rather, it did not even try to avoid it. It willfully used its body to welcome the Impregnating Gaze.

In the next moment, the fat ball’s clone was sent flying backward.

It disappeared as quickly as it appeared at the scene.


Song Shuhang stretched out his hand to cover his left eye and activated the healing technique of the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove. His left eye socket was overheating due to having been overloaded by the Impregnating Gaze.

That wasn’t a normal Impregnating Gaze, was it? It even knocked the fat ball away. If that had struck an Eighth Stage Profound Sage instead, it would have blown a huge hole in their body…

Could it be that because I’m in the scholarly faction, the Scholarly Sage’s eye received a huge buff that allowed it to perform at an extraordinary level?

Then, does that mean that the Impregnating Gaze might work on the fat ball?

Song Shuhang’s other eye looked at the fat ball in the distance.

The fat ball, who was knocked far back, let out a strange voice. It screamed and seemed to be in tremendous pain.

Reasonably speaking, since it was not using Skylark’s body this time, its main body should not be limited by the host’s cultivation realm, so it should have been immune to the Expert’s Appraisal.

But this unforgettable Impregnating Gaze of love acted deep inside its body.

Although its belly did not swell, the pain affected the fat ball’s soul. It was similar to when Song Shuhang had to pay the price for using the secret appraisal technique.

Meanwhile, Daddy Turtle seized the opportunity and launched a series of attacks at the fat ball.

His figure traversed space, and he swiped his claws at the fat ball. His claws were as sharp as a divine weapon, and this attack had the power to slice apart space.

However, Daddy Turtle generally only used this attack to cut the layers of defense on its opponent’s body. His sharp claws were especially good at slicing apart the target’s defenses.

After cutting through the fat ball’s defense, Daddy Turtle opened his mouth and spat out a dragon breath filled with drool.

One should not underestimate the saliva that came with the dragon’s breath, as it would add fuel to the fire and make the power of the dragon breath even more terrifying. Moreover, once it stuck to the enemy, it could continue to burn and damage them.

If one day, the world’s oil resources were exhausted, perhaps the saliva produced by Daddy Turtle may be able to replace oil!

Aside from that, the spit could also cause psychological damage to enemies who liked cleanliness.

The dragon breath enveloped the fat ball’s body, and the sticky saliva in the dragon breath stuck to its body.

After one strike, Daddy Turtle quickly retreated with his Space-Time Traversal talent, avoiding a direct confrontation with the fat ball. Although the giant turtles of disaster had excellent defense, their racial talents made them best suited for guerrilla warfare.

“Stupid,” uttered the fat ball.

In the next moment, its body unleashed a kind of power that swallowed the dragon breath and the dragon saliva.

The flames of the dragon breath were extinguished.

Subsequently, the surface of its body started flowing, quickly repairing itself.

The fat ball was just as it was when it had first appeared, completely unscathed.

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “How disgusting. It swallowed Daddy Turtle’s saliva.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

The fat ball stood quietly in the air. Occasionally, it would shake, probably because of the Impregnating Gaze filled with deep love that it had just been struck with.

After a while, its gaze turned to the scholarly faction.

It also seemed to be able to see the blazing flames of obsession.

The corners of its mouth curled upward, and on its face appeared a smile that did not look like a smile.

It lifted its leg and stepped forward, taking a step.

The powerful aura of the ruler of the Netherworld exploded along with this random step. The immensely powerful energy slammed into the scholarly faction, making everything shake.

The fat ball was trying to wipe the scholarly faction from the face of the Earth.

Daddy Turtle’s face instantly changed, and the Light Wheel of an Immortal emerged behind his dragon head. It set up a pure land around his body to resist the might of this step.

“Tsk.” The Ruler of Shadows snorted.

He planned to be a bystander, but now it seemed that even that would be hard.

His power spread out from the Inner Demon Cave, covering the entire scholarly faction.

For him, protecting the scholarly faction was just a “casual” act.

Since he was in a good mood today, he decided to help out the scholarly faction.


The power of the fat ball’s step and the shadow energy of the Ruler of Shadows collided with one another.

The two powerful forces devoured and attacked one another.

This was not just a simple collision of strength. Hidden beneath this collision was the confrontation between laws and the power of the soul.

The ground of the scholarly faction cracked, while the protective formation was obliterated. Black flames blazed, razing everything to the ground. It should be noted that this was the case even with the protection of the Ruler of Shadows!

The fat ball’s eyes shifted onto the Ruler of Shadows.

The body of the Ruler of Shadows slowly returned to the Inner Demon Cave, not at all afraid of this clone of the ruler of the Netherworld.

The fat ball’s clone said coldly, “How many times can you stop me?”

“I’m just an innocent passerby,” replied the Ruler of Shadows.

The fat ball said slowly, “Those who stand in my way—”


Daddy Turtle seized this opportunity when the fat ball’s clone was distracted to launch another Roaring Dragon Cannon. A beam of light that ripped space apart struck the fat ball. The beam had a knockback effect and sent the fat ball flying back once again.


The ground of the scholarly faction had cracked, the lakes in the area had evaporated, and the grass and trees had withered.

In the eyes of the Ruler of Shadows, the blazing flames of obsession blazed even stronger.

In the air, Song Shuhang’s right hand started to heat up. Shadow Sanctum was boiling.

It had turned red, like hot iron.

“What’s going on?” Song Shuhang quickly used the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯ on it and tried calming it down.


The patterns on Shadow Sanctum suddenly underwent a transformation, becoming even more complex.

“Is… Is it evolving?” The black Scarlet Heaven Sword could not believe what it was witnessing.

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