Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 788 - 788 Appearance

788 Appearance

“He escaped?”

The scene left the 100-plus powerhouses in utter disbelief. The coveted treasure they had yearned for, the Miniature Abyss, had been snatched away in the blink of an eye. And to add insult to injury, Xu Jingming had already made his getaway, leaving them with no chance of pursuit.

“Who is he?”

These powerhouses boasted impressive backgrounds, with some having even competed in the Spacetime Arena. Naturally, they felt outraged that an unknown powerhouse had claimed their prize. At this moment, their burning desire was to uncover the identity of this mysterious individual.

“I don’t know him.”

“He doesn’t belong to our dominion.”

“Never seen him.”

They shook their heads in unison.

The invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses and Abyss Sovereigns accompanying this expedition to the Ultimate Land were all subordinates dispatched by the 35 third-realm entities. Powerhouses from different dominions were unfamiliar with one another.

A total of 11 factions had taken part in the competition for the Miniature Abyss. Xu Jingming stood alone as the sole representative of Feather Fire City, and his name remained unknown to everyone present.

“It seems he hails from an unfamiliar dominion. I never anticipated that he could traverse the void despite being bound by the laws of the Ultimate Land.”

“His accomplishments in spacetime are beyond belief.”

“After all our explorations of the Ultimate Land, he is the only person I’ve seen capable of traversing the void.”

“With such extraordinary abilities, who can surpass him in seizing wonders?”

“It won’t be long before the name of such a powerhouse becomes widely known.”

These powerhouses were astounded by Xu Jingming’s ability to traverse the void.

They had no grounds for complaint if their own strength fell short of his. After all, he had obtained the Miniature Abyss right before their eyes and managed to escape unscathed. This prowess left a deep impression on many of the powerhouses.

“Let’s go.”

“The Ultimate Land must hold more than just a few wonders. There are greater opportunities awaiting us.” The 100-plus powerhouses quickly dispersed, with many of them bearing the trust of the third-realm entities.


Xu Jingming traveled silently, a smile playing on his lips as he ventured deeper into the mountains.

When I was weak, I had to be cautious and hide when there was a stir. Only when I am strong can I truly compete for valuable treasures. Xu Jingming had already arranged for his clone to enter his inner universe.

Within his inner universe.

The wonder known as the Miniature Abyss floated gracefully. One of Xu Jingming’s clones sat cross-legged on the expansive land, observing the wonder.

Even the Abyssal Void legacy can only imitate a small fraction of the true Abyss. Xu Jingming watched intently. In terms of knowledge, the Abyssal Void legacy falls short compared to this wonder.

Xu Jingming also surmised that this wonder might have been created by an Ultimate being.

The true nature of the Abyss was a puzzle to third-realm powerhouses. Yet, the Ultimate beings comprehended it with ease. They left behind wonders like the Miniature Abyss.

It is beautiful. Xu Jingming reached out and touched it, his amazement growing with each passing moment.

He had focused on two main disciplines—the Abyssal Void illusory realm and psychic weapons! His talent in the Abyssal Void legacy was exceptional, and he had acquired a wealth of knowledge.

In the past, my understanding was superficial. The true Abyss contains countless layers. Xu Jingming observed as the myriad branches of the Abyss writhed and transformed, resembling living entities. Through their undulations, more Abyssal spaces were born and destroyed naturally. Time and space have limited my perspective.

I can sense… that this Miniature Abyss merely scratches the surface. In other spacetimes, it takes on different forms.

After all, Xu Jingming had condensed a divine rune. It allowed him to bypass temporal hindrances and vaguely sense that the genuine Miniature Abyss was infinitely more complex and vast in an ‘unobservable’ realm of spacetime.

Xu Jingming remained unaware that even third-realm entities only grasped the infinite dominions within their own spacetimes.

As for the countless other spacetimes? Third-realm entities paid a hefty price to traverse them. As for prying into those countless other spacetimes? Even with the strength of a third-realm entity, they could only catch glimpses of select scenes.

Xu Jingming now confirmed the existence of other spacetimes, but he could not pry into them.

I am weak, and thus it presents itself this way before me. Xu Jingming gazed at the wonder, profoundly astonished. If I reach the third realm, its revelation before me will surely be even more awe-inspiring.

In comparison, my past Abyssal Void illusory realm appears crude.

With this sight, his understanding underwent a transformation.

Many questions he had harbored about the Abyssal Void legacy in the past were now answered, and his accumulated knowledge underwent a profound shift.

