Crazy Detective

Chapter 50: Get It From the Camel

Chapter 50: Get It From the Camel

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Zhao Yu understood two more things. One, Li Dan’s anesthetic gun had been specially prepared for the crime. As she was not sure if Shao Lulu would enter the grave alone, the anesthetic gun would have come in handy. Who would have expected Zhao Yu to be the one shot in the end.

The second thing was, that throughout the years since the piano competition, Li Dan had not thought of chopping off hands for revenge, although she had felt robbed. It was only last January when she found out that her mother had a terminal illness. Devastated, her vengeance surfaced!

Zhao Yu took a deep sigh and said, "You’re so capable, but why were you so stupid to choose this method of revenge? You could have just caught the suspects and forced them to tell the truth! Whoever harmed you, you chopped off their hand! Every injustice has its perpetrator, but you chopped off the hands of three people. Isn’t that equivalent to killing innocent people?"

"What did you say?" Li Dan had not expected a police officer to say that and was agitated, "I’m stupid? I didn’t want their life. If I had kept one to interrogate, wouldn’t I have just revealed myself as the criminal?"

"That’s true!" Zhao Yu nodded and frowned. "I’m just puzzled! You have the abilities to pull of such arrogant crimes. If you used those abilities to make money, wouldn’t you be able to lead a good life too? Why do you have to obsess yourself with revenge?"

"You don’t know anything, you are not fit to lecture me!" Li Dan breathed heavily, "You did not experience the same kind of pain as I did! You don’t understand how deep hatred is! After my hand was hurt, I could never look at a piano in the same way! It’s like seeing a demon! The very same thing that my life had revolved around! Can you understand the pain worse than death?" She continued, "My father put all of his hope on me, and I shattered all his hope. Do you know how ashamed and guilty I was? My father’s gone, and my mother has cancer! Everything has been taken away from me! Do you understand the despair?" She yelled, "And what about them? They all went to famous universities and led extravagant lives! If it were you, how would you feel?"

"Indeed, I’d wanna slaughter them!" Zhao Yu admitted, "Not only them, but also those darned organizers, darned police. If they had cooperated and investigated thoroughly, justice would have been served! I say you should chop off their hands too!"

"You…" Li Dan was stunned by Zhao Yu’s words.

After the police outside heard them, they shook their heads, and all looked at one another in astonishment. They had never seen any police interrogate a criminal like that.

"But," Zhao Yu changed his course suddenly, "before I’d take revenge, I would spare a thought for my family! If I was in jail, who would take care of them? Li Dan, let me say something, ‘the human heart cannot lose balance, and hatred cannot cross boundaries! If not, bad doings will only result in bad consequences, and it will be too late for regret!’"

Zhao Yu’s words deeply touched Li Dan. Tears welled up in her eyes and she was too agitated to say anything more. Not only Li Dan, but the policemen outside also felt the same. No one had expected Zhao Yu to say something so profound and started to look at Zhao Yu with some respect.

Those words originated from a triad leader who gave Zhao Yu advice during his early days in the underworld. It was to make him understand that even as a gangster, there was a bottomline in doing things, and that he must not do as he pleased! Zhao Yu had not fully understood the meaning behind these words then, which was why he had been framed by others later. "The human heart cannot lose balance, and hatred cannot cross boundaries!" After Zhao Yu had become a policeman, those words were engraved more deeply in his heart.

When Zhao Yu returned to the office, he intended to ask Li Beini things like, "What kind of punishment would crimes like Li Dan’s receive?" and "How do we deal with her old mother and her cancer?" However, when he entered Team A’s office, he was shocked to see such a mess! Initially, Zhao Yu had thought that the colleagues were preparing to celebrate solving the Lost Hand Case! It was only when he saw a few ruffians arguing with the criminal police that he realized something else had happened.

Liu Changhu was trying hard to explain to those people, and his forehead was covered with sweat. When he saw Zhao Yu entering, he immediately pointed at Zhao Yu, "Alright, alright! Let me tell you, the person who damaged your things is him! Take up your issues with him!"

Upon hearing this, the ruffians immediately surrounded Zhao Yu as they shouted "Pay for our losses." Their arrogance was so big it seemed that they were going to swallow Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu did not allow himself to be pushed around. He aimed at the leader who had yellow dyed hair, and tied his hands behind his back before giving his calf a kick, causing him to kneel on the floor!

"Ah! Ahhhh…" the yellow-haired guy felt his hands breaking and shouted in pain.

"Hey! Zhao Yu! Stop it! Stop it now!" Liu Changhu signaled hastily, "These are all representatives of the vendors from Yuxi Alley whose things were damaged by you. They’re here to seek compensation from you. You can’t hit them!"

"Yuxi Alley?" Zhao Yu tried to recall, and realized that Yuxi Alley was the alley where he had rode on a camel to catch a thief a few days ago. In order to catch the thief, he had indeed damaged many of the vendors’ things.

"Are you kidding me?" Zhao Yu thought to himself with his eyes wide. "They are here to seek compensation? They dare come to a police station to ask for compensation? How bold are these people?" Zhao Yu let go of the yellow-haired guy. The other representatives saw that Zhao Yu was not one to be trifled with and quickly took a step back.

Zhao Yu saw Li Beini and asked softly, "Sis, what happened? Wasn’t this matter already settled?"

"No!" Li Beini bit her lips, "The vendor representatives formed a compensation committee, and complained to the local police station everyday. The local police station was under pressure and sent them over here!"

"Huh! Under pressure? They were obviously too lazy to deal with them!" Zhao Yu thought. He glanced at the people in front of him, seeing their hooligan mannerisms, he immediately knew what happened. Those people were not vendors who had suffered losses, they had been hired by the vendors to extort money from the police station! How daring, they actually dared to extort money from the Key Case Unit!

"Zhao Yu." Although Liu Changhu knew what had happened, he chose to help the outsiders. "You damaged other people’s things, so of course you have to pay! Let me tell you, these representatives are here to seek compensation. If this can’t be settled, the other vendors will petition around our police station. If the station chief gets to know about it, you have to bare the consequences yourself!"

"Liu, we shall settle our personal feud later! Let me tell you, if they actually surround the police station, you as the acting team leader will be punished as well!" Zhao Yu scolded him. Zhao Yu was right. If such a small matter could not be settled, he would definitely receive a heavier punishment than Zhao Yu!

"Hey, the leader is right! The leader is brilliant!" The yellow-haired guy quickly took a bill and said to Zhao Yu, "Whoever damaged our things should pay! If the public’s welfare is not protected, how can you still uphold the law? Officer, take a look, this is the bill. Hope you can compensate our losses as soon as possible…"

There was no way Zhao Yu would look at the bill. He turned to the leader and said, "Hmph, let me ask you, are you really vendors from Yuxi Alley?"

"Officer, we’re at the police station, we wouldn’t have the guts to lie to the government!" The yellow-haired guy conjured a smile, "I sell rat poison! This one sells spices! And that one sells tableware! Officer, it’s not easy for people like us doing small dealings. The things you damaged are our entire belongings! We are not asking for sky-high prices. It’s really not a lot of money, have a look at the bill first…"

"Alright alright…" Zhao Yu waved his hand and smiled. "Let me ask you again, your things...were they damaged by a camel?"

"Yes! Yes!" a few people nodded in unison.

"Then isn’t this settled?" Zhao Yu clapped and smiled. "Go, go, get going, quick, go get it from the camel! If you’re late, it may have returned to the desert!"

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