Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

[Snow Lotus Seed: it grows into a high-grade healing spirit herb after maturity. It’s hard to plant it if it has cracks on its body. There is no need to worry if planted in an extremely cold place. If not, it’s best to surround it with 16 spirit stones and water it every three days.]

“Can I take a look?” Jiang Hao asked the Fairy guide.


“Of course,” she said.

Taking the seed in his hand, Jiang Hao examined it very carefully. He saw a tiny crack at the base. He pointed it out to the Fairy guide.

The Fairy guide flashed him a strained smile. “Senior Brother definitely has a good eye for spirit herbs. Since there is a crack, we can give it to you for half a price. 50 spirit stones.”

‘How cunning,’ thought Jiang Hao. If he hadn’t discovered the crack, she would have ripped him off his spirit stones so easily. But this was normal here. Especially in the Devil Sect. No one cared about honesty and integrity.

“I’ll take this one, thank you,” said Jiang Hao. “Could you show me another seed of around 50 spirit stones?”

“Of course, this way.”

Jiang Hao bought a Blue Lotus Seed for the remaining price. It had no other function than to gather more spirit energy. It had only one disadvantage, if it wasn’t well taken care of, it would wither easily. As for why it was so expensive, it probably was slaughtered.

‘I wonder if it can give off blue bubbles,’ thought Jiang Hao looking at the seed in his hands. White and green bubbles were easy to accumulate. The Spirit Herb Garden had a lot of those.

After returning to his house, Jiang Hao planted the Snow Lotus Seed and surrounded it with 16 spirit stones.

He only had 19 spirit stones left now. If he bought more talisman-making materials, he would be plain broke. He needed to earn more spirit stones.

The next day, Jiang Hai awoke from his cultivation. The first thing he wanted to do was to check his garden. Other than the two blue bubbles given off by the

When Jiang Hao woke up from his cultivation, the first thing he did was to come to the courtyard.

Other than the two blue bubbles provided by the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower, there was nothing! The Snow Lotus Seed obviously hadn’t sprouted yet. It would take time for it to grow.

He took out the Blue Lotus Seed and appraised it.

[Blue Lotus Seed: after it takes root and sprouts, it can condense spiritual energy.]

“That’s all?” muttered Jiang Hao. As expected, he was ripped off of his spirit stones for something so ordinary.

He planted the seed anyway and left for the Spirit Herb Garden.

A month later.

Jiang Hao put down his talisman pen and put away the Ten Thousand Sword Talisman he had just finished making. Senior Sister Leng Tian had placed that order. There were a total of ten talismans, and this was the last one.

Including the cost of failure, it had cost him 80 spirit stones. After selling them, they should fetch about 200 spirit stones. The net profit was 120 spirit stones.

He hadn’t cultivated for the past few days. It was a great loss on his part. He shook his head and opened his interface:

[Name: Jiang Hao]

[Age: 20]

[Cultivation: Middle of Foundation Establishment Stage]

[Cultivation Method: Heavenly Sound Hundred Revolutions, Hong Meng Heart Sutra]

[Divine Ability: Nine Revolutions Death Substitution (Unique), Daily Appraisal, Clear and Pure Heart]

[Lifeblood: 88/100(can be cultivated)]

[Cultivation: 90/100(can be cultivated)]

[Divine Ability: 0/3(cannot be obtained)]

’90, I still need to wait for a week or so to advance.’ Jiang Hao looked at his age and sighed.

“I’m already 20 years old,” he muttered.

The past 20 years had not been very smooth for him. He was alone, but fortunately, he was not in danger.

“Congratulations on living past 20 years old,” Jiang Hao joked with himself before walking out of the house.

When he arrived at the courtyard, he saw that there was finally a bubble at the Snow Lotus. It was purple in color.

The Blue Lotus hadn’t grown yet. Since he didn’t have any hope for that spirit herb, he wasn’t in a hurry to see results.

When he walked, the bubbles around him started to fly to him.

[ cultivation + 1]

[ lifeblood + 1]

[ divine ability fragment + 1]

‘Divine ability fragment?’ Jiang Hao wished there was something else in the purple bubble. Divine abilities were great, no doubt about them. But they lacked attack skills. He didn’t have powerful spells and treasures. Soon, he would have to participate in a sect mission, he had to figure out a way to get stronger.

‘If it really doesn’t work out, then I’ll go buy one. After I give out the ten thousand sword talisman, I should have around 400 spirit stones, close to 500 spirit stones. I can buy a decent magic treasure with that,’ thought Jiang Hao.

Having made his decision, Jiang Hao left his house and headed to the Spirit Herb Garden to collect more bubbles.

He would buy the magic treasure after he advanced. There was still time.

When he reached the Spirit Herb Garden, he saw Han Ming at the entrance.

“Senior Brother!” Han Ming walked over to him with a smile. “Senior Brother, do you see anything different about me? Has my aura become stronger?”

Jiang Hao was surprised. Han Ming was at the early Foundation Establishment Stage, and it wouldn’t take him long to advance to the middle stage. However, this was too quick.

Out of curiosity, he appraised Han Ming once again.

[Han Ming: True Disciple of Heavenly Note Sect’s the Cliff of Broken Hearts. His talent is top-notch. He’s 18 years old and is in the Early Foundation Establishment Stage. He is favored by the spirits of mountains and rivers and has the inheritance of a mighty figure.]

‘The inheritance of a mighty figure?’ Jiang Hao was shocked. ‘Was it because he had the favor of the spirits of mountains and rivers?’

“In a few months, I will advance to the Middle Stage of Foundation Establishment. At that time, I will surpass Senior Brother,” said Han Ming, smiling brightly with a hint of arrogance.

Jiang Hao smiled. “Congratulations, Junior Brother.”

Han Ming smiled even more radiantly. “When the time comes, can I challenge Senior Brother? In the sect, I am the only one around Senior Brother’s age.”

“Okay.” Jiang Hao nodded his agreement.

When the time came, he would just need to put on a good show and lose willingly. Han Ming just wanted to show off. Jiang Hao didn’t mind letting him be in the limelight.

“Okay, it’s a deal! Senior Brother, please don’t get angry if you lose. After all, there’s a big gap between us.” Han Ming was about to leave but he paused, thinking of something. “I heard the Cliff Master say that the sect’s mission had been arranged. You are there too!”

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