Crazy Detective

Chapter 48: Man Will Triumph Over Nature

Chapter 48: Man Will Triumph Over Nature

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Actually, Zhao Yu had not find the culprit by using his wits. He had been able to determine that Li Dan was hiding in the grave by using the Miracle Systems’s gift, the invisible tracking device!

When Zhao Yu had been shot with the anaesthetic needle, at the verge of unconsciousness, he suddenly remembered the invisible tracking device and planted it on Li Dan using his last bit of strength. This tracking device was indeed powerful. It was totally invisible, and Li Dan had not discovered it at all. When Zhao Yu woke up, he quickly became aware that there was a radar in his brain, and that the target on the radar was pointing at Li Dan’s location, thus that scene in which he found her had taken place.

Zhao Yu had not expected Li Dan to be so cunning as to dig a hole beforehand and leave an escape route for herself. Although the grave was empty, what kind of mental torture would it be to lie inside and not speak for days? Any ordinary person would not able to do that.

If Zhao Yu had not arrived in time, Shao Lulu would definitely have become the fourth victim in the Lost Hand Case. And if Zhao Yu had not checked on Li Dan, this case would have most likely become an unsolved case like the previous years.

"Hey! You still wanna keep me in suspense?" Li Beini urged, "Tell me quick! How did you do it?"

"Hmmm...well...take a guess?" Zhao Yu could not make up any reason and threw a question back at Li Beini.

"Hmph, it seems to me," Li Beini rolled her eyes and guessed, "you didn’t use any reasoning or evidence at all. I think the anesthesia must have been too mild. The culprit thought that you were unconscious, but you were in fact still awake, and saw her hide inside of the grave, right?"

Zhao Yu held his thumb up faked his admiration, "You are really something to have guessed right!"

"Hmph! Of course!" Li Beini was pleased with herself, "So you already knew where she was hiding! You purposely put up a show for Captain Liu and Team Leader Qu, you are really bad! But senior, that really helped vent our anger." Li Beini said in a low voice, "When the two of them saw that you had found the culprit, their jaws literally dropped, and they looked terrible! Hahaha…"

Looking at Li Beini smiling so brightly, Zhao Yu also forced a smile. Even though the case had been solved, and the culprit had also been caught, Zhao Yu did not feel especially excited. He only felt exhausted and a little defeated.

Although the case still needed further investigation, Zhao Yu already understood the entire process of the Lost Hand Case. All that had happened originated from the tragic incident that had happened to Li Dan eighteen years ago! If not for that, then the Lost Hand Case would never have happened! A girl with a bright future had turned into a demon for the sake of revenge. Yuan Lili had said that she needed the police to seek justice for her! Now that Li Dan had been caught by the police, would there be justice for Yuan Lili?

And what about Li Dan? Eighteen years ago, she had been the victim. Where was her justice? Maybe Li Dan cruelly chopped off the hands of those people because she wanted to get justice for herself?

Many things conflicted each other. While Zhao Yu was investigating the Lost Hand Case with all his effort, although he was very tense during the day, he was able to sleep once he shut his eyes at night. Now that the case had been solved, he should have been able to relax, but instead he could not sleep!

When he was back at the police station in the afternoon, Zhao Yu reported the entire process, from initial investigations to finally getting hold of Li Dan, to the recording officer. Needless to say, he could not mention anything about the Miracle System and Jiang Xiaoqing, so he had to make up a story as a great detective who had figured out all of the details by himself, with abilities beyond Conan and Sherlock Holmes. The recording officer was stunned!

He was engrossed with his version of the story as he laid in bed. All of the complicated details of the Lost Hand Case were still showing up in Zhao Yu’s head, making a mess out of him. He was exhausted. He seemed to cling onto the right and wrong of the case, wanting to figure out who was in the right and who was in the wrong; however, the Lost Hand Case was too complicated. How was it possible for an ordinary person to discern? In the end, one would only fall deeper into it.

Zhao Yu’s confused thoughts were suddenly disrupted by the Miracle System, "Current adventure has been completed, completion rate: 95%. Congratulations, you have been awarded five Invisible tools, please check!"

"Oh?" At that instance, Zhao Yu’s mouth opened in shock! "Ninety five percent? So high? Five tools at once? Holy sh*t!"

Zhao Yu quickly went to the system to check, and the introduction followed, "Invisible Lie Detector, five units. Disposable consumable product. After activation, the lie detector function lasts ten minutes."

"Oh, it’s a lie detector!" Zhao Yu could not help but feel greatly disappointed. Although he had achieved such a high completion rate, he had only received five lie detectors. This thing…

Thinking back on the previous tools he had received, like the listening device, tracking device, multifunction key, and now the lie detector, it seemed that the Miracle System was trying to make him a secret agent!

"Well I can be a secret agent. Give me a cool sports car like James Bond’s. Laser phone, multifunction watch, or something. Something that I can show off!" Switching thoughts, the items that he had gotten previously had indeed come in handy in some way. If he had not used the tracking device in the graveyard, how would he have caught Li Dan?

He tsked. "Alright, it’s better than nothing. Who knows, in future these things might be useful!" After keeping the items, Zhao Yu pondered over the Miracle System in detail. After a few consecutive days of understanding, Zhao Yu gained a deeper knowledge on the Miracle System. He felt that although he had already put great effort into investigating the Lost Hand Case, it would have been impossible if not for the Miracle System.

If not for the Miracle System, he would not have gone to Jiang Xiaoqing’s parents conference and connected the Lost Hand Case to piano from there. If not for the Miracle System, he would not have gone into Yang Hong’s room and gotten information on the piano prodigy, Li Dan And if not for the awarded tools, he would not have caught Li Dan by himself!

Of course, there were always two sides to everything. From another point of view, if Zhao Yu had not put in so much effort into the investigation, even with the benefits of the system, he would not have been able to solve it. If he had not been thinking about the case constantly, he never would have linked chopping hands with piano! Even if Yang Hong had told him about the piano prodigy, he might not have paid attention to it. In other words, If Zhao Yu had not put effort into investigating the case, even if the culprit had been standing right in front of him, he might not have even known that that person was the culprit!

Zhao Yu felt that the Miracle System was not making any divine calculations at all, and that there was no such thing as good luck or bad luck. The system merely provided Zhao Yu with various encounters, but whether those encounters materialized depended on himself! Ultimately, man will triumph over nature!

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