Crazy Detective

Chapter 2685

Chapter 2685: Keep it a secret for me

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“””Hahaha … Hahaha …”” Cui Lizhu’s laughter could be heard from the private room.””That appraiser is really shooting himself in the foot!”””

“””Did you guys see his expression just now? I almost vomited blood!”””

“””Yup!”” Ran Tao said,””in this world, I have never seen anyone who can make fun of boss!”””

“””That’s right …”” Zeng ke agreed.””This appraiser is really annoying. She proposed to our leader, but she has to make trouble for him!”” He really deserves it …”””

“””I think,”” Zhang Peipei said,””he saw that sister Miao was so beautiful, a hundred times more beautiful than his own wife. Out of jealousy, he wanted to cause trouble for our leader!”””

“Wu Xiumin looked at the diamond ring on Miao Ying’s hand and said,””I’m thinking, if these diamonds are real, how much would they be worth?”””

“””When did our team leader become so rich?”””

“””Yup!”” Cui Lizhu said enviously,””all of these diamonds added up to a few hundred million, right? Boss actually gave all of them to sister Miao. From this, we can see how loyal boss is to sister Miao!”””

“While everyone was talking about it, Miao Ying smiled and didn’t say anything. Hearing cui Lizhu’s envy, jealousy, and hatred, she pointed at the bouquet of flowers and said,”

“””You’re wrong. I don’t care about diamonds! In my opinion, this bouquet of flowers is more important than diamonds!”””

“””Wow … It’s so mushy …”””

“The crowd was in an uproar, and miss Miao could not help but blush.”

“Seeing that the dishes had been served, Miao Ying quickly called out to everyone,””Alright, we’ve been waiting for so long. Everyone must be hungry, right? Let’s start eating!”””

“””Eh?”” After Miao Ying said that, cui Lizhu noticed that there were two people missing from the dining table. She quickly asked,””where’s boss and little Nana?”””

“””Hmm …”” Ran Tao took a look, then stood up and said,””I’ll go and take a look!”””

“””No need, no need!”” Miao Ying waved her hand and said,””the two of them have something to say. Don’t worry about it! Let’s eat first!”””

“””Oh …”” Hearing Miao Ying’s words, everyone had no choice but to start eating.”

“””Our big sister Miao is so generous!”” Cui Lizhu complimented,””she never quarrels with little Nana …”””

“””Ahem,”” Miao Ying said indifferently,””the most important thing is trust! If Zhao Yu wasn’t worthy of my trust, we wouldn’t be together!”””

“””Yes, yes, yes.”” Everyone agreed and continued to eat …”

“At the same time, outside the hotel’s bathroom, Zhao Yu was indeed talking to Xi menna.”

“””Here.”” Zhao Yu handed two beautiful bare diamonds to Xi menna and said solemnly,””your father lost his life because of this, so I’m giving you two as a memento!”””

“Xi menna took the diamond and touched it gently. She said emotionally,””””For these things, I actually dived to the bottom of the sea without any regard for my own safety. I was really stupid back then …”””

“””Yes, your father is also possessed! “”Actually …”” Zhao Yu said.””These are all part of Green’s plan …”””

“””I don’t want it anymore!”” “”It’s not mine. I don’t want it!”” Xi menna handed the diamond back to Zhao Yu.”

“””This …”” Zhao Yu was surprised.”

“””Zhao Yu, I told you,”” Xi Mengna said with red eyes,””I don’t want anything. I just want to be with you! You … Don’t ever abandon me like this again!”

“””Do you still remember what you promised me when we solved the female corpse under the bridge case?”””

“””Mm, don’t worry! I, Zhao Yu, always keep my promises!”” Zhao Yu said,””it’s fine now. The issue with the londee criminal group has basically been resolved! So … Don’t worry, you will always be a member of our Special Investigation Group, I promise!”””

“””That’s great!”” “”I’ve finally found someone worthy of my trust!”” Xi menna hugged Zhao Yu tightly and kissed him on the cheek.”

“””Hey,”” Zhao Yu quickly pushed the beautiful woman away and said solemnly,””let me clarify one more time. It’s US, the Special Investigation Group, not me!”””

“””I just proposed to Miao Ying, you can’t …”””

“””I know, I didn’t mean it that way,”” Xi Mengna said, pulling on Zhao Yu’s arm.””I told you, I won’t affect your relationship with your girlfriend!”

“””I just … I’ll be satisfied as long as I can be by your side, solve cases, and complete missions with you. I’ll be satisfied as long as you don’t abandon me!”””

“””Hmm, no problem!”” Zhao Yu pressed on Xi Mengna’s shoulder.””In the future, I will apply to the higher-ups to let you become a formal member. You have to perform well in the future!”””

“””Yes.”” Xi menna nodded vigorously.””I will!”” I won’t let you down!”””

Di di … Di di …

“Just then, Zhao Yu’s phone rang. Someone was calling him.”

“Zhao Yu looked at the caller ID, and his eyes flashed with a hint of displeasure, but he still answered the call.”

“””Hey, officer, how was my performance just now?”” A man’s voice came from the phone.”

“””You still have the face to say that!”” Zhao Yu said angrily,””your expression at the end was a little too exaggerated, you know? Are you afraid that others can’t tell?”””

“””Ah? No? “”I think I did a good job …”” The man argued.”

“””Cough, you still have the nerve to say that,”” Zhao Yu scolded.””Don’t you know what we do? Alright, alright, that’s it, I’ll transfer the rest of the money to you later!”””

“””Oh, thank you, thank you …”””

“Zhao Yu didn’t wait for the other party to finish speaking, and hung up the phone.”

“However, after he hung up, he saw Xi menna’s shocked face!”

“””Oh … Oh …”” Xi menna could tell.””So … The proposal just now … Was arranged by you. Zhao Yu, you … You … You …”””

“””No,”” Zhao Yu corrected her,””their proposal was real. I just made them add a little drama …”””

“””I’ll go!”” Realization dawned on Xi menna.””I was just saying! How could it be so coincidental? you proposed to me with a bunch of diamonds, and then an appraiser popped up. Zhao Yu, you’re so cunning …”””

“””What cunning!”” Zhao Yu said seriously,””I’m just trying to show off my diamond, hehehehe…Otherwise, it would be too plain …”””

“””You … You said that you weren’t acting cool when you proposed!”” Xi menna said agitatedly,””in the end, you pretended to be such a weirdo. You … I really don’t know what to say to you …”””

“””If you don’t know what to say, then just shut up!”” Zhao Yu said,””although I think my MeowMeow has already seen through it, you have to keep it a secret for me, understand?”””

“””Aiya, you, you …”” Xi menna said incoherently,””I regret it now. I should have accepted the diamond you gave me as hush money! Where are your diamonds? Give it to me …”””

“””Hey, use your brain,”” Zhao Yu said casually.””If the appraiser is fake, does that mean the diamond is real?”””

“””Ah?”” Xi Mengna was stunned again, then slapped Zhao Yu’s shoulder hard.””You liar, big liar! Do you even have the truth in your mouth? You’re so mean, I’m going to tell sister Miao …”””

“Then, Xi Mengna bounced towards the private room. Zhao Yu tried to stop her, but he couldn ‘t.”


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