Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – The Man In The Golden Core Realm Was Right In Front Of Him

Chapter 38 The Man in the Golden Core Realm Was Right in front of Him

After discovering Jinzhou, Jiang Hao didn’t go to the Spirit Herb Garden anymore. He stayed at his courtyard and gathered bubbles there instead, waiting for his cultivation and lifeblood to reach a hundred.


Liu Xingchen also didn’t arrive to update him on the situation. Jiang Hao didn’t know if he had found anything. This worried him even


The early stage of the Golden Core Realm wasn’t something that someone in the Foundation Establishment Stage could compete with. He was worried that the man might not be able to restrain his hatred and would attack suddenly.

As for hiding somewhere else…

He had thought about that but there were too many spies who hated him and wanted him dead, so his house was the safest for him at the moment. If the man chose to attack, Jiang Hao would leave straight for his Cliff Master’s place for help.

There was some hope that the master might help him. And the only thing he could depend on completely was his advancement to the next stage. ‘Just a few more days will be enough.’.

Seven days passed in a flash. He consolidated his cultivation and lifeblood every day so that he could advance. This time, though, it was different.

He didn’t know if 100 cultivation and 100 lifebloods was enough for him to advance. It was a big step into the Golden Core Realm. If they were not enough then everything would go to waste. He could only collect another 100 in three months.

But Jinzhou Heng had already discovered him. ‘Would he wait another three months to attack?’

It was unlikely. Perhaps he had already scouted Jiang Hao’s surroundings and was waiting to attack in a few days’ time.

Jiang Hao looked at the interface.

( Lifeblood: 99/100(can be cultivated)]

( cultivation: 100/100(can be cultivated)]

‘One more day will be enough.’

Jiang Hao took his saber and raised it.

He felt someone staring at him again. It was so direct that Jiang Hao balked. He wasn’t prepared. He waited for the man to make his move, then he would try to escape. He didn’t want to provoke him.

The Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower crossed his mind. There were still too many people who coveted it. Maybe Elder Baizhi or that woman would make a move if someone tried to steal it.

Jiang Hao waited but the gaze suddenly withdrew. He was puzzled.

“Junior Brother Jiang are you there?” said Liu Xingchen’s voice from outside.

“Yes,” Jiang Hao immediately replied. No wonder the traitor had retreated. But it was still daylight right now. The man might make a move at night.

Jiang Hao invited Liu Xingchen in and poured him a cup of tea.

“Junior Brother is right. It is indeed possible that he is a spy from another sect. He should be arrested by tonight.” Liu Xingchen took a sip of the tea. “Be careful. The person is most likely after you. Since he dared to enter the sect, he plans on not returning alive. However, everyone wants to live, so he might now back off easily. But if we make a move, he will become even more aggressive.”

Jiang Hao nodded to show that he understood. He didn’t request for the Law Enforcement Hall to protect him, nor did he ask Liu Xingchen to arrest him quickly. Jiang Hao already had so many people who disliked him. He didn’t want more enemies.

Liu Xingchen had already done a lot by informing him personally about the matter. Jiang Hao became curious as he looked at the empty courtyard. ‘What if Liu Xingchen betrayed him? Should he look for Elder Baizhi instead? Or should he tell the woman in red?’

Jiang Hao shook his head, unable to think of a solution. He didn’t want to encounter the person. He walked out of the courtyard intending to visit the Spirit Herb Garden. He was still lacking lifeblood. If the Spirit Herb Garden had some bubbles, maybe he can try to advance right now.

If he could advance fast, he might be able to face the danger that lurked around him. At the least, he would have a chance of escape.

Jiang Hao noticed that Han Ming was getting people to organize the spirit herbs.

“Senior Brother Jiang, I haven’t seen you for a few days,” Han Ming said in respect. He was unwilling to lose to Jiang Hao, but he understood that he wasn’t a match for him, at least not yet.

“Junior Brother Han is going on a long trip?” Jiang Hao pointed at the spirit herbs. Usually, Han Ming did not prepare so much spirit herbs in an instant.

Even if he was refining pills, he didn’t need so many. So, the possibility was that he was going on a long trip. “Azure Mountain is holding a DAO conference, and everyone seems to be reluctant to leave since they have a conflicting relationship with our sect,” said Han Ming. “I want to go out to train.”

A confrontation between the righteous and the Devil? Jiang Hao didn’t want to experience something like that.

“Then Junior Brother must be very careful,” Jiang Hao kindly warned him. He also saw a blue air bubble in the garden. But he didn’t know if they contained lifeblood.

“Will do, Senior Brother,” said Han Ming. “When I come back after training, I will look for you to spar with.”

Jiang Hao nodded. Next time, he would lose to him deliberately so that he can be left alone. After bidding farewell to Han Ming, he went to the Spirit Herb Garden.

He looked at the people who had come to help. None of them looked as formidable as Jinzhou


After a while, the bubbles began to pour in.

( strength + 1]

( spirit + 1]

[ endurance + 1]

[ spirit + 1]

He was happy to feel the slight changes in his body. He had lost a lot of progress in these past few days because of the traitor.

Soon, the blue bubble also merged into his body.

[ lifeblood + 1]

‘It’s done!’ Jiang Hao left the Spirit Herb Garden. He wanted to advance to the Golden Core Realm as fast as possible.

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