Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 40 – Bones

Chapter 40 – Bones

Du Yuan Ming and general Zhou were both seven star condensed prime Warriors. Dong Ho was slightly behind being a five star condensed prime Warrior.

On the other hand, the Ye camp only had two condensed prime level Warriors. The strongest of them being the patriarch with a three star condensed prime cultivation.

The three strongest Warriors in the Du camp were more than capable of wiping out the Ye family on their own! And all three of them intended to kill.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The three strongest force waves from the Du camp merged and clashed onto the Ye family’s defense.

Ye Zhong, Ye Wei, and other weaker ones’ meridians were shaken and hurt by the force wave. They were knocked down on their knees and coughed up blood.

“Damn it!” Ye Wei could barely breathe under the immense pressure. He desperately tried to draw power from his Sentient as he channeled all his Qi to fight the crushing power of the three high level condensed prime Warriors. But the gap was too vast. Ye Wei could feel, and almost hear, his Sentient cracking.

Du Yuan Ming’s first step was to destroy all the younger Ye’s!

Seeing the youngster being hit, Ye Zheng Qing became anxious. If this continues he would become a witness to the end of his own bloodline!

“I guess it’s now or never!” A determined look briefly flashed through Ye Zheng Qing’s eyes before he looked down at his hand. A glinting and translucent bone bracelet slided down from his wrist.

There were eighteen pieces of bone fragments in the chain. The engraved fragments emitted a weak iridescent glow. The runes engraved onto the fragments started glowing brighter as the patriarch injected his Qi into the artifact, and waves of rippling energy burst out from the chain.

Mystic Arm!

Du Yuan Ming, Zhou Wu, and Dong Ho all looked extremely concerned seeing what Ye Zheng Qing was holding in his hand as if the glow of the bone fragments stunned them.

Ye Zheng Qing was levels weaker than his three opponents, he should have been neutralised within moments because of the gap in power. But after seeing the bracelet, the three were hesitant as they weren’t sure what power it held.

Although they were now a washed up family, the Ye’s were once indisputably the most powerful presence in Green Moon City. History was history, and stories did not threaten the Du camp, but the family’s heirlooms did!

Lu Feng wanted the land at North Hill Bay which was basically already in his pocket so now the Du Patriarch wanted to wipe them out. Fighting the Ye family was not really General Zhou’s business anymore; he was not willing to risk his life fighting an unknown artifact because his job was done. He quickly backed away behind Du Yuan Ming and said ”I will go after Ye Hai, the Ye Patriarch is all yours!”

General Zhou took off towards Ye Hai before Du patriarch could reply.

“I will take on the rest of the Ye family!” Dong Ho tried to make avoiding confronting Ze Zheng Qing’s secret weapon sound just as he headed towards the second generation of Ye’s.

Both Dong Ho and Zhou Wu laid their eyes on the artifact with greed. But the Ye Patriarch was not that weak, and with the power of his bracelet still being a mystery the two were not willing to risk too much.

Du Yuan Ming too was somewhat scared by the green glow of the bracelet.

Mystic Arms can store stances which were activated by the Qi of the user. They were sorted into five different grades, low, medium, top, imperial, and sacred. Each grade then divided into ten star levels.

Low grade arms store Spirit stances, and they glow black when activated.

Medium grade arms store Myst stances, and glow green while activated. Top grade arms store Earth stances, and have a silver glow; whereas Imperial grade arms store Sky stances, they glow gold while activated.

Sacred grade arms, rare as they were, store Heaven stances and glow purple!

Mystic Arms were crafted from bones of rare beasts and demons. Some of these powerful creatures carry stances in their bodies and bones therefore their remains were always sought after by men. And these artifacts even low grade ones were very rare. The stances within are unique and therefore hard to deal with.

Judging by the glow, Ye Zheng Qing’s Mystic Arm was medium grade. There were less than five pieces of that quality in all of Green Moon City, and all of them were valued family heirlooms that won’t be put to use unless absolutely necessary. The fact that Ye Patriarch owns this piece adds a bit more mystery to the Ye family’s history.

The power of a medium grade arm was great enough to threaten condensed prime Warriors.

“No wonder why you refused to hand your ancestral land over. What else do you have up your sleeve old fart?” Du Yuan Ming glared at the Ye Patriarch with intensity.

Du Yuan Ming’s cultivation advantage over Ye Zheng Qing had just been evened by the artifact as such the result of the fight was not so clear all of a sudden.

The audience was surprised to see what the Ye Patriarch was holding.

“That green glow! The Ye family is holding nothing back! I had no idea they had access a Mystic Arm!”

“The Ye family is full of surprises aren’t they! Do you think Du Patriarch can deal with the Mystic Arm?”

Some of the audience were drooling over Ye Patriarch’s artifact hoping that the two families will weaken each other, and when the chance presents itself the Mystic Arm would be up for grabs. Medium grade arms talk louder than money does.

“Is it really a good move showing his bracelet this soon? Or fighting the Du family at all? He might be able to take down Du Patriarch, but is it really worth… That medium grade arm will just end up in Zhou Wu or Dong Ho’s hands!”

“This is going to get messy kind of exciting isn’t it?” Stronger members of the audience were just standing back and waiting for the start.

Du Yuan Ming laughed, “Ye Zheng Qing, do you think you are the only person here with dirty tricks up your sleeves? You’re not seriously thinking you can save your family with that sissy bracelet do you? Let me tell you a little secret, we have back-up! Someone high up and powerful wants your land. It’s not convenient for him to show his face, but he did gave us a few things to help seal the deal! You have no chance against us what you just did is basically handing over a valuable item!”

The whole Ye camp heard what he said, and their hearts dropped. Ye Zheng Qing was saddened. Just the thought of a powerful figure behind this campaign scared him. ‘Who is powerful enough to use Du family as a chess piece? What have I done wrong to deserve this?’

The Ye family was full of questions. They had never been this scared. However, there was one person who was more angry than he was scared. Ye Wei had been through a lot lately, all the negativity converted to anger then despair.

‘I swear if I live this day, I will find out who is behind this, and whoever it is will pay for the suffering of my family!’ Ye Wei swore.

“Power speaks for itself! Watch this! Ye Patriarch and you will see how little you and your family are!” Du Yuan Ming laughed and fetched three scrolls from his pocket; the three scrolls the radiated a faint green light.

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