Cultivate, Sign In, And Be Rewarded Handsomely

Chapter 689 - Chapter 689: Special Reward (2)

Chapter 689: Special Reward (2)

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The three of them could be considered Li Yuanqing’s direct disciples. Although they had already consumed enough resources, there were two dots and the Spirit Child beside them.

The two of them had been using heavenly treasures as spirit stones every day without stopping.

Compared to them, Liu Wen and the other two looked like they were picked up from some unknown river.

“Master’s kindness to us is as heavy as a mountain. 1 won’t dare to complain!” Yang Tianqi said righteously.”

Li Yuanqing patted Yang Tianqi’s shoulder and said,””Don’t hide so many thoughts from Master. Master knows clearly what you’re thinking.”

Liu Wen pursed his lips and whispered,””Master gives them a little bit every day. The two of them feed so many treasures. How could his disciple not be envious at all?”

“That’s more like it.” Li Yunqing took out a key and placed it in Yang Tianqi’s hand.” This is the key to an array. Only this key can open it. 1 left a lot of treasures in that mystic realm. However, although there were many treasures, one had to be careful when using them.”

Yang Tianqi held the key and looked at Li Yuanqing, not knowing what to do.

“Master, what are you doing?”

“Don’t ask too much. You’re a little older and more mature than the two of them. I’m at ease leaving these treasures to you.”

“Thank you for your trust, Master!”

“Hurry up and eat this White Jade Pill. We still have a lot of things to do tomorrow.”

Early the next morning, many people were gathered in the spacious square at the center of Ping City.

In the middle, there were two large circles. Those were the people from the Array Master Association.

They were the main characters of this meeting because Xiao Man had already announced yesterday that today’s meeting was mainly to announce the candidates for the next state preceptor.

One had to know that the state preceptor had a different meaning in the Array Masters Association in Ping Cheng.

Although the nominal power of the Array Master Association was the Eiders Guild, and the person in charge was the Great Elder, the current Great Elder was Liu Tianchi.

However, the true center of power, the true voice, was still with the Imperial Advisor.

The Grand Tutor was the founder of the entire Array Master Association. Everyone in the association worshipped Xiao Man, and Xiao Man was the most respected person among all the Array Masters in the mainland.

But who would have thought that just like that, Lil Man, who was at her peak, actually announced that she was going to abdicate.

This shocked many people. Many of them had come from the most remote corners of the continent and traveled thousands of miles just to witness this scene with their own eyes. At this moment, they still had some fantasies in their hearts.

“The Grand Tutor must be joking. Now is the time when the Array Master Association is flourishing. How can the Grand Tutor abdicate so easily? There must be a misunderstanding.”

“I think so too. The state preceptor should be talking about grooming the next generation of candidates. He shouldn’t give up this position so easily.”

Another person said,”But the state preceptor said yesterday that he would hand over the control of Ping City’s defensive array. This is an extraordinary thing.” Wasn’t the control of Ping City’s defensive array a symbol of the state preceptor’s authority?”


As soon as these words came out, those people were immediately rendered speechless.

They had originally harbored some fantasies, but if Xiao Man really wanted to hand over the control of the city protection array, then they might not have so many fantasies.

“What should we do about this?”

“What exactly happened?”

“Why did the state preceptor take things too hard? No, we have to stop this from happening. The state preceptor can’t leave no matter what!”

After thinking about it, these array masters still surrounded the seven elders.

They surrounded the elders in the middle, and these elders were also in a terrible state.

“First Elder, you have to think of a way. Go and persuade the Imperial Preceptor. No matter what, we can’t let the Imperial Preceptor abandon us like this.”

“Great Elder, you have the best idea. Could it be that you haven’t heard any news about it? Why would the state preceptor have such thoughts?”

“That’s right. If the state preceptor insists on leaving in this situation, what should we do?”

Liu Tianchi also had a head full of bumps.

Originally, he had no intention of competing for any ranking at the grand gathering of array masters yesterday. That was something that young people had to do.

However, it was hard for him to accept the fact that he had been eliminated in that way. Even he had not noticed anything. In this world, the only person who could achieve a level of self-respect was probably Xiaoman.

But why did the state preceptor treat him like this?

Liu Tianchi couldn’t figure it out. He didn’t know what had happened at the grand meeting yesterday.

Furthermore, Xiao Man had announced that she was going to hand over the control of the city protection array, which made people wonder if she had some other plans.

“Everyone, please don’t make a ruckus. 1 think the Imperial Tutor must have his own arrangements. It’s better for everyone to wait for the Imperial Tutor to say it himself.”

Although Liu Tianchi still had many guesses, he still had to believe in Xiao Man’s character.

“Grand Elder, no matter what, you can’t just watch the Imperial Tutor retreat like this.”

“What are you saying? If Imperial Preceptor insists on retreating, what can First Elder do?”

“I’m going to pour it out, I’m going to pour it out.”

Their Elders Guild might seem to exist, but their strength was far inferior to Lil Man.

No one could change Lil Man’s mind.

“Yesterday, there were only those three kids left. Those three kids have a deep relationship with the state preceptor. Could they be the next candidates that the state preceptor has decided internally? That would be strange.”

“How is that possible? The state preceptor is definitely not that kind of person.”

“It’s hard to say. You have to know that our current achievements are all due to the strength of the state preceptor, but we don’t even know where the state preceptor came from.”

“How can you speculate about the state preceptor like that?”

“So, do you know where they came from? Or perhaps the state preceptor was not from the Catacombs at all?”

The others also started to doubt him.

Indeed, no one knew Lil Man’s origins, just like how no one knew where the legendary Sword Immortal came from, and how the Catacombs world could become a paradise for the human race in such a short time.

Moreover, Lil Man was a genuine demon. Like Hu Jiujiu, these two key figures were also demons. This made many people feel a lot of resentment in their hearts.

At this time, such guesses naturally caused a great commotion. Slowly, it began to become lively.

“Shut up! I’ve already said that no matter what, we have to wait for the state preceptor to give the final answer. Don’t make wild guesses!”

Liu Tianchi suddenly shouted at him. Although his voice was not particularly loud, it was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears, causing their noisy guesses to be suppressed.

Their gazes were all focused on Liu Tianchi. At this moment, a golden staircase suddenly appeared in the sky.

At first, it was just one step. Later on, the steps gradually extended down to the sky. There were thousands of steps higher.

The long golden steps slowly extended down and landed in the center of the square. In the large area covered by clouds above, a dazzling palace was faintly visible.

The array masters were stunned as they stood there. They silently looked at the steps that gradually extended to their feet. At this moment, no one dared to move. They stood there without saying a word.

The stairs finally landed in the middle, and the noise in the square gradually subsided. Their gazes fell on Liu Tianchi.

Liu Tianchi took a deep breath and slowly walked to the front of the steps. He respectfully bowed to the Heavenly Palace..

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