Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 904

Chapter 904

Now, no one dared to mock Yi Tianyun! His name has been engraved the highest on the wall. The gap between them was too big to cross! They thought that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to surpass Nian Ciyu, but it turnrf out it was too easy for Yi Tianyun!

Even more amazing, Yi Tianyun just took a little time to do so! It was so fast that everyone wasn’t really sure what they had witnessed!

“What about my performance, Senior Brother? Did I do a good job?” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at Zhou Runjie.

“It was amazing!” Zhou Runjie said meekly. He planned to humiliate Yi Tianyun through his performance, but he couldn’t be more mistaken! Now, he was at a loss for words.

“Now, is there anything else I need to do? Or should we proceed, Masters?” Yi Tianyun said as he turned his attention back to the Two Masters. He didn’t want to linger around these people as it was better for him to cultivate than wasting his time with them!

“No, let’s go!” The Two Elders smiled as they walked in with Yi Tianyun!

“Come on.” Yi Tianyun patted Gu Yurong’s shoulder and beckoned her. Gu Yurong was shocked that Yi Tianyun still cared about her, so she followed him, leaving the cultivators around them.

“Senior Brother Zhou, that brat’s level is too high! He would prance over us in the future!” A cultivator said urgently to Zhou Runjie as soon as Yi Tianyun and the Two Masters had left.

“How is this possible! But I don’t think he would be equally powerful in battle! Let’s find a time to challenge him later, slap him around, and knock some decency to his thick skull! I refuse to believe that a human is even a decent cultivator!” Zhou Runjie said angrily.

“Okay, I will pressure him as he stays in the Core Palace!” another cultivator said confidently. They also don’t believe that a Human Race would be powerful enough to win against them. Furthermore, they don’t want to be under a human’s mercy later in the future!

But still, the fact that Yi Tianyun was way beyond their strength was obvious in front of them! They had to find a way to deal with him as soon as possible! Some of the cultivators had a sinister expression on their faces, while the others didn’t join in. After all, not all of them were disgusted by Human Race. Some were neutral, while some even had a good impression about the Human Race!

The Two Elders entered the Hall with Yi Tianyun and Gu Yurong. They passed through a layer of passage and even took a Teleportation Array before entering the Elder’s Great Palace! The Elder’s Great Palace was built specifically for Yu Yanglong and Ming Yueqing and dedicated for them.

Yi Tianyun saw a lot of cultivators along the way. There were some that were obviously at their level, and some were even already at Deacon Rank, but that was not all! There were some low-level cultivators that were responsible for cleaning, tending the flowers, and the likes here. This city itself was a whole planet, so it was normal to see thousands of cultivators here doing a lot of things, including labor stuff!

“So this is Elder’s Great Palace. The nameplate is really big!” Yi Tianyun said as he saw the nameplate on top of a wall. But that was not the only thing that impressed Yi Tianyun. He noticed a great array in this place that constantly absorbed Star Energy and channelled them to the entire hall.

Therefore, the Star Energy inside this place was the most potent! The intensity of Star Energy in other places was pretty good as well, but certainly nowhere as good as this place! If Yi Tianyun had to compare this place to the Three Realms, the Three Realms wouldn’t come close to the intensity of energy inside this place!

Yi Tianyun also saw the Divine Rune on the top of the wall. It was completely different and more complex. No wonder Evil Spirit Race looked down upon the Three Realms’ Divine Rune as it was a very basic Divine Rune!

“I have to be at least a 3rd Grade God Rune Master before I can engrave this kind of Divine Rune!” Yi Tianyun said to himself.

With the Two Elders leading the way, they entered the Elder Great Palace. It was divided into three passages. One side was very hot while the other was very cold! There was no doubt in Yi Tianyun’s mind that the hot one on the left led to Yu Yanglong’s area while the cold one on the right led to Ming Yueqing’s area.

The temperature in the middle passage was normal, so they took Yi Tianyun to the middle passage first. Inside, Yi Tianyun noticed that there was nothing in there. But Yi Tianyun also realised that the Divine Rune here was way more powerful than the ones outside.

“This is where we usually learn from each other. It makes a good friendly competition from time to time.” Yu Yanglong said as he explained the room.

“So, this is the Martial Arts Training Field?” Yi Tianyun said as he nodded his head in understanding. If that were the case, there is no wonder why there were so many reinforcements to this room. Two Heaven Monarch’s friendly match was bound to cause destruction under normal circumstances. If this place was poorly reinforced, the entire Core Palace could be in danger from the Two Elders’ spar!

“Yeah, it is that kind of place.” Yu Yanglong said with a smile on his face. “Now, what would you like to do first? Do you feel like starting right away?” Yu Yanglong asked curiously. He was already eager to teach Yi Tianyun, and the same could also be said to Ming Yueqing. They just wanted to teach Yi Tianyun right away.

“Of course, master! We can start right away!” Yi Tianyun said as he didn’t have to do anything else. He had enough rest earlier, and he was in tip-top shape right now.

“That’s the energy we want!” Yu Yanglong said with a smile on his face before turning his attention towards Gu Yurong. “Little girl, you stay on the side and observe for a while. If you feel anything from any kind of flames, you can tell us and try it for yourself! Let’s use this opportunity to know about yourself.” Yu Yanglong said excitedly.

“Thank you very much, Elder!” Gu Yurong said happily. In fact, she almost cried from happiness! She got a chance to cultivate a special fire, and now it was up to her to see if she had any affinity with one of them!

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