Crazy Detective

Chapter 45: The Ignored Water Gun

Chapter 45: The Ignored Water Gun

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The Zhao Yu of this world had never driven before. He did not even have a driver’s license. But the street king Zhao Yu of his previous life was different. In his old world, he was often "invited" to the police station due to frequent speeding. Although his driving skill was not considered amazing, his opponents were always very afraid of him because Zhao Yu drove in a style similar to how he fought--without a care for his own life!

Zhao Yu was driving his police car with the siren was going off. How could any traffic police officers stop him now? He floored the gas pedal, and headed straight towards the place called Ma Jia Chang. Along the way he sped past countless cars, ignored every traffic light, and nearly ran a few cars into the ditch. The drivers behind him cursed endlessly.

Of course, the reason why Zhao Yu drove so carelessly was because he was in a state of emergency. Ma Jia Chang was a fairly famous graveyard in Qinshan, and was the home of Shan Lulu’s father’s grave. He was rushing to save someone!

Despite that Zhao Yu only took ten minutes to get to Ma Jia Chang, the graveyard’s area was fairly big, and he did not know where Shan lulu’s grave’s exact position was. Baidu’s map feature would not show the exact position of graves, so Zhao Yu could only circle around the area and search.

It was currently the end of April, so the graveyard was filled with long weeds. With his sight obstructed by the weeds, Zhao Yu’s search was even more difficult. His car could not enter the tightly packed graveyard areas, and could only circle around on the dirt road near the outside.

At this time, the tracking expert was finally of some use. Zhang Jingfeng had finally found Shan Lulu’s exact location, and immediately called Zhao Yu. Originally, Zhang Jingfeng had wanted to send the location to Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu’s phone had no data, so he could only ask the other to describe the location coordinates orally, then use the police tracking device to pinpoint the position. After inputting the coordinates, Zhao Yu’s eyes lit up. He had guessed correctly! Shan Lulu was indeed in the Ma Jia Chang graveyard area! If Shan Lulu was near, then Li Dan was most likely there too!

Zhao Yu quickly got started on using the coordinates, but the car suddenly plunged into a ditch in the grave area and could no longer move. Zhao Yu could only try to memorize the location, then left the police car behind and headed towards the grave area.

Even though it was almost May, the graveyard was still cold, and the air was humid. The area had not been maintained in almost two weeks, and the cemetery was completely empty except for some stray pieces of paper money and firecrackers.

When Zhao Yu crossed through an area of weeds and tombs, he raised his head to see a blue taxi! "Oh? Why is there a car here?" Zhao Yu ran over in a hurry, and saw that the taxi was stopped on a sidewalk. The driver was smoking and listening to the radio.

"There’s a driver?" Zhao Yu thought to himself, "This area is very close to Shan Lulu’s location. Could it be, this taxi…" Zhao Yu exclaimed, Hey!" He rushed over and pulled out his police badge, "I’m a police officer. Tell me, what are you doing here?"

Seeing a living person jump out from the cemetery, with such an excited attitude, shocked the driver greatly. Their faced nearly turned green, and he almost burnt himself with his cigarette. When He saw Zhao Yu’s police ID, he stuttered, "I was…I was here with a customer! Not here for anything!"

"Was it someone from the airport?" Zhao Yu asked in a hurry, "With a woman?"

"How did you know?" The driver was suddenly curious, and turned off the radio, "A pretty cute lady! Said she was from somewhere foreign!"

"Ah?" Zhao Yu was shocked, and nearly roared at the driver as he continued his questioning, "Where is she? Where did she go?"

"Over there!" The driver did not know the situation, and could only point to where the lady had went.

"How long ago?" Zhao Yu yelled.

"Like a few minutes?" The taxi driver was very confused. "Are you really a policeman? What’s the problem?"

Zhao Yu was in no mood for small talk, and ran off with all his strength in the direction that the taxi driver pointed towards. "A few minutes! A few minutes!" He was not sure that if he could find her in the next few minutes!

Zhao Yu moved faster than he ever had before. As he bolted through the graveyard, he craned his neck and looked around in every direction. Suddenly, through the cracks of the endless weeds, he saw something of a different color!

"Green? Where did the green come from?" Also, it was moving! To see it clearly, Zhao Yu hopped over some tombstones, and finally saw what was happening in the distance!

When he saw it, his expression changed rapidly! "Ah! Holy sh*t!" About twenty meters away, a woman in a tight gown was messing with something in front of a tombstone. The woman was wearing a surgical cap! The hat was green, which was what Zhao Yu had seen moving in the distance!

Below her, there was a woman dressed in a white fur coat and stiletto heels lying on the ground! The woman wearing the surgical cap looked as if she had just finished something. She rolled up the sleeve of the woman on the ground, and put her hand flat against a small chopping board! Then, as Zhao Yu watched, she raised a silver axe high into the air!

"Ah?!" Zhao Yu was shocked, and jumped up in a rush and yelled, "Hey! Stop!!" His yell was filled with thunderous power. When it reached the woman in the surgical cap, the woman could not help but shiver, and raised her head to look at Zhao Yu. Her face revealed nothing but panic! Zhao Yu bolted towards her as he yelled. "Holy sh*t! I finally caught you!" Zhao Yu thought.

The woman in the surgical cap saw Zhao Yu running towards her, instinctively put down her weapon, and started running away!

"Hey! Don’t run! Don’t run!" Zhao Yu roared as he chased, "You can’t run! You’re already surrounded! Where are you going?" When Zhao Yu run past the front of the tomb, he checked on the fashionable and beautiful, rather tall woman lying on the ground. She was completely knocked out on the floor. Needless to say, this person was definitely Shan Lulu. The one who was running away was without a doubt the culprit, Li Dan!

"Li Dan!" Zhao Yu realized. Zhao Yu quickly left Shan Lulu, and continued to chase after Li Dan!

Li Dan was running in the direction opposite of the taxi. There was a small path leading towards a highway in the distance.

"Hmph! You can’t get away!" Once Zhao Yu realized their geographical position, his confidence boosted. He more or less had confidence in his ability to chase down people.

"Li Dan! Where do you think you’re going?!" Zhao Yu took huge strides as he chased her. He was incredibly fast, and was visibly catching up to Li Dan. But as soon Li Dan reached the end of the graveyard area, she stopped.

"Huh?" Zhao Yu paused as well. Why did she stop? Could it be that she finally realized she had nowhere to run, and was going to surrender? Zhao Yu was only thinking of catching her as soon as possible, and had not stopped running. He stood in front of Li Dan, but he had not expected that Li Dan would be holding an extra water gun.

Zhao Yu recognized the watergun from what he had found in Li Dan’s room, but because he had been in a rush, he had not checked on it, and did not know what it was for. But Zhao Yu did not even have the chance to be curious as a syringe flew out from the water gun! Due to their close proximity, Zhao Yu could not dodge, and the syringe stabbed his shoulder. The liquid quickly entered his body!

"Ah, shit…Holy shit, I was tricked!" Zhao Yu’s eyes bulged out as he glared at Li Dan a few meters away from him. He felt his limbs go weak, and the world began to spin. As his vision faded, he saw Li Dan turn and run towards the highway. Then, sirens started ringing out around him which should have been backup.

"Sh*t, they’re pretty fast!" Zhao Yu cursed out, then felt his eyelids grow heavy. Within a few seconds, his head hit the ground and he lost consciousness…

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