Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Senior Brother Jiang.” The two disciples greeted him.

Jiang Hao nodded and smiled back. He then walked in.


The Spirit Herb Garden was a vast field, and there were many types of spirit herbs. At the center of the Spirit Herb Garden was a bright red nine-leafed flower.

This flower was called the emotion-severing grass. The fragrance of the flower wasn’t noticeable ordinarily. However, when the petals fell, the fragrance would be so strong that it would waft in every direction. The scent of the flower was filled with spiritual energy and had the power to make people fall under an illusion and be trapped in love.

If refined, it could be used as an ingredient for three types of medicinal pills. The first was the spirit-gathering pill, which can absorb the surrounding spiritual energy and speed up one’s cultivation. This was the easiest pill to make.

The second was the emotion-severing pill, which can suppress the inner demons upon hearing it. If anyone took this pill during a great event like a promotion, the success rate went up by 20%. This pill was relatively difficult to make.

The third was the Elysium World. This one was the riskiest of all. Eating this pill trapped a person in an illusion. If they succeeded, their cultivation would soar rapidly but if they failed, they would die. It was extremely difficult to make.

Jiang Hao looked at the simple pavilion in the center of the garden and walked towards it. As a newly promoted inner sect disciple, he had the duty of guarding the emotion-severing grass.

He didn’t need to stay here day and night to guard it. His main duty was to check the spirit herbs and make sure they were growing properly. Some other senior brothers and sisters guarded the garden at night

As he walked along the Spirit Herb Garden, Jiang Hao saw small bubbles floating around. Most of them were white. There was only one green bubble floating above some spirit herbs.

In the past, he couldn’t choose which one he needed. The bubbles would automatically merge into his body. But now, a notification appeared on the interface:

[ strength + 1]

[ endurance + 1]

[ strength + 1]

[ spirit + 1]

[ spirit gathering pill + 1]

Jiang Hao remained indifferent. This had happened countless times after all. This was why he had been in a hurry to become an inner sect disciple. It allowed him to visit more places and to obtain more things.

The best example was the Spirit Herb Garden. As long as he took care of it and planted more spirit herbs, he could take as much as it gave him. Strength and Endurance could be absorbed automatically. His strength far exceeded those who were at the same level as him. Perhaps one day he could be stronger than all of them combined.

‘I need a cultivation technique or a divine ability to conceal my cultivation,’ thought Jiang Hao.

Since he had nothing he could use to conceal his cultivation, it was risky for him to advance quickly. It would attract attention and make him an easy target.

The air bubbles were of different colors. The colors indicated their quality. They were usually white, green, blue and purple. White was the most common among the bubbles. They spawned everywhere. The energy could be absorbed for endurance, strength, etc.

The green bubbles usually held medicinal pills and magical treasures. The lifeblood and cultivation were usually found in the blue bubbles while the purple bubbles had some divine ability within them. He hadn’t encountered any other bubbles beside the four colors.

Below the pavilion, a fairy was waiting for him. Seeing him walk over, the corners of her mouth curled up into a smile.

The Heavenly Note Sect had twelve main lineages, and the Cliff of Broken Hearts was one of them. The girl in front of him was from the inner sect of the Heavenly Joy Pavilion, Fairy Yun Ruo.

She was charming. It was the way of her cultivation method. Those from the Devil Sect did not waste time to be charming, since it did not follow the same path of righteousness as the Ming Sect.

Every time Jiang Hao met someone from the Heavenly Joy Pavilion, he got a headache. But he felt strange. Was his spirit stronger today? Jiang Hao was surprised but he did not express it.

“Greetings, Senior Sister Yun Ruo,” said Jiang Hao.

Fairy Yun Ruo smiled. “I heard Junior Brother is about to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage. Quite impressive, reaching the stage at a young age of twenty.”

“Just a bit of luck, Senior Sister Yun Ruo.” Jiang Hao knew better than to be arrogant.

But he sensed something was strange. His heart was calm today even in front of Senior Sister Yun Ruo. Was something wrong with him?

Fairy Yun Ruo smiled. “I know that Junior Brother is a decent person. If he seeks to join other sects, he will definitely be nurtured well.”

‘She thinks I am a decent person?’ thought Jiang Hao. He grew wary. He didn’t know why other sects would say this unless they were watching him.

He changed the subject. “Senior Sister is also here for Spirit Medicine?”

“Indeed. But the main reason I am here is to congratulate you. I think you will advance to the Foundation Establishment Stage within a year or two. Fairy Yun Ruo smiled happily.

“Senior Sister’s words are too precious. Thank you. I will find some herbs for you right now.” After receiving the list and confirming that there were no problems, Jiang Hao turned around and left.

The Senior Sister was definitely using charm. Usually, it would have been hard for him to focus with a clear mind when the charm took effect. He found the herbs she wanted and handed them to her.

“Thank you, Junior Brother. I won’t disturb you any longer,” said Fairy Yun Ruo with a charming smile.

“Senior Sister, you are too kind,” said Jiang Hao with a polite smile.

Fairy Yun Ruo turned around to leave. After taking a few steps, she turned back and whispered in his ear.

“Junior Brother, if I give you the opportunity to join a famous immortal sect, will you seize it?”

Jiang Hao was shocked. He looked at her in horror.

“Pfft,” laughed Fairy Yun Ruo. “Look how scared you are! This is the method of some immortal sects who use us from the devil path to recruit others. No need to look so scared. We would never get a chance otherwise.”

She smiled at him again. “Junior Brother, you have to be careful. Don’t be fooled. You must figure it out.” She left right after saying that.

‘What does she mean? Figure what out?’ thought Jiang Hao. Suddenly, this Senior Sister didn’t look harmless and charming anymore. It sounded like a joke the way she said it but it was also possible that she was telling the truth.

‘If she is a spy from another sect, am I being targeted?’ thought Jiang Hao. ‘But why me? Is she trying to get my help in whatever she is doing? Or… my own sect might be testing me because they suspect me of something.’

‘If she is a spy then I only have two paths to take: one, I refuse, and she will be killed by whoever sent her to keep everything under wraps. Or I agree to her proposal…’

But he didn’t want to put himself in danger. Why not just continue to be a disciple of the Devil Sect and be safe?

‘I need to reach the Foundation Establishment Stage first.’

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