Crazy Detective

Chapter 8: The Shameless Are Truly Invincible

Chapter 8: The Shameless Are Truly Invincible

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Apparently the thing the little girl handed to the blonde really was a USB. The USB contained two game account’s usernames and passwords, both for a currently popular game.

"So, it was just about game account theft!" he thought.


Zhao Yu was secretly relieved that he did not dash out just then to catch them red-handed. The grand Key Case Investigation Unit Officer coming out to catch two measly game account thieves? if it ever got out, he would never be able to live it down.


But the man was also somewhat strange to think two game accounts would be worth this much money? According to the girl there was ten-thousand yuan in the envelope. That was his salary for the next few months!

"Sir, this was honestly my first time. The money, I don’t want it anymore!" The little girl was still talking through her tears, "Can you let me go? I honestly won’t do it again!"


"Pfft…" Zhao Yu spoke abrasively, "That deal just now was completely wordless and smooth, yet you say that’s your first time?"

"I…" The little girl could not retort.

"Say, if you’re stealing game accounts, why with cash? Isn’t it easier to just do online transactions?" Zhao Yu was rather curious.


"Mr. Policeman…" The little girl answered honestly, "I still don’t have my social security card! I can’t open a bank account! Besides, online transactions always can be traced!"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu was a little surprised, "Couldn’t tell, but are you a pro at this? Say, with all the money you got from hacking, what do you do? Go buy more equipment for games?"


"No! No!" The little girl must have seen an opportunity because she had stopped crying and answered very honestly, "The money is for my mom’s illness. She has uremia!"

"Humph!" Zhao Yu huffed. Obviously he did not believe these sorts of amateur lies.


"It’s true!" The girl was serious. "One examination needs a few thousand yuan! Just the money from my dad selling fruits really isn’t enough! He’s so concerned, he wants to rent out the floor above our house!"


"Wait!" Suddenly Zhao Yu stopped dead in his tracks. He examined the girl carefully and realized she looked a little familiar. "Tell me the truth, what’s your name? And your dad’s. if you lie, I’m taking you to the police station!"


"I’m really not lying. My name’s Jiang Xiaoqing," the girl answered. "My dad’s name is Jiang Dafeng. Da Feng Ge Fruit Company on Shun Feng Street is also my house…"

"Holy…No way?" Zhao Yu’s thoughts were replaced by exclamation marks. The second biggest coincidence in the world had just landed in his lap. He had just fought with the owner of the Da Feng Fruit Company, and now he had caught the daughter red-handed, doing illegal activity. This sort of coincidence must be second to none!


This time Zhao Yu no longer doubted the power of the Miracle System. It had to have something to do with it.


"Mr. Policeman, sir?" The girl saw Zhao Yu spacing out but was too afraid to run, so she stood obediently in front of him and asked weakly, "Say, can you let me go? The money…oh…stolen fee…I don’t want it anymore!"


"Oh!" Zhao Yu returned to reality. Looking at the envelope in his hand, he suddenly had a plan. He hurriedly returned the envelope to Jiang Xiaoqing. "What do you mean you don’t want it? Here…you take it! It’s alright, since we’re all friends. Here, this is no problem at all!"

"Oh…you…" The girl was shocked this time instead, "You know my dad?"

"Mm…you see!" Zhao Yu’s thoughts changed. He spoke, "I…just rented out your house! Now that I know your house situation, if it’s to save your mother, then I can turn a blind eye! There’s no worry, just continue on your way!"


"Really? Really?" The little girl stood there stunned, feeling like her entire worldview had been turned upside down. "You…you aren’t playing with me, right?"

"Do I look like I’m kidding?" Zhao Yu was all smiles, a model example of someone with hidden agendas. "Hehehe…Just so you know, I know all about this area. If you have any problems later, Uncle here can take care of it for you! Just…this…" He pointed at the envelope in the girl’s hand, "You see?"


"Oh!" The little girl knew immediately, "I see, so you want a protection fee!"

"Eh?" Zhao Yu put his hand over her mouth in a hurry, "What protection fee? That just sounds rude. This business…is our cooperation. You’re the technician, and I run the business. Since we’re cooperating, then obviously we should split the reward?"

"Mister…I think…" The little girl asked rather meekly, "I’m also…doing the business side, right?"


"Hm…" Zhao Yu wrinkled his brows.


"It’s fine, I’m the subordinate in this discussion anyway!" Jiang Xiaoqing was blunt and concise, "You not arresting me is already good enough! Then…How much do you want to split…?"

"The rule on the street is you, thirty; me, seventy." Zhao Yu was a pro in this field, "But, since I know your dad well, I’ll be nice. You, forty; me, sixty, how about it?"


"Huh? No!" The little girl argued helplessly, "My mom really needs the money, that won’t be enough!"


"Mm!" Zhao Yu frowned, "Then fifty-fifty, that’s final! Just do your thing one time every month! Gotta teach those addicted kids a lesson anyway! Every day, wasting their parent’s money on games and equipment. They deserve to lose their account. This way, they can learn their lesson!"


Even though he was trying to convince the girl into doing more questionable activities, Zhao Yu spoke as if they were on the side of justice. The way he talked, full of confidence, spoke volumes for his God-level shamelessness.


Jiang Xiaoqing was only an inexperienced child, how could she win against Zhao Yu? In the end, she gave up.


Twenty minutes later, Zhao Yu was holding the five-thousand yuan "reward" he had obtained from Jiang Xiaoqing. The man was walking back to Da Feng Fruit Company as he planned to rent out the house.


As it turned out, after he left someone else had come for the house. Two young men had set their eyes on the property. When Zhao Yu arrived, they had just paid the rent. The chubby Jiang Dafeng was standing there laughing as he thumbed through the bills!


"Stop!" Zhao Yu immediately roared as he strode over, causing everyone to jump.

"What…what kind of situation is this?" Jiang Dafeng raised his head to see Zhao Yu.


He did not even have time to react. Zhao Yu was already inches from him, savagely yelling, "Holy sh*t, you stupid fatty! Didn’t you say you already rented the house to me? How come I come back with the money and you’ve already rented it to someone else? Do you still want to live? Huh?"

Zhao Yu’s fierce expression intimidated the two young men, who were too afraid to open their mouths.

"N…No..." Jiang Dafeng was confused, "Didn’t you...say you didn’t…"


"Didn’t f*cking wh..." As he cursed, Zhao Yu grabbed hold of a piece of sugar cane. "Look want me to crush your stupid shop?" When he finished, he pointed the cane at the two men, "I’ll say it right now, whoever it was that wanted to rent this house, you should reconsider. I’ll be watching your every f*cking move, if you guys have some unfortunate…"


"You…" Jiang Dafeng was enraged as he yelled, "If you keep this up, I’m calling the police!"

Zhao Yu immediately pulled out his own police ID. "You want to f*cking call the police?! First I’ll search your shop. Just now, someone reported you’re selling rotten fruit…"


The two young men already took their money and disappeared before Zhao Yu could finish. Jiang Dafeng raised his hands in defeat.

"Alright, alright! Bro, you win! You win, you can take the house, alright?" He sighed in defeat, "Geez, the shameless are truly invincible!"

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