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Chapter 691 - Chapter 691: The New State Preceptor!

Chapter 691: The New State Preceptor!

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This is not me, this should belong to you!”

“What nonsense are you talking about? Are you questioning even Master’s decision?”


“But what but!” Yang Tianqi glared at Liu Wen with a serious expression and said,” I will assist you with all my heart in the future. You will definitely become a very wise State Preceptor, and you will be able to lead the entire Catacombs ‘Human Tribe to become stronger!”

Liu Wen looked at his brother blankly. The two of them had been fighting since they were young. Although they had a tacit understanding of cooperation, Liu Wen always felt a little uneasy.

Yang Tianqi was a person with high talent, and he was also very hardworking in cultivation.

No matter what he did, he was always at the forefront. That was why his cultivation and array formation attainments could improve so quickly.

Liu Wen had always felt that he was slightly inferior. He was worried that Yang Tianqi would be unhappy with his master’s decision.

However, Yang Tianqi’s words made him feel uncomfortable. It was as if he had always been measuring a gentleman’s belly with a villain’s heart.

“Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and thank Master. From now on, you are the trusted state preceptor.”

Xiao Man interrupted Yang Tianqi and smiled at Liu Wen.””Not yet. Only after passing the Elder Council’s qualification certification can one be the true state preceptor. Before that, one can only be considered an agent.”

Xiao Man then turned to Liu Tianchi and said,””Great Elder, I’ll leave this child to you in the future. You have to watch him carefully and let him concentrate on his cultivation. If he can become a truly qualified country, if he doesn’t do a good job as a teacher, I’ll have to hold you responsible.”

Liu Tianchi bowed respectfully.””State Preceptor, don’t worry. Although I’m old, I’ll definitely do my best and use the last of my life to assist Little State Preceptor.”

Liu Tianchi’s words came from the bottom of his heart. Just now, he was shocked when he sensed that the three young people in front of him were all higher than him.

He had been forced to endure in the Catacombs for hundreds of years. There was no longer a day for him to stand out. He was only at level eight of the Spiritualization Boundary. It was probably impossible for him to advance any further.

However, these three young people didn’t seem to be so powerful when they saw them yesterday. However, today, they suddenly became two peak Spiritualization realm cultivators and a first grade Array Formation realm cultivator.

He didn’t know what they had encountered or if he had sensed wrongly yesterday.

Of course, Liu Tianchi did not know how powerful the White Jade Pill that Li Yunqing had fed the three of them yesterday was. That was the pill formula that Li Yuanqing had obtained from the Immortal World.

“Then I’ll thank Great Elder in advance.”

“What are you saying, Imperial Preceptor? This is our responsibility as humans.”

Liu Wen slowly reached out his hand and gently touched the magic crystal square platform.

The magic crystal platform suddenly dissipated, and a black thread appeared, drawing a line on Liu Wen’s fingertip.

Liu Wen’s tough skin was also cut open by this attack, revealing a trace of blood.

The magic crystal platform absorbed all the mist formed by the blood stains. In the end, it expanded and shrank again and again.

After a while, the magic crystal platform finally quieted down. It floated in front of Liu Wen and slowly rotated.

Liu Wen carefully reached out his hand. This time, he didn’t cut his hand when he touched the magic crystal platform.

He suddenly threw his hand, and the entire Demonic Crystal Square Platform instantly rose into the air, reaching a height of 1,000 feet. Its body also expanded with the wind, instantly turning into a huge platform that was 10,000 feet tall, and was placed above Liu Wen’s head.

Everyone in Ping City below watched this scene with wide eyes. They were originally sunny and bright, but now, the entire sky had suddenly turned dark.

Under the cover of the huge stone platform, all the light was completely blocked.

Thousands of mournful howls came from the magic crystal square platform, spiraling continuously at the bottom, turning into countless hurricanes that whistled and hit people’s bodies, causing their clothes to flutter.

The array masters below looked at this scene in extreme shock. They had just thought that these young fellows had walked to such a high position. How could they hold back?

But now, it seemed that they were overthinking it.

This young man possessed such great strength at such a young age. It was simply unimaginable what kind of achievements he would have in the future.

Coupled with the support of this powerful magical crystal square platform, there were probably not many people on the entire continent who could touch him.

The scene was silent. The whistling sound in the sky slowly subsided. Liu Wen was not used to releasing some of the aura of the demons.

Although this Weishi app was accidentally released, it also had a very good deterrent effect, scaring everyone below.

Liu Wen hurriedly collected all these things. The magic crystal platform shrunk rapidly and finally fell into Liu Wen’s palm. It disappeared into his palm.

Xiao Man looked at this scene with satisfaction. Liu Wen’s comprehension was quite high. Master had chosen these few disciples. He really had a discerning eye.

Liu Wen looked at his palm with excitement. He looked in the direction of his master with excitement, but he didn’t know when he had left. The platform was empty, and there was no one there.

Lil Man looked at the crowd below and finally announced.

“From today onwards, 1 will enter seclusion to cultivate and strive for a higher realm. If I am fated to meet you again, you must deepen your attainments in array formations step by step to strengthen the human race.”

“Farewell, Imperial Preceptor!”

“Farewell, Imperial Preceptor!”

The array masters below shouted again and again as they knelt on the ground and cried bitterly.

This powerful state preceptor wanted to leave them just like that to pursue a higher realm, how dangerous was that, especially after reaching Xiao Man’s realm.

In the Array Realm, every step out was extremely dangerous.

They did not know that there was an existence at the peak of the Array Realm behind Xiao Man. They were just thinking about how to bring them to the immortal world.

Immortal World, Wuyuan Sect.

In the mountains that were filled with an ethereal aura, on both sides of a chessboard on the top of an inconspicuous low mountain.

A young man was playing chess with this young man.

The two of them each held a crystal clear white feather cup in their hands. There was some yellow liquid inside, emitting dense spiritual power.

“Brother Zhao, so you’ve already arranged everything?”

The person sitting across from the man was Li Yuanqing. To be exact, it was his wood spirit clone.

Li Yunqing had the Wood Spirit Avatar and was constantly looking for opportunities in the Immortal World. Although he could successfully come to the Immortal World, he needed to be legitimate. Otherwise, he would be rejected by the Human Race in the Immortal World and would be in trouble.

Li Yunqing had found a way to the Wuyuan Sect.

Speaking of which, this Martial Essence Sect was actually a sect affiliated to the Black Dragon.

The Immortal World was a place dominated by the human race. Under the hundreds of large and small sects of the human race, there were thousands of demon races.

Black Dragon was originally under the name of the Wu Yuan Sect, so the few immortal ascension gates he set up were also near the Wu Yuan Sect. This was also why Li Yuanqing could interact with the people in this sect.

If one wanted to ascend to the Immortal World, one way was to pass the lightning tribulation.

“As long as I can build a city, my body will be able to be forged after I use the most powerful Thunder Fire in the lower realm. The spiritual energy in my body will also be able to be reorganized. That body will be rejected by the lower realm and accepted by the immortal world.

In this way, he could successfully advance to the immortal world.

Another method is to be able to find a status in the sect of the Immortal World.

The man in front of Li Yuanqing was called Zhao Baoyun. He was the person in charge of the herb garden.

The sect was recruiting some people to manage the herb garden recently. He did not expect such a guy to be interested in this and very enthusiastic. Zhao Baoyun agreed to this matter.

“Brother, how can I go wrong with what I promised you? Just put your heart in your stomach and bring your two sisters here.”

“Then I’ll thank Brother Zhao in advance.”

“There’s nothing to thank me.. If there’s anything you need, you can look for me!”

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