Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

White Moon Lake was located at a higher altitude in the heavenly Note Sect. The spiritual essence was dense.

In this place, cultivation speed was faster than any other main bloodlines. It was no wonder that this place produced so many geniuses. But it was equally difficult to get accepted as a disciple in this place.


The Cliff of Broken Hearts was different from this place. It was situated lower in status as well as location. Although the Cliff of Broken Hearts had many promising disciples, they weren’t really famous or remarkable.

‘Phew, I am finally here.’ Jiang Hao had bought some talisman-making tools before arriving. If not for the Heavenly Joy Pavilion, he would have never gotten the chance to come here. Before the Heavenly Joy Pavilion got angry at him, he had felt that the Cliff of Broken Hearts was not bad, either. But now…

Shaking his head, he approached the guard. He explained the purpose of his visit.

“Looking after the pure Yang Flower?” The fairy guard looked at Jiang Hao carefully. “Are you sure you have experience in this field?”

“Yes, of course. I am Jiang Hao, an inner sect disciple of the Cliff of Broken Hearts. I have been working in the Spirit Herb Garden of the Cliff of Broken Hearts for a few years now,” Jiang Hao said truthfully.

“Then follow me.” The fairy guard led the way. “Let me remind you. The pure Yang Flower is about to bloom, so you need to take care of it very carefully. This is not an easy job. If you don’t do it well, you will be punished.” The fairy guard kindly reminded him.

“Thank you for your reminder, Senior Sister. I understand.” Jiang Hao thanked her.

This Senior Sister’s eyes were clear. She looked honest. Not at all like Senior Sister Yun Ruo. She didn’t try to befriend him, but she wasn’t cold and rude to him either. She just did her job. Sure enough, not everyone in the Devil Sect was evil. But Jiang Hao could not really take that as an indication of her true personality for obvious reasons.

“My name is Zhou Chan,” said the fairy guard. “Since you have accepted the mission, you will need to come up here again after a few days. When you do, just ask for me. I will escort you.” She led Jiang Hao to a courtyard.

Under the guidance of Senior Sister Zhou, Jiang Hao got to know the person who took care of the courtyard.

Elder Qian Xu, a middle-aged beautiful woman in a green dress which flowed to the ground with a light-blue belt around her waist and donning a muslin jacket, took care of the garden. She looked cold and disdainful. She was also the executive elder of the White Moon Lake.

‘She looks like I owe her something and she is angry about it,’ thought Jiang Hao but didn’t dare to say it aloud.

As he looked around, he saw a white spirit herb that occupied a large portion of the land. The area around this herb was covered in frost. At the edge of the White Frost was a scarlet red gourd with a scorching aura coming from it.

“The gourd is filled with lava. What you need to do is to water the lava at the edge of the white frost every hour after noon, six times a day,” elder Qian Xu explained. “It’s late today so you can start tomorrow.”

“Of course. Understood,” said Jiang Hao respectfully.

After returning to his residence, he looked at his interface.

[Name: Jiang Hao]

[ age: 19]

[Cultivation: Early Foundation Establishment Stage]

[Cultivation Method: Heavenly Sound Hundred Revolutions]

[Ability: Nine Revolutions Death Substitution (Unique), Daily Appraisal (can be learned)]

[ Lifeblood: 16/100(can be cultivated)]

[Cultivation: 20/100(can be cultivated)]

[Ability: 2/3(cannot be obtained)]

‘Although it’s only by a little, I am happy that it is increasing very quickly,’ thought Jiang Hao. ‘Maybe it won’t take long for me to advance to the middle phase of Foundation Establishment Stage, after all. But where will I find 1000 spirit stones? I am going to try making those talismans.’

The minimum requirement for making talismans was the lowest, and it was also the cheapest. Unless he intended to make intermediate or high-grade talismans. He had to try, otherwise coming up with 1000 spirit stones was impossible.

The fastest way to get spirit stones was to refine pills. But the requirements were high, investment was even larger, and it took such a long time.

Jiang Hao took out the newly purchased materials and manuals and read through it in his room. There were a total of twelve types of talismans recorded on them.

The simplest one was the Divine Walk Talisman, which could speed up the pace of someone’s walk. There were also the Heart Cleansing Talisman and the Fire Talisman. These three types of talismans were all needed for lifeblood refinement.

A Foundation Establishment cultivator could ride a flying sword, strengthen his mind, and use spells with ease. Therefore, under normal circumstances, these talismans with low effects were not needed. However, these three types of talismans were also the most suitable for practice. As for the selling price…

If three talismans sold even for 1 spirit stone, that would be a miracle. It would probably take a whole lot of them to reach his goal. Relying on these simple talismans wouldn’t fetch him enough. He had to think big.

He read the part about the Divine Traversing Talisman. Jiang Hao sat cross-legged on the side and calmed his mind. After a long while, his condition reached its peak. Then, he picked up the talisman pen, dipped it in cinnabar, and started to make the talisman.

Each stroke was evenly and powerfully done, flowing like the clouds and the water. The spiritual essence gradually got imbued on the talisman paper. When the last stroke slowly fell, the talisman flickered and returned to normal.

‘Is it done?’ thought Jiang Hao, astonished. ‘Is it really this easy to make a talisman?’

Jiang Hao spent the entire night practicing the Divine Traversing Talisman, the Heart Cleansing Talisman, and the Fire Talisman. He did not stop until all the materials were used up.

‘A total of thirty-one talismans! After subtracting the cost of 2 spirit stones it took for the materials, he would profit by 3 spirit stones.’ Jiang Hao did some calculations. ‘3 spirit stones a day would mean 90 in a month and 270 spirit stones in three months. If I double the number of talismans, that will maybe fetch me 540 spirit stones in three months, assuming they even sold.’

Jiang Hao sighed. If he made more talismans and took on more missions, he might be able to reach the goal of 1000 spirit stones in three months. As long as the Heavenly Joy Pavilion did not come up with something else, he might be able to submit 1000 spirit stones within his time limit but…

He had gotten the price of the talisman right but there was no market for them. He had been too naïve. After putting them on display for a long, long time, he earned 1 spirit stone. That wasn’t even enough to cover for the spirit stones he had spent in buying the materials.

Jiang Hao could do nothing but sigh. He bought some more materials to try to practice the talismans needed for the Foundation Establishment Stage. After that, he went up to the White Moon Lake. Today was the day he would begin to tend to the pure Yang Flower.

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