Cultivate, Sign In, And Be Rewarded Handsomely

Chapter 564 - Chapter 564: Plan (1)

Chapter 564: Plan (1)

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” I said it’s the Heavenly Restoration Pill. It was still a scarce item a few days ago, and I was thinking of getting it to make a fortune. How did it become an unimportant thing today? This time, it’s a waste of time. I only earned a thousand spirit stones.”


Zhao Tianji said unhappily,”It’s already good enough that we didn’t lose money. We’re really unlucky.””

“The people from the Thousand Treasures Trading Company are really ridiculous. How can they do this? Ever since they came here, the price of these materials has plummeted. Those originally very valuable things have been made worthless by them. Now, I feel that this business is not good anymore.”

The two of them complained as they walked. Today’s days were indeed much more difficult than before. The Thousand Treasures Trade Fair was really a strange place.

Zhao Tianji raised his head and saw a sign. The sign had the picture of the Heavenly Yuan Pill on it, and the slogan on it really gave him a headache.

“High-quality Heavenly Yuan Pills are on sale at the Thousand Treasures Chamber of Commerce!”

Looking at the price tag, Zhao Tianji was even a little glad that he had made his move early enough. Some of the ordinary Heaven Rank Restoration Pills on his list were only sold for 15,000 yuan each. It had to be known that Heaven Rank Restoration Pills of ordinary quality were very rare in the past. One would cost at least 30,000 yuan. This had immediately dropped by half.

This price gap was too much. What the hell were they doing?

In addition to the enviable slogan above, there was a row of words below saying that the headquarters building of the Thousand Treasures Chamber of Commerce was holding a grand tasting event, inviting people with lofty aspirations from all walks of life to attend. They would also have the opportunity to participate in the study of alchemy and refining.

“Old Zhao, look at this. It says that it’s free to learn alchemy and refining techniques. Is it true? What kind of kindness is this Zhao Taian showing? Is he burning up too much money? If it really doesn’t work, I can spend it on his behalf.”

Zhao Tianji scoffed at this kind of thing.

“Is it our turn? “In the end, they’re still going to cheat us of the spirit stones in our pockets. You’d better take good care of yourself and stop thinking about those good things.”

“But it’s clearly written below that it’s free. It shouldn’t be fake, right? I think the two of us can go and take a look. Maybe we can get some benefits. You know how much money they have.”

“What benefits do you want?”

“They are selling Heavenly Yuan Pills everywhere now. If we can find his Heavenly Yuan Pill warehouse and steal the things from it, we will make a big profit.”

“You’re so bold. You even dare to have designs on the Thousand Treasures Trade Association. Have you forgotten Zhao Taian’s methods? Do you know what he used to do? He used to be a proper guard captain. If the two of us are caught, we’ll only die.”

“Old Zhao, why have you become so timid? You weren’t like this in the past.”

“Don’t give me that. Don’t even think about it.”

Although Zhao Tianji said that, his gaze ultimately landed on the row of small words below.

Would the Thousand Treasures Trade Fair really give them such an opportunity to learn alchemy for free? Alchemy was such a precious thing. Would they hand it over so casually?

Zhao Tianji wasn’t confident. Regarding Zhao Taian and the others, Zhao Tianji had only heard comments from various friends. In any case, these people were greedy vipers.

They went around collecting money and were greedy. They would not do anything good anyway. There was nothing good to evaluate these people. They only knew that they were a group of malignant tumors.

The headquarters of the Thousand Treasures Trading Company was located in the center of Ping City. This was originally the City Lord’s Mansion, but under Hu Jiujiu’s management, the entire City Lord’s Mansion moved outwards, leaving the central area to these trading companies.

Hu Jiujiu felt that there was no need for the City Lord’s Mansion to be in the middle. Instead, after giving up the central area, the overall construction would be more prosperous.

In the hands of the bosses of these chambers of commerce, the city center of Ping City had become the most prosperous place among the three major cities. Everyone who came to this place could not help but exclaim in admiration and sigh with emotion at being able to witness such a miracle.

The big boss, who was in the center of all this, was currently facing a young man. He was smiling very happily and looked like he was trying to curry favor with this person.

“Young Master, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You should at least stay for a while longer when you come back this time. It hasn’t been long, but the entire Ping City has already changed so much. If it’s been a while longer, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find our Chamber of Commerce when you return.”

Zhao Taian was a famous big shot in Ping Cheng. Wherever he appeared, he would be surrounded by a group of people.

But today, in front of this young man, she was as docile as a child. This scene was really incomprehensible.

Li Yuanqing stood in the spacious living room and looked down. He had a panoramic view of the entire Ping Cheng. The scenery in this place was really good. Zhao Taian really knew how to enjoy himself. He had built such a comfortable office.

“Young Master, I have already released the news according to your request. However, if you want to establish such a large-scale academy, I’m afraid it will take some time..”

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