Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 31 – Best Served Warm

Chapter 31 – Best Served Warm

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” Du Xian Hong’s stare was cold but his smile was warm. He was enthusiastic and not easily satisfied when it came to torturing others. His footwork was as fast as lightning; the way he broke Ye Xuan’s right arm and both legs happened in a flash as the three stomps took only a second!

Ye Xuan’s groan echoed in the arena sending shivers down the Ye’s spines, his family’s aching hearts ignited their anger and there was nothing they wanted more than revenge for the disrespect and torture.

‘These guys… They really don’t care about their relation with the Ye family after this duel! Maybe the Du family plans to wipe them out here and now?’

The audience was shocked into silence and chilled by the violence. They came here for a fight and entertainment, but this… this was way more than what they had expected.


Ye Zhong shouted as his veins bulged on his head. His bloodshot eyes made it apparent that he wanted Du Yin Hong in pieces; that he wanted to inflict unnecessary pain in the process giving him a taste of his own medicine. There was a good chance his cousin would get paralysed from this.

“Yin Hong, you can stop it now. We are friendly people after all. Even if they are rubbish they deserve a place somewhere in society. Also remember we are the guests. We should respect other families!” Rubbing salt in his opponent’s wounds was one of Du Yuan Ming’s specialties. He kept a straight face while smiling as he spoke.

Everyone watching understood the mockery but they could not understand the reason for their aggression.

“The Du family is surely the nicest family out of the Big Three. Them beating the Ye’s would actually be a favour to them as they don’t have any worthy young blood! I mean, if you want to call yourself a family you should at least have… I don’t know, at least a five star Warrior who is less than twenty-five years old, right? Don’t give them silly thoughts and false hopes. The young ones should be more realistic and learn their place. Hahaha!” General Zhou fancied the bit of abuse too.

“Can’t you guys be constructive?” President Dong Ho said, “The only thing Du family ever wanted was a little plot of land. If I were you I would just sell the land and earn some money. There is no point in being dramatic about it!” His belly wobbled as he laughed. “There is a fine line between dignity and stupidity and everyone can see which of these two you guys are closer to.”

Ye Zheng Qing did not take this topic light-heartedly. His fists were clenched, he was tired of the harassment and felt extremely frustrated. It was partially true the Ye family was not doing well, but the bullying was completely out of line. He wanted Ye Zhong to give it his best shot hoping the surprise tactic he mentioned during training would work out.

“Ye Patriarch, I have to apologise for the young one he’s still very new to the scene therefore very bad at controlling himself. I will scold him when this is all over, please don’t take it too personal!” Said Du Yuan Ming, his fake smile was not much more convincing than his horrible speech.

“No, Ye Xuan should have protected himself better.” Ye Zheng Qing tried to sound cool and indifferent, refusing to give Du Yuan Ming any satisfaction.

As soon as the exchange of words died down Ye Hai leaped into the arena and carefully lifted Ye Xuan up.

Healthy would be the last word to describe Ye Xuan’s critical condition. His breathing was light, weak, and fading! Even a tough man like Ye Hai could not remain calm in this situation, his eyes were red and wet. He wiped off his tears right after pushing a pill down Ye Xuan’s throat.

“Zhong, please take care of yourself. Your cousin is not well, three broken ribs, fractured arms and legs… You know what to do!” Ye Zheng Qing’s warm palm rubbed Ye Zhong’s shoulder.

“I know exactly what you mean.”

He knew grandpa was angry and so was he, but surprise was his only chance so he kept a cool look and a small smile on his face. But deep in his mind, he was imagining himself destroying Du Xian Hong, the word mercy has been forgotten.

“Ye Xuan, you have done your best. I will make him pay! Get even for you, and more.” He was thinking out loud, but the mumble was not really audible for anyone but himself. He was mentally ready and after taking a deep breath he headed into the arena with clenched fists.

His robe flowed gracefully as he leaped onto the stage, as much as he wanted to cover up his aggression his veins bulged and his beastlike posture gave everything away. It was obvious to anyone who knew him that this was not the normal, calm and collected Ye Zhong.

