Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Jiang Hao was quiet. So, Senior Sister Yun Ruo was actually telling the truth. If he had known earlier…

He didn’t know what he could have done anyway. If he had hesitated even a second, she would have killed him. Therefore, he had no regrets.


“You might not believe me if I tell you.” Liu Xingchen paused. “Asking you for 1000 spirit stones is not because we are targeting you or anything like that. On the contrary, it is to help you. We did it to restrain that person from the Heavenly Joy Pavilion from attacking you. As long as you have compensated, he won’t be able to do anything to you. But you should be careful. The Cliff of Broken Hearts might protect you, but you need to get stronger. As for not letting you leave, it is also to protect you from the people in Yun Ruo’s sect. Some of them were infatuated with her. He is not weak. Rumor has it that he could have safely taken her back if not for her special role. Now that she is dead, you are already a target of the people from Sunset Sect. Your situation is worrisome.”

Jiang Hao was speechless. So, they weren’t bullying him but looking out for him? Regardless of whether it was the truth or not, he couldn’t really refuse. IT was the Devil Sect, after all. It wasn’t difficult for the pavilion master to target an inner sect disciple.

“Thank you for informing me, Senior Brother,” Jiang Hao said gratefully.

“Then be careful, Junior Brother. If there’s any news of the other traitors, you can inform me.” Liu Xingchen waved at him and left.

There was no one else in the courtyard. Jiang Hao glanced at the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower. He understood that this Senior Brother had an ulterior motive. It was hard to believe he would pay a nice visit to Jiang Hao just to explain the situation out of the goodness of his heart.

‘Did he not recognize me, or is he waiting for an opportunity?’ Jiang Hao was puzzled.

He picked the air bubbles. He saw even more people than usual in the Cliff of Broken Hearts’ Spirit Herb Garden. There were some executive elders and other inner sect disciples whom he had never seen before in his life.

Jiang Hao did not pay much attention to them and went about with his daily routine until a Senior Sister kept asking him about some spirit herbs. That was not a good sign.

As expected, after a week, the same Senior Sister arrived at his place saying that she wanted a certain spirit herb and perhaps he would be able to help her.

“Junior Brother doesn’t have any guests, right? Otherwise, I’ll go back.” Fairy Ming Yi poked her head into the courtyard.

“No. Senior Sister thinks too highly of me. I don’t really know much about spirit herbs,” Jiang Hao was telling the truth.

He had focused all his attention to making talismans that he had not had any time to increase his knowledge on spirit herbs. Fortunately, his progress in making talismans was great. His success rate had reached ninety percent. Now he could start making talismans which were stronger and difficult.

Within a week, he had also earned 150 spirit stones. Now, he had 450 spirit stones. That was almost half of the compensation he owed. There were still two months left.

This Senior Sister in front of him was from the Misty Cloud Peak. She had been in seclusion for many years, and only just came out of it. So, she didn’t know many people. That was why she had come over to ask. As if!

Jiang Hao didn’t believe her at all. He activated his Daily Appraisal ability. In the blink of an eye, he received the result:

[Ming Yi: Heavenly Saint Sect’s substitute Saintess, Early stage Golden Core Realm cultivation, undercover. Wants to find out the reason for the rise of the Heavenly Note Sect. According to the instructions, the thing in the courtyard. Taking an opportunity to pry a little. Ruthless personality. Hides a knife in her smile.]

When he saw her cultivation, Jiang Hao could only lower his head and go along with what she said. All these spies were Golden Core Realm cultivators. They were either true disciples or Saintesses.

There was one thing that surprised Jiang Hao. The reason for the rise of the Heavenly Note Sect was in his courtyard. ‘Was it the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower? Wasn’t this the thing that represented the Sect Master?’ Jiang Hao was puzzled.

He wanted to look through the sect’s ancient records. However, for him to plant such an important thing, it was obviously suspicious. His situation was indeed worrisome.

Fairy Ming Yi didn’t stay for long. She passed the spirit herb to Jiang Hao to check. It was indeed a remarkable spirit herb, but Jiang Hao didn’t recognize it. Fairy Ming Yi didn’t mind. She thanked him for his time and left. Jiang Hao continued with his usual routine.

A month later, Jiang Hao counted his spirit stones with joy. “Nine hundred and twenty-six. Soon, I will have 1000!”

He had been making talismans for more than a year to earn spirit stones. He wanted to make more of the higher-level talismans, but the success rate was low, so he only made them occasionally. He realized that he could continue making more talismans and save spirit stones for the future.

Jiang Hao looked at his interface again”

[Name: Jiang Hao]

[Age: 19]

[Cultivation: Early Foundation Establishment Stage]

[Cultivation Method: Heavenly Sound Hundred Revolutions, Hong Meng Heart Sutra]

[Divine Ability: Nine Revolutions Death Substitution (Unique), Daily Appraisal, Clear and Pure Heart]

[Lifeblood: 100/100(can be cultivated)]

[Cultivation Method: 100/100(can be cultivated)]

[Supernatural Ability: 0/3(cannot be obtained)]

The Purple-gold legend was gone, and his cultivation method had added Hong Meng Heart Sutra. The most remarkable thing was that his lifeblood and cultivation were full, all thanks to the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower. In addition, there were so many bubbles every time the spirit herbs were ripe now.

He had waited for this day for a long time. With the Hong Meng purple mist shielding his cultivation, he was no longer worried about advancing too quickly. Without any hesitation, Jiang Hao began to extract his lifeblood and cultivation. Then, he began to circulate the Hong Meng Heart Sutra.

Theoretically, he could break through to the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage in one fell swoop.

His lifeblood and spiritual energy surged. The purple clouds circulated within his body, and he began to absorb and refine his spiritual energy and lifeblood. The purple clouds began to expand and moved to his energy center.

Jiang Hao’s cultivation was advancing at a speed visible to the naked eye.


The bottleneck between the early and middle stages of the Foundation Establishment Stage was crushed by the purple lifeblood, and he successfully entered the middle phase of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

‘It’s done!’ Jiang Hao was delighted. The feeling of his new achievement comforted him.

After calming himself, he looked outside and saw that it was getting late. He needed to water the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower. But when he stepped outside in the courtyard, he saw that there was a woman standing there.

She was dressed all in red and the sunlight made her look dazzling. She was extremely beautiful as always.

‘It’s her!’

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