Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Hong Yuye’s gaze lingered on Jiang Hao’s name. She then closed the list “There aren’t any outstanding people,” she said.

“Most of them are outer sect disciples. There are only a few traitors and suspects among the inner sect disciples. Their status isn’t high. The other successive disciples, the Deacons and elders need to investigate further. They still need some time,” Baizhi said hurriedly.


Not a single person of importance had made it on the list of suspects. Baizhi was relieved. However, if the Sect Master was sure that there was a spy then possibly, there might be people of importance involved in this. It was just difficult to find out in such a short period of time.

“Some people are difficult to expose. They lurk below the shadows.” Hong Yuye’s voice was calm. She looked at the list again. Her eyes were fixed on a name at the very end of the list.

“What is the background of Jiang Hao from the Cliff of Broken Hearts?”

“His background is actually very clean. He was sold to the sect at a young age. His talent is above average.”

“He is on the suspect list because he seemed to be connected to the traitor of the Heavenly Joy Pavilion. His promotion was a little strange, too. A few years ago, he went out for a trip, and his cultivation improved by leaps and bounds. He said that he ate a strange fruit and obtained a fortuitous encounter,” continued Baizhi. “Some time ago, he broke through the Foundation Establishment Stage. Normally, this wouldn’t raise any eyebrows, but a traitor died by his hands. There is a possibility that the Heavenly Joy Pavilion instigated this rebellion and provoked him.”

“What about his usual behavior?” Hong Yuye asked indifferently.

“He has a gentle personality. He doesn’t make enemies and never speaks ill of the ordinary people. He doesn’t seem like a… typical sect disciple.” Baizhi had wanted to say that he didn’t really seem like a Devil Sect disciple but corrected herself just in time in order not to offend the Sect Master.

Hong Yuye didn’t say anything. There was no emotion in her eyes.

“Jiang Hao killed a member of the Heavenly Joy Pavilion. She was using her charm so it’s likely that she tried to convince him to turn against the sect,” said Baizhi after a long pause. “Although there is no evidence that he might be a traitor, it’s still very suspicious.”

“Then let’s test him. We can also use him as bait for those traitors who are hiding in the dark,” said Hong Yuye.

“I don’t understand what the Sect Master meant.” Baizhi lowered her head. She was confused.

A few moments later, she saw a faint light. She looked up to see a seed land in front of her. It was half black and half white. After the light faded, it looked like an ordinary seed the size of a quail’s egg.

Baizhi’s eyes widened. “This is…”

Hong Yuye laughed. “Many people coveted it. You take it and give it to that man who lives at the bottom of the Cliff of Broken hearts. Tell him to plant it carefully. It won’t take long for the others hiding in the dark to come to the surface.”

“But…,” said Baizhi in shock. “What if the man runs away with it?”

“Isn’t that your business to take care of?” asked Hong Yuye as she turned to look at Baizhi.

Baizhi flinched and didn’t dare ask anything else. “I’ll do it right away.”

After Baizhi left the Hundred Flowers Lake, her fear was swept away, and she, once again, appeared noble and powerful.

She walked in the mountain forest. No matter if it was a guardian or an elder, they had to bow their heads and respect her not only because she was the present Sect Master but also because she was very powerful.

However, at this moment, she was quite confused. She looked at the seed in her hand and became even more perplexed.

‘The seed of the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower. Is it worth using something this precious to test an inner sect disciple and lure out other traitors?’ thought Baizhi.

It was definitely not worth it. But Baizhi knew better than to doubt the Sect Master. She must have some other plan in her mind.

‘Is it because of this person’s problem, or is it because there is someone strong among the traitors?’ Baizhi sighed and pushed away her thoughts.

The Sect Master came out of seclusion and was trying to find the traitors. Now, she had given her the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower. Something must have happened.

‘It is said that the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower is the reason why the Sect Master is so powerful.’ Baizhi looked at the seed in her hand. It would be a lie to say she wasn’t a little tempted.

If she could have the seed for herself, she might soar to the sky. Baizhi shivered and broke out in cold sweat. She realized now that the first person the Sect Master had intended to test was herself. She couldn’t bear to look at the seed anymore and wanted to get rid of it from her hands as soon as possible.

If she gave in to her temptations, she might be doomed. However, she did feel it was such a waste to give it to a mere inner sect disciple.

[ strength + 1]

[ spirit + 1]

[ cultivation + 1]

[ lifeblood + 1]

[ Spirit Sword + 1]

Jiang Hao walked in the Spirit Herb Garden. The surrounding bubbles flew to him one by one. He noticed that there were more blue bubbles than before.

“Today’s harvest is pretty good, but it’s a pity that I can’t grow Spirit Stones.” The thought of owing 1000 spirit stones weighed on his mind.

Although he had a lot of cheap spirit swords and pills, it couldn’t fetch him so much even if he sold them all. If he could pick up some good elixirs, then he could sell them for a good price. Unfortunately, he hadn’t come across any elixirs so far.

‘Right now, I only have one hundred and sixty-eight spirit stones. If I sell some spirit swords and elixirs, I can barely make up to two hundred. I’m still short of eight hundred spirit stones,’ thought Jiang Hao in dismay. ‘Maybe I can take up some sect missions.’

At noon, after he was done tending to the spirit herbs, Jiang Hao headed to the Law Enforcement Hall. The hall issued all kinds of missions.

“Yo, Junior Brother Jiang, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you here! It’s rare to see you coming out of the Spirit Herb Garden that you love so dearly.” A man laughed behind him.

He turned around to face a handsome man. Another man and a woman stood by his side. They weren’t very old, but their cultivation wasn’t bad.

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