Crazy Detective

Chapter 12: Camels! Camels!

Chapter 12: Camels! Camels!

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Due to the number of personnel required to investigate the Lost Hand Case, the Key Case Investigation unit drastically understaffed, even putting office workers, like Li Beini, on investigation duty as well.


But Li Beini was very happy today because she and Zhao Yu were assigned to the same unit. Having the chance to be with her crush was obviously a stroke of luck for her.


Similarly, Zhao Yu was in a good mood too. On the bus ride, he was even humming some tunes. While chatting with Li Beini, he entirely forgot about his bet with Liu Changhu.


As it turned out, he could restart the Miracle System. How could Zhao Yu not be excited?


As soon as he woke up, without even going to the bathroom, he lit a cigarette. But with his first breath, he started violently coughing, as if he had been shocked by electricity.

"Miracle System engaged," the excited voice started, "Kan Gen Gua. ‘Kan’ for water and ‘Gen’ for mountain. Water first, mountain second. Ups and downs are to be expected, and the good and bad will be determined."


This time, Zhao Yu was readily prepared and rushed to memorize what the system said. But due to the complexity of the words, he quickly forgot most of it. Putting what he remembered in a small notebook, he could only note words like mountain, water, and other easy words.


Even though he still could not quite understand the rules of the Miracle System, after his first two adventures, he was confident in his ability to crack the case.

"Hoho! Just watch, stupid Liu Changhu, I’m going to watch you pay 1800 yuan out of your pocket for me!"

Zhao Yu confidently departed. But unexpectedly, this time he was not very successful, nearly getting cussed out by someone.

As it turns out, the victim he and Liu Beini were assigned to question was the second Lost Hand Case victims, Yuan Lili.

According to the information, Yuan Lili was previously a piano teacher at the City Musical School. Losing her right hand caused irreparable damage to her life and work. Apparently, because she lost her hand, her husband divorced her.

Before it was Yuan Lili who contacted the first victim and complained that the police were not doing enough! This caused the media to become involved, and a few excellent officers were forced to retire.

As expected, this victim was not the nice type. She started fussing as soon as Zhao Yu and Li Beini entered the door, saying things like the police were all useless, and complaining that although a year had passed, the culprit was still at large. Was it so hard to ask for justice? Then she asked, despite already having gotten a detailed response, why there a need to be questioned again. Was it just to add salt to the wound? She even threatened to contact the newest victim, to complain about the police officers yet again…

Yuan Lili spoke fiercely, fingers pointing everywhere. It annoyed Zhao Yu greatly.

If it was not for seeing her missing right hand, Zhao Yu honestly wanted to insult her in retaliation. At least Li Beini spoke more gently and eloquently, allowing the two to finish their questioning.


Honestly, Zhao Yu was very confused to begin with. Last time, Yuan Lili’s testimony was very clear and complete. Why did they have to go meet her again and waste time? Only after finishing up did he realize that this time, the topic was focused more on the newer developments of the Lost Hand Case.

The police wanted to know if Yuan Lili and the new victim had any relationship in order to decide the direction of the investigation.


But Yuan Lili stated that she did not know the new victim at all, just as she had no relationship with the first victim. This meant none of the three victims knew each other. Thus, it was possible that the culprit simply chose them randomly.

Zhao Yu truly witnessed the meaning of "leaving no stones unturned." The police investigation truly analyzed every single tiny detail, leaving no room for error.


Yuan Lili’s home was located in the downtown’s high-end housing area. Even though she was no longer a piano teacher, she still enjoyed the college teacher tenure. Not to mention, when she got divorced, her husband left her a large sum of money. She lived quite comfortably thanks to these things.


The district was very busy, surrounded by huge malls on all sides. When Zhao Yu and Li Beini were leaving, the narrow street was already jam packed with cars.


"Thank God we took the bus!" Li Beini celebrated, "Had we came by car, we probably would have to have dinner here! Huh? Zhao Yu, look, look…"


Unexpectedly, Liu Beini saw something interesting as she talked, and she signaled for Zhao Yu to come look.

Zhao Yu turned his head to see what it was and was equally interested.


On the sidewalk below the high-rise building, there was a huge camel, and it had two humps! A man wearing an ethnic costume was currently leading the camel. There was a tag hanging off the camel’s neck, "Photos: 5 yuan!"

"Camel!" Li Beini clapped her hands in excitement like a child, "It’s a real camel!"

The city Zhao Yu lived in was near the south. Other than at the zoo, it was very rare to see animals like a camel. Zhao Yu was also very interested as he stared at the large animal.

"Ah…handsome, beautiful, do you want a photo?" The man holding the camel smiled, "Five yuan per photo. Cheap, isn’t it?"

"Yes, yes!" Li Beini pulled Zhao Yu by the arm, very excited as she spoke, "Let’s go take one! It’s a rare opportunity…"

Without Zhao Yu’s permission, the man with the camel already led the large animal in front of them.

"Erm…should I sit on it?" Li Beini tilted her head as she asked.

"Sure!" The man with the camel nodded.

"Then…can we sit on it? Together?" Li Beini asked, hoping for an intimate photo with Zhao Yu.

Before the man could respond to Li Beini, a high-pitched scream suddenly came from around the corner, "Thief! Catch the thief! My wallet…"


The voice came suddenly, and all three people turned towards the noise. A young man wearing jeans ran through the three of them.

Zhao Yu saw clearly that the youngster was clutching a woman’s bag that clearly did not belong to him. Without a doubt, whoever it was that yelled ‘thief’ was referring to that boy.

"Huh? Thief?!" Li Beini finally reacted, and pointed at the thief, "Hey! Stop! Halt! Stop running!"

The thief was not dumb and picked up the pace. Li Beini rushed and pushed Zhao Yu, "What’re you waiting for? Go! Chase the thief!"

But Zhao yu did not move, and spoke slowly, "Are you kidding? We’re Key Case Investigators. Catching thieves and the like, does that look like our job?"

"What kind of talk is that?!" Li Beini was agitated, "We’re still police officers! Everyone’s responsible for catching thieves, go, go!"

Seeing Zhao Yu’s lack of drive, Li Beini rushed to hail a cab, but the traffic was awful. Even if she found a cab, there would be no way to move.

"Alright, alright!" Zhao Yu waved his hand dismissively, "Don’t bother wasting your time, let’s just take the photo!"

Yet, when he turned and saw the owner of the lost bag, Zhao Yu was glued to his spot as if he had been hit by lightning, and his vision spun.

"Holy sh*t! Why…Why is it her?!"

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