Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 229 - Chapter 229: Death

Chapter 229: Death

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“One quarter of an hour. I’ll give you just one quarter of an hour. In a quarter of an hour, even if I don’t intervene, the heavenly thunder will strike down!” Black Impermanence was torn between covering for his colleague and establishing a friendly rapport with a generous Daoist due to the offerings he had received.

A quarter of an hour would suffice!

Faster, even faster! Ji Jing heard Black Impermanence’s words and, while she felt a sigh of relief, her hand continued to slash at a fast pace. The incantations she was using weakened her, and the bright lights of her array were dimming. It wouldn’t be long before she couldn’t maintain it any longer, but her formation was not yet complete!

“I’ll help you!” Suddenly, Ji Jing heard He Xin’s voice, and four paper figurines emerged from the house, surrounding her on all sides.

In the sky, thunder boomed.

Three strokes… two strokes… one final stroke!

As the last stroke was drawn, Ji Jing’s left hand was already covered in blood, but she clenched her teeth and plunged the sword into the ground, using it as the eye of her formation. She immediately pulled out another set of new talismans, not wasting any time.

“Supreme Elder, as per your command, with urgency!” Ji Jing’s trembling fingers, which held the talismans, could no longer be controlled. However, her voice held the power to break through the darkness.

All around them, the spectral energy suddenly began to churn, seething like a furious sea, and the piercing screams and roars followed, as the violent wind


Within the sound of Ji Jing’s incantations, it was as if the evil spirits were subjected to the world’s most brutal punishment, and, at the same time, they were fighting free from the shackles that had bound them for so many years.

“Ah!” The piercing cries of the evil spirits reached their peak in a certain moment, then gradually subsided.

“Ding Ling.” The sound was faint. It was the talismans Ji Jing was holding, floating to the ground weakly.

“Boom!” The thunder had grown close, but both inside and outside the courtyard, the malevolent energy had vanished, leaving behind nothing but pure souls.

“Ding-ling.” A bell suddenly appeared in Black Impermanence’s hand, and it rang. The multitude of souls formed a line on their own.

Black Impermanence stared at the young girl, who had fallen to the ground, panting. Her stature was so small, yet she had accomplished something significant.

At that moment, Ji Jing looked up and gazed at him. “Releasing souls… it’s the duty of Yin Chi, and also…”

“It’s also a way to atone. I understand, I understand!” Black Impermanence shook his head helplessly. “They’ve become pure souls, and I can’t harm them in any way. Don’t worry.”

Honestly, he didn’t know which colleague had created such a huge problem. Initially, he had considered trying to help cover it up because as long as they were dealing with evil spirits, it wouldn’t involve karma. However, he didn’t expect this Daoist to have the courage to release this many evil spirits. Now Black Impermanence was at a loss.

“Urgh!” Jiang Tao’s stomach churned, and he couldn’t help but retch a couple of times. In the end, he had vomited a few souls back up.

Black Impermanence:…

“Huangquan Road is long – watch your step, on your way!” Black

Impermanence reluctantly scooped up the few remaining souls. He swung his chain and the multitude of souls formed a queue, walking toward a distant place.

Once they crossed the Huangquan Road and stepped onto the Naihe Bridge, they would embark on a new cycle of existence. Ji Jing finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“The consequences of losing the soul-binding locks should be borne by someone,” Black Impermanence glanced at the approaching thunder, “Little Daoist, your karma will come too.”

After saying that, he vanished into thin air.

Leaving the group with solemn expressions.

“Everyone, get inside quickly!” Ji Jing slowly got up. Mingze’s protective array had been broken, but his aura was still present in the mansion, offering some protection to unrelated people.

“I’ll use the paper figurines to shield you!” He Xin’s eyebrows were tense as

they had never been before, and he knew that the thunder would strike them. But just in case, paper figurines could provide some cover.

“Can thunder be eaten?” Jiang Tao thought about this question very seriously. He had never eaten thunder before. However, the Taotie was known for devouring everything, so maybe thunder could be consumed?

“Shield what? Eat what? Get inside quickly! This thunder has been chasing me for several months, but I have a way to deal with it!” Ji Jing grabbed Jiang Tao and threw him at He Xin, urging everyone to rush inside..

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