Crazy Detective

Chapter 25: Where are you?

Chapter 25: Where are you?

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According to the information from the eavesdropper, Qu Ping’s team had already changed their focus of the investigation on to the previous two cases. She had even sent someone to Yuan Lili’s old house to investigate, reviving the old case.

It seemed that Qu Ping truly was out of ideas.

Zhao Yu could not help but laugh. "Hmph! It’s your guys’ fault for underestimating me. This time, don’t expect me to share the wealth either!" he thought to himself.

He focused on jotting down the newest information in his notepad, and quickly fell into thinking mode. Now, he was sure that the Lost Hand Case had something to do with piano! But, how was it connected, he still was not sure. Zhao Yu felt that since the three victims had some connection with piano, the killer had to be some sort of piano expert as well. The expert must have had some kind of interaction with the victims!

According to Li Beini’s information, the three victims were all from different piano schools, with different teachers. Even though the three of them were all piano level ten, they had all taken the test at different times as well.

In other words, the three may have been piano experts, but they did not know each other at all. Then…could it be, that the three of them knew the culprit separately?

Thinking this much, Zhao Yu once again called Li Beini, asking her to quickly investigate the three victims’ piano history. Could they have studied during the same period?

It was not surprising that Li Beini was not too happy with the arrangement. She noted that to finish this, she had to call all of the piano schools. It had been twenty years since the victims were students. Some of the schools had already closed down. It was nearly impossible to search!

"Please!" Now that Li Beini was the only one supporting him, Zhao Yu could only get off his high horse and beg, "This information is honestly super important! Once the case is solved, I promise to treat you to something!"

"That’s more like it," Li Beini smiled satisfied, "I’ll try my best then!"

"But…" Zhao Yu warned, "You have to remember, do not let anyone else know about our investigation. Especially not Qu Ping and Team B, okay?"

"I got it, don’t worry!" Li Beini hung up the phone impatiently as she finished.

Zhao Yu rubbed his hands impatiently, unable to wait. But impatience did not help him at all, he still had an important mission to finish, so he could only go and sit back down in the lobby.


The question and answer session was going on. The homeroom teacher was eagerly answering all of the parents’ questions, and the parents were listening carefully in return. Not many people noticed Zhao Yu returning to his seat.

Zhao Yu had no interest in this. His mind continued to ponder the relationship between the Lost Hand Case and piano. All kinds of evidence, details, and possibilities rapidly spun through his head. In the end, he even connected to his miracle system.

Could it be that pretending to be Jiang Xiaoqing’s father, coming to the Second Middle School’s music room, and being inspired by the parent playing the piano was the adventure that day?

It was regrettable that he could not remember the prompts and theme of the adventure. What could be the secret to this adventure?

He started remembering when he entered the lobby, once Shanshan’s mother finished playing piano. Could it be…there were still more to what she had said?

Shanshan’s mother said she had not played the piano in a long time. Those who did not know her well clearly would not know she played the piano. This aspect was very similar to Gao Tian and Luo Meina. Although Zhao Yu had their information, neither mentioned they played the piano despite being level ten.

Could it be…The culprit might have known them for many years! The culprit knew their secret, knew they played the piano? Could it be…the culprit was a long time enemy of theirs?

Wait…Suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered an important point.

The three victims were not from the same piano school, nor did they know each other, but…there was one time and place they could have met up!

"Huh?!" Zhao Yu suddenly remembered Shanshan’s mother’s words, "I still remember twenty years ago, I was right here attending a piano tournament, and almost got accepted into the Central Music School!"

"Right?!" Zhao Yu’s entire body was covered in goosebumps. "Holy sh*t!" He had finally found it, the point of contact between the three victim was a competition!!

The three were all piano experts, from the same city, and of a similar age. They very well could have attended the same piano competition!

"Yeah! There’s no other way!" Zhao Yu decided that the culprit of the Lost Hand Case had definitely attended this competition! The culprit must have not done too well and was eliminated, causing him to hold a grudge. Thus, he committed such a cruel act!

"Hmph! Without your hand, how would you play the piano now?!" he imagined the culprit saying.

Zhao Yu felt more and more sure of his thoughts, and became excited. If the culprit and the victims were around the same age, then at the time they had to have been very young. At that time the culprit had no power to exact their revenge! After more than a decade, the culprit finally felt like they had the ability, and started the Lost Hand Case!

"Holy sh*t, the culprit must’ve really had a grudge! Just a piano competition, is it really worth it?" Zhao Yu was still considering this when his phone started vibrating again. He had been anticipating this, and picked up the phone before it even started ringing.

"Senior, senior!" Through the phone came Li Beini’s excited voice, "I found it, I found it! 18 years ago, the three of them all attended Qinshan’s Tenth Annual High School Piano Competition! All three of them were finalists!"

"Aiya! Holy sh*t!!" Zhao Yu slapped his thigh, and nearly jumped up in excitement! His voice was way too loud. All of the parents once again jumped at his exclamation! The giant lobby suddenly went completely quiet.

"Tell me, where was the competition? Who else attended?" Zhao Yu ignored everyone and continued loudly.

"It’s been way too long to know how many people attended, I still have to investigate, but I know the location, it’s Qinshan Second Middle School!"

Hearing the name Qinshan Second Middle School from Li Beini, Zhao Yu felt as he had been struck by lightning, and shook violently.

"How could this coincidence be?! Holy shit*!" Zhao Yu’s unrestrained words once again flowed out. The parents present all shivered as if shocked.

"Yeah! I felt like, this couldn’t possibly be a coincidence!" Li Beini was also excited, "Senior, the contest was too long ago. I can’t get all the information through the phone! If you ask me, you should go there right now and find some evidence! Right, after all this time? Where are you exactly?!"

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