Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

“What happened with him?” Song Chao tried to remember.

“That day, when he collapsed on the ground, I received a message and came over. The employees at the scene had already called for an ambulance, so I first asked the lobby manager to arrange for people to control the situation in the store and try not to cause panic among other customers. Then I took a photo and asked the front desk to find out who he came with, and asked his colleagues to come to the back door. I also asked the network administrator to check the surveillance footage to see if he had drunk anything, eaten anything, or had any conflicts in our store.”

Song Chao was indeed a capable person to be able to run such a large KTV on the popular bar street. Faced with such a situation, he remained calm and orderly, and arranged for his employees to handle it.

“Later, the ambulance arrived and they took him away. His colleagues called the ambulance, and I was not involved. Later on, the hospital gave the results and the police came to talk to us and his family about compensation.”

Thinking of this, Song Chao couldn’t help feeling some resentment. “He didn’t drink in our store, nor did he have any conflicts. He didn’t even pay for the private room. Our relationship with him was already not significant!”

“So when mediating, it was mainly between his company, the restaurant where they ate, and his colleagues being scolded by his family. The compensation was also a dispute between them. I gave a small compensation on the spot that day. After all, a living person had died in my store. It was just a comfort.”

Ji Jing asked, “Did his family argue a lot for compensation?”

Song Chao looked worried and wanted a smoke, but considering the fact that the powerful Taoist in front of him was just a little girl, he only held the cigarette with his hand to smell it. “He was actually quite pitiful. He was a single father, and his wife had passed away early. His daughter was not yet an adult. So that day, it was his niece and aunt who accompanied her. The two adults were arguing fiercely, but his daughter was quite silent.”

“Zizhu Daochang, do you think,” Song Chao seemed to have caught a key clue, “he can’t let go of his daughter?”

Ji Jing also sympathized after listening. “It’s very possible.”

Song Chao asked again, “So what should we do? I heard that his daughter has been taken back to their hometown and is no longer in C city. Ah, if only I had left a contact information.”

Ji Jing was not in a hurry and comforted him, “It’s okay. Actually, it’s perfect. We have a definite clue now. Tonight, Mr. Song can carefully examine in his dreams what Mr. Li wanted to say. Then we can set off tomorrow to meet his daughter, and I will go with you.”

“Great! Great!” Song Chao immediately agreed, “I feel relieved with Zizhu Daochang here!”

As Song Chao thought more and more, he realized that even after three days of exorcism, it was still not effective. This indicated that the problem did not lie in exorcism. After listening to Ji Jing’s analysis, Song Chao finally found the crux of the problem and had a solution in mind. This was the happiest and most relaxed he had been in the past three days.

Therefore, Ji Jing planned to leave for the day and come back to see Song Chao tomorrow. Song Chao was very happy and enthusiastic, and wanted to give Ji Jing a long-preserved tea, knowing that Taoists like to drink tea. He also ran a tea house.

Ji Jing felt that she had not contributed anything yet and that the problem was not fully resolved, so she declined. However, Song Chao did not give up. After all, he was in business, and his persuasive words came one after another.

Finally, Ji Jing only said that the tea was in Song Chao’s tea house, and that she would come to drink tea with him when she had the time.

By the time Ji Jing left, it was almost four o’clock in the afternoon. As she walked away, the sky suddenly darkened and it started to rain.

Ji Jing frowned and looked up at the gathering dark clouds, realizing that the rain was not going to stop anytime soon. As the rain got heavier, Ji Jing hurriedly took shelter under the outdoor umbrella of a café at the street corner.

The café had outdoor seating and was surrounded by flower beds and fences. Ji Jing hid on the outside of one of the fences, huddled in the space covered by the outdoor umbrella.

However, as she accidentally glanced backwards, she saw Song Chao sitting on a seat behind the fence. And sitting across from him, with his back to Ji Jing, was unexpectedly Ji Hui.

Ji Jing hadn’t walked far, and it wasn’t unusual to run into Song Chao unexpectedly, but why was Ji Hui here? Did he know Song Chao?

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