“Are there any talents in the Ye family? By the looks of things I can take out the trash on my own!” Du Xian Hong was c*cky from his domination over Ye Xuan. He was completely relaxed when he aimed his arrogant glare at Ye Zhong and spoke with disdain.

He was not aware that Ye Zhong was no longer a four star Warrior. In his mind, even though Ye Zhong had the same cultivation as himself he already had an answer to the threat. “Cultivation is not everything. I can beat you easily… because I have what we call talent!” He based his confidence on mastering a peak high level Spirit stance which was a secret to everyone outside the family.

“It’s funny how much stronger our family’s youngsters are. To me it is a sad thing that a four star Warrior is all your family’s young generation has to offer! Let’s see how many seconds you can last, hopefully you won’t go down quicker than that piece of rubbish did.” Du Xian Hong laughed and beckoned arrogantly.

Ye Zhong did not waste a single second, he wiggled his fingers at lightning speed. Just as Du Xian Hong finished talking there were already seventy-two runes flying around Ye Zhong. They glowed and transformed into a wave under his feet.

High level Spirit stance, Spindrift Steps!

Ye Zhong placed his feet onto the crest of a wave, his body disappearing leaving behind a splashing sound. A blurry flash was now approaching Du Xian Hong and the raging Ye Zhong was not slowing down in the slightest.


In the blink of an eye he was in front of Du Xian Hong’s face, and his fist was covered in a silver texture, held behind his head like an arrow on a drawn bow aimed at his target.

Ye Zhong’s plan to hide his five star cultivation failed completely. Only Warriors who are five stars or higher have the ability to materialise their Qi on any part of their bodies, if his lightning speed wasn’t obvious enough, this materialization would be.

Ye Zhong’s posture resembled a pouncing cheetah, the tensed up muscles all over his body were shaking like they were about to explode. His fist that was breaking through the air, created a loud whistling sound.

‘This is not what a four star Warrior can do,’ Du Yuan Hong’s eyes were wide open, Ye Zhong’s fist was covering more and more of his vision as it approached. He subconsciously raised his guard.

That split second decision might have saved Du Yuan Hong’s life as the fist was deflected, but with had the momentum of a sledgehammer it passed through his guard and landed right between his collarbones.


Both bones in each of his arms and six of his ribs cracked like twigs as Ye Zhong’s fist powered through leaving a dent in his chest.

The difference between a four star and a five star Warrior was too vast, it was bound to be a one sided slaughter regardless of Ye Zhong’s rage. His ruthlessness and aggression just made it look even more one sided.

“Now you are going to pay. With interest!” Ye Zhong said as he walked slowly towards Du Xian Hong who has been knocked ten yards away by the impact. His face was deathly pale and full of fear as if he was looking at the the grim reaper.

Du Xian Hong‘s confidence was replaced by an immense sense of fear, “Please don’t! I surrender! Just let m…”


Ye Zhong’s silver fist landed on Xian Hong’s face, torso, upper arms, and thighs. They each carried the weight of a mountain and landed in such a rapid succession that it sounded as if only one punch connected.

He did not hold back. Though most of the audience couldn’t see how it happened, they knew from the silver texture on Ye Zhong’s fist that he was at least a five star Warrior. Though they were not as shocked than the Du family was. A couple of spies were about to be punished and maybe fired.

“So there will be a fight after all! And this Ye Zhong kid has some future ahead of him!”

The crowd was speculating and the people from other big families who came to scout were getting worried. If the Ye family lives through today they might become a threat with young Ye Zhong’s potential to become a condensed prime Warrior in a few years.

Ye Zhong was furious, but he didn’t lose his cool and could still control his bloodlust. Du Xian Hong only had a few unbroken bones in his body which was now bleeding internally. There was a good chance of paralysis but it was fair in a way. If Ye Zhong would have stopped any later he would have taken his opponent’s life. Giving the Du family an excuse for revenge was not the best idea as they brought support with them to the arena.

“Zhong, you can stop now. We are friendly people. Let’s show some respect to our guests! Making the Big Three lose face in front of that many people was not very considerate.” Ye Zheng Qing copied the Du Patriarch’s words and tone. Sometimes revenge is best served warm.

The Ye family were gentle people but they had never been afraid of confrontations, no matter what the obstacles may be.

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