Crazy Detective

Chapter 1141 - An Inveitable Incident

Chapter 1141: An Inveitable Incident

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Where are the explosives?! Zhao Yu wondered.

When Zhao Yu went to check the dead man, he suddenly realized that the explosives picked up by the detector earlier were no longer with him.

He raised his head and looked around. The masked man had already begun running to the center of the street and was continuing to run northeast.

The detector in Zhao Yu’s brain had showed that the explosives were moving in the same direction as the masked man, which meant that they were obviously being carried away by him!

Oh, sh*t! Zhao Yu felt like something was about to happen. Had he been right all along? Was their plan really to destroy the treasure?

There were historical artifacts all over the place, and some tourists had yet to evacuate. If the explosives were to detonate, there would be dire consequences. This wouldn’t do! Zhao Yu couldn’t let them have their way. Keeping that in mind, he quickened his steps and gave chase.

Although it hadn’t been long, Zhao Yu had run about one kilometer. As his old injuries had yet to recover, he still did not have as much stamina as he normally did. He had been running the whole day, and he was showing signs of fatigue.

Sigh! Zhao Yu thought about how nice it would be if he had some kind of transportation tool. Even if he had something as simple as a skateboard, he could use the Accelerator.

But this was a tourist spot, and a quick look around showed that there wasn’t a single mode of transportation. He could only depend on his own two legs.

Huff, huff…

Although Zhao Yu’s speed had decreased significantly, the drone was fortunately still directing him. It didn’t take much before he reached a palace near the scenic northeastern area.

It was a majestic palace, and just like before, there was an open field beside the palace. Zhao Yu could clearly see the masked man running up the stairs, but the distance was too far for him to hit the masked man with his subpar shooting skills.

What was more infuriating was that just as the masked man was about to enter the palace, he seemed to turn around and give Zhao Yu a look. Even though they were far apart, Zhao Yu could tell that the masked man had an arrogant smirk on his face, as if he were looking down on Zhao Yu.

The f*ck!? I can’t believe this garbage. Even at a time like this he still wants to pick a fight with me? Zhao Yu thought to himself.

Whirr… whirr… Just as Zhao Yu was about to continue his chase, he heard whirring sounds from the sky. It was two actual drones.

One of the two drones flew in the palace’s direction, while the other flew above Zhao Yu’s head.

Ah… hero… At that same time, Zhao Yu’s phone rang. The call was from Xiao Hang.

“Zhao Yu!” Xiao Hang said urgently after the line connected. “I see you! Was the guy who just ran into Guan Qing Palace the suspect you were talking about?”

“Guan Qing Palace?” Zhao Yu raised his head and looked, pointing at the majestic palace. “I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the one I’m currently pointing at!”

“Yep, that’s the one!” Xiao Hang said. “We have just been notified that illegal criminals have been discovered at Guan Qing Palace, and they have taken a bunch of people hostage! The actual numbers are unknown.”

“What?! To h*ll with them!” Zhao Yu growled. The one thing he had been the most worried about had ultimately happened.

He already knew the huge event that his hexagram had foreshadowed would be unavoidable. He quickly explained what had just happened to Xiao Hang. The moment Xiao Hang heard that there was a bomb he became worried and anxiously asked Zhao Yu to wait where he was. They would meet up first and discuss the plan.

After putting down the phone, Zhao Yu had already reached the foot of the palace and although a few steps still separated him from the entrance, he could hear cries coming from inside the palace. It was evident that the criminals had hostages.

It was no wonder the masked man had changed his route halfway! He must have realized he had been discovered and had no way to escape, so he returned to the palace and met up with the rest of his accomplices.

Now that they had hostages and an explosive on hand, the situation had swung heavily in their favor.

Zhao Yu raised his head and looked around. He saw that there was an open window and had a sudden thought. He moved his invisible drone over.

Zhao Yu had no clue how big the drone actually was, but after trying, he realized it was a success. The drone flew into the palace and recorded everything that was happening inside.

What?! Zhao Yu immediately frowned after seeing what was happening. What was this? Looking inside the palace, there were indeed criminals and hostages inside. There were only three criminals but about seven or eight hostages.

The hostages had all been forced into a corner of the palace. Amongst them were a few well-built men who had been forced into hammering and chipping away at a part of the floor.

The tiles on the floor had already been smashed and a layer of soil was visible. Another hostage was smashing the floor with a hammer. Could it be…?

Looking at the scene in front of him, Zhao Yu immediately realized they were most likely digging for the treasure! Could it be? The treasure was hidden underneath this huge palace?

Guan Qing Palace… What…?

At that moment, the drone flew lower and Zhao Yu could see that the masked man and his accomplices were discussing something. Whatever they were discussing, they were still conversing in the same Southeast Asian language.

The more Zhao Yu looked at the footage, the more he thought that the person’s actions, manner of speaking, intonation, and physical appearance were exactly the same as the masked man from before. But… was this a group of lunatics or just plain idiots?

They knew they would be surrounded by police soon, and that death would be the only way out, so why were they still digging for treasure in such a relaxed manner? Were they planning to dig out the treasure with just some hammers and a shovel? Wasn’t that a bit of wishful thinking? Uhm… or… could it be?

Were they planning to use the explosives? First, they would dig a hole in the ground, then they would plant the explosives! They would bomb the entrance with one bomb, then use the remaining explosives to damage the treasures.

Pft! If we really let them get their way, we’re all gonna be screwed! But… for such a large amount of treasure, won’t they need a missile? And if they really destroyed all the treasure, wouldn’t it start a war? Wait… no… Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something and began to feel more and more uneasy.

During the conversation, the masked man had a cold, stern look on his face. The other two didn’t look as nervous as Zhao Yu thought they would be. Could it be that he had guessed wrong?

Zhao Yu’s detective senses began to tingle and his mind went into overdrive recalling everything that had just happened.

First, there had been the two smoke bombs… then, the masked man had changed his direction… he would rather shoot and kill his companion than let the fake tour guide be captured alive, and just now he had shot Zhao Yu a mocking look… Not to mention the legend of the red-dressed woman, the exposed ground, and everything related to the treasure… could it be that this whole thing was just a scam?

Zhao Yu could see the silhouettes of people rushing in from further away. These were probably the Secret Service agents who had come to support him, and Xiao Hang.

Zhao Yu purposely hid beneath the stairs and raised his head. He saw that there was a camera on top of the palace roof.

Alright! This was a matter of life and death and concerned the nation.

Zhao Yu knew that he had to do something big to prevent a crisis from happening, and he had to do something bigger than what he had done at the fortress! He had to go all out and use all of his abilities with no hesitation. Thus, Zhao Yu snuck past the camera and took out a bunch of his equipment, including the invisibility cloak…

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