Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Back at the Cliff of Broken Hearts, Jiang Hao began thinking about Heavenly Joy Pavilion.

He had offended them by killing Senior Sister Yun Ruo, but he guessed that not everyone there wanted to kill him. If everyone hated him, then he would have been dead by now because the Heavenly Joy Pavilion would have intentionally or unintentionally tried to get rid of him.


There were only two groups of people who actually hated him enough to kill him: one, those who wanted to impress their Pavilion Master; and two, those who were infatuated by Senior Sister Yun Ruo.

Both groups were a danger to him. ‘Going to the Devil’s Den this time is bound to be highly dangerous for me. I need to advance to the Late Foundation Establishment Stage soon so I can at least defend myself,’ thought Jiang Hao. ‘In any case, I have a defensive magical treasure now. The only thing I need is an offensive magical treasure.’

The Hong Meng Heart Sutra could be used as a lone magic technique but so far, Jiang Hao didn’t know how to unlock it. His cultivation wasn’t enough.

After taking care of the Spirit Herb Garden for a while, he went to find the Cliff Master, Ku Wu Chang.

“A technique?” Cliff Master, Ku Wu Chang, got straight to the point. “What kind of technique do you want to learn?”

“Something powerful,” said Jiang Hao.

“Do you use a knife or any other weapon for that matter?”

“I can use knives and swords.” He was hardly an expert, but he had used them before. Besides, specializing in a particular magical treasure wasn’t an option at the moment.

“Okay then. I’ll teach you the Demonic Sound Slash,” Ku Wu Chang pointed at the space between Jiang Hao’s eyebrows as he spoke.

The shadow of the blade appeared in Jiang Hao’s mind. It was like thunder and lightning. The shadow then disappeared from between his brows.

Ku Wu Chang gave him a book. “Take this back and study it. Your talent is good. You should be able to learn it in a month or so.”

“Thank you, Master.” Jiang Hao took the book and left.

When he was leaving, he saw Han Ming and other Senior Brothers arrive.

“You want to learn an attack method? Then I’ll teach you the Heavenly Thunder Sword. Learn it well from me here. Only after you learn it can you leave.”

Ku Wu Chang’s stern voice came from inside. He was talking to Han Ming and the others. Jiang Hao paid it no mind and left. The treatment of true Disciples was different from others for sure. More attention and more effort were given to them.

Jiang Hao didn’t care. He had to learn the Demonic Sound Slash first. Still, he couldn’t help but sigh at how good of a treatment the True Disciples received.

After returning to his house, Jiang Hao looked at the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower. ‘I have to go to the White Moon Lake. When I leave for the mission, I won’t be around to take care of the flower. It might not be good to just leave the flower unattended.’

He went to the cultivation room and activated the Clear and Pure Heart ability. In an instant, his mind became sharp and focused. He could understand many things at one glance. He opened the book to read about the Demonic Sound Slash. For seven days in a row, Jiang Hao focused his effort and energy to learn it.

On the eighth day, he understood it.

He walked to the edge of a stream and picked up a branch. He swung it. Boom!

The demonic sound rolled, revealing its sharpness. The shadow of the blade was ten meters long and slashed everything down.


The stream exploded, sand and stones flew in every direction. The sound of an explosion rang out. A long blade mark was left on the ground.

Jiang Hao smiled. ‘It’s done! The technique is not bad. Seven Days was enough to learn it properly.’ He was grateful for the Clear and Pure Heart ability, otherwise it would have taken him more than a month to master the Demonic Sound Slash technique.

‘I still need a saber. I need to save up another month’s worth of spirit stones to buy it,’ Jiang Hao sighed. He had not sold any talismans in these seven days other than the Ten Thousand Sword Talisman Senior Sister Leng Tian had ordered. All his time was spent comprehending the Demonic Sound Slash.

He only had around 400 spirit stones in his savings. It was supposed to be a large sum but Jiang Hao felt that it wasn’t enough to save his life.

To buy the Best Magic Treasure of the Foundation Establishment Stage, a few hundred spirit stones definitely wouldn’t be enough.

Jiang Hao threw away the branch and returned to his courtyard. These few days, he had discovered something new. Every three days, a bubble would appear in the Snow Lotus. It was either lifeblood or cultivation. It could not be compared with the two bubbles that the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower gave off in a day, but it was certainly better than before.

As for the Blue Lotus, it had also bloomed. However, on the first day, it only gave off a green bubble followed by a white one. It was still better than nothing.

Jiang Hao glanced at his interface:

[ lifeblood: 99/100(can be cultivated)]

[ cultivation: 100/100(can be cultivated)]

He was still short of lifeblood. He could start to level up tomorrow maybe.

Jiang Hao headed to the Spirit Herb Garden. He looked around and found a blue bubble. He walked over to it.

[ lifeblood + 1]

[ spirit + 1]

[ strength + 1]

[ strength + 1]

[ strength + 1]

Jiang Hao was happy feeling his strength rise. The most important thing for him now was for his lifeblood to reach a hundred. ‘I can advance tonight.’

After he tended to the Spirit herb Garden, he headed out. He told some of the outer disciples to take care of the Spirit Herb Garden in his absence. Around a month later, he would leave for the Devil’s Den. He needed someone to take care of the Spirit Herb Garden in his place.

He made some time to go to the White Moon Lake. He didn’t see Elder Baizhi, but Senior Sister Zhou Chan had a message for him. There were only two words: Don’t worry about it.

It seemed the flower would lure out the traitors whether he was there to take care of it or not. He didn’t need to worry.

Jiang Hao returned to his house. And looked around. There were no problems so far. He went inside and decided to extract the lifeblood and cultivation base.

He wasn’t sure if he could enter the Late Foundation Establishment Stage in one go. But he couldn’t delay any longer. The majestic lifeblood and spiritual energy began to fill Jiang Hao’s eight meridians. The Purple lifeblood mist guided them. It seemed much easier and more efficient than before.

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