Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

After finishing her meal, Ji Jing returned to her room, thinking about how to reciprocate the gift. In her mind, receiving a gift meant returning a gift; this was her belief. According to her, drawing a talisman to ward off calamities and giving it to them was the most practical gift as it could help the wearer resist harm from external forces. However, the members of the Ji family viewed Taoism as a feudal superstition that devoured people. If they could even accept the talisman, it would be strange. Especially Ji Yi, who might turn around and lecture her.

Just as Ji Jing was still pondering, she heard some commotion coming from downstairs. She vaguely heard Ji Yao’s name and guessed that Ji’s brothers had come to pick her up. Ji Jing didn’t intend to join in the family reunion scene downstairs, but the noise stayed in the living room for a while and then came upstairs.

Soon, Ji Jing’s door was knocked. A sweet female voice came from outside, “Jing Jing sister, I’m Ji Yao. Are you sleeping?” Ji Jing could sense that several people were waiting outside the door and felt a headache. But since the little girl came to knock on the door, she could only slowly go and open the door.

“Jing Jing sister.” Ji Yao sat in a wheelchair and showed a sweet smile, pulling Ji Jing’s left hand with both hands, “I’m Ji Yao. I’m so glad you came!” Ji Jing was not used to getting close to someone she just met, but Ji Yao looked like she had just recovered from a serious illness, so she could only stiffen her hand and let her hold it.

Ji Jing stiffly smiled, “I’m also very glad to meet you.”

“That’s great.” Ji Yao smiled even more happily, “I was worried that Jing Jing sister wouldn’t like me. I heard that my brother prepared a gift today, but I was in the hospital and couldn’t prepare anything. Will you blame me, sister?”

Ji Yao shook Ji Jing’s left hand playfully, and behind her, Ji Hui and Ji Yi stared at Ji Jing with a clear “Do you dare to blame her?” expression.

Ji Jing had to answer, “No, I won’t blame you.”

“Thank you, sister. Cough, cough, cough… My room is the second one on the right. Remember to come and play with me, sister. A girl finally came to our house.” Ji Jing replied, “Yes, okay.”

Ji Yao also told Ji Jing some trivial family matters, mostly introducing the Ji family, which Ji Ming and Ji Yi had already told her about this afternoon. Ji Jing didn’t quite understand why Ji Yao had to repeat it, but she didn’t show any impatience, just replied briefly.

“Okay, Yao Yao, you’re not fully recovered yet. Should you go back to your room and rest?” Ji Hui took over the conversation and asked gently.

“Okay, third brother, please push me back.” Ji Yao turned around and didn’t forget to wave to Ji Jing. Ji Jing nodded in response.

Ji Hui and Ji Yao left, but Ji Yi frowned on the side. Ji Jing looked at him strangely, “Is there anything else you can do?”

Ji Yi asked: “Yaoyao came to see you just after she was discharged from the hospital, can’t you treat her with a gentler tone?”

Ji Jing looked puzzled, ” Didn’t I agree with everything she said? I didn’t say that she posted it as soon as we met, which made me uncomfortable.”

Ji Yi’s anger was directly ignited, “You don’t cherish Yaoyao being close to you? People with your personality , who will get close to you? Are you called Yinghe? You are obviously perfunctory!”

Now Ji Jing’s emotions also rose, “Please understand, we are not familiar with each other for the first time. I should be polite. I’ve given it too, you guys are willing to treat her like a glass, I don’t care, but don’t ask me!”

Ji Jing’s emotions rose, “Please make it clear. We have never met before and are not familiar with each other. I have shown the necessary courtesy, and I don’t care if you want to flatter her like a glass, but don’t come and demand things from me!”

Ji Yi couldn’t help but laugh out loud from anger, “Courtesy? Have you shown any courtesy? Do you know that she was still talking about preparing a gift for you before she fainted yesterday?! Yao Yao was speaking to you sincerely, but you didn’t listen carefully!”

Ji Jing was speechless. What kind of new moral kidnapping was this? She replied, “Are you a goldfish with a seven-second memory? You talked about those things yourself this afternoon. She said something, and I responded. How should I listen more carefully? Should I take a notebook and record famous quotes?”

Without waiting for Ji Yi to argue back, Ji Jing directly took a step back and went into the room, slamming the door again with a “bang.”

“Ji Jing!” Ji Yi was so angry that he wanted to point at Ji Jing and scold her, but the door blocked his venting.

Ji Jing returned to her room, so angry that she scrapped the planned gift. These people were not worthy of her giving them anything.

She walked to the terrace and looked down at the garden below. In one corner of the garden was a doghouse that Ji Ming had prepared for Wangcai. It was much more luxurious than the doghouse she had on Lingyun Mountain.

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