This is the genuine Abyssal Void. With a mere thought, Xu Jingming began to utilize the illusory realm wonder, the Miniature Abyss, as a foundation to construct an illusory Abyss he could call his own!

This construction took over three days to complete.

When the construction succeeded, Xu Jingming felt a deep sense of satisfaction. I can sense that I have reached the invincible half-step third realm in the Abyssal Void illusory realm lineage. After all, I possess the complete Abyssal Void legacy, which grants me a clear understanding of my progress.

Unfortunately… Being invincible at the half-step third realm falls far short of reaching the third realm. I still require an extensive period of time to fortify my foundation before the Abyssal Void legacy can truly transcend into the third realm, Xu Jingming mused.

Nonetheless, Xu Jingming remained content.

It was evident that he possessed extraordinary talent in the illusory realm lineage, on par with psychic weapons. In the past, he had achieved significant strength in the illusory realm through the ordinary Three Threads of the Heart Realm legacy.

However, his progress skyrocketed after acquiring the Abyssal Void legacy.

In the psychic weapon lineage, I had once wielded the Heart Divine Weapon. Later, I gained the complete third-realm legacy—the Nine Annihilations Stratagems—and the Ultimate spear technique inscribed on the silver parchment. Just a few days ago, under the pressure of Sovereign Yaming, I finally unraveled the fifth move of the Golden Halberd, Fire Beacon. It can be considered a psychic spear technique at the invincible half-step third realm.

If one were to say that my improvement in the psychic weapon lineage has been arduous, then my breakthrough in the illusory realm has been effortless and natural. Though the external resources I received were far inferior, I still managed to reach the invincible half-step third realm today. Xu Jingming had a faint inkling that… Perhaps his talent in the illusory realm lineage surpassed that of psychic weapons?

It was just that he had access to ample external resources for his psychic weapon lineage. The enigmatic characters in the Ultimate Land stemmed from the same source as the silver parchment’s spearmanship, smoothing his path in spear mastery.

As time passed, the number of wonders in the mountain range diminished.

One day, an explosion reverberated through the mountains, revealing a Primordial Gold mine. Naturally, it attracted the attention of powerful beings vying for its possession.


Xu Jingming shattered the barriers of spacetime and materialized near the Primordial Gold mine, swiftly claiming it for himself.

“It’s Wu Ming!”

“Wu Ming is here once again, seeking to pilfer treasures!”

“With his ability to traverse the void in the Ultimate Land, no one can hinder him.” These powerhouses could only watch helplessly as Xu Jingming vanished from their sight with just two strides.

One of the powerhouses exclaimed, “What do you think is Wu Ming’s background?”

“Wu Ming, an invincible half-step third-realm powerhouse, hails from Feather Fire City. His mastery of spacetime is unparalleled, capable of traversing the void in the Ultimate Land. I’ve heard he has snatched numerous precious wonders.”

“Yes, I witnessed the heart-wrenching sight of him snatching the wonder known as the Miniature Abyss.”

“I, too, saw him seize a radiant-winged wonder.”

These powerhouses seethed with indignation, yet their hands were tied.

“Has no one ever considered joining forces to confront him? A loner like him has amassed an impressive array of treasures.”

“If a group of powerhouses were to unite against him, he would flee as swiftly as possible. And if only a handful of us were to launch an attack… we wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“But how can a handful of us not defeat him? He’s an invincible half-step third-realm powerhouse, so the disparity in strength shouldn’t be insurmountable!”

“Wu Ming is an anomaly. I can’t help but wonder if he stumbled upon a formidable wonder or acquired some extraordinary power from those enigmatic characters. In a one-on-one confrontation, he can dispatch an invincible half-step third-realm powerhouse in just two or three swift maneuvers. We stand no chance against him with just a mere handful of us.”

The group of powerhouses engaged in conversation hailed from various dominions and were renowned for their skills. Yet, within the confines of the Ultimate Land, they had encountered an adversary of unparalleled might.

Xu Jingming stood atop a mountain peak, his gaze scanning the vast expanse of mountains with a perplexed expression. I’ve been in the Ultimate Land for six months, yet in the past month, I haven’t stumbled upon a single wonder.

It’s likely that all the wonders within these mountains have already been plundered, Xu Jingming mused, a smile creeping across his face. Nevertheless, I’ve gained considerably.

Ever since breaking through the barriers and harnessing the power of the divine rune, Xu Jingming had made it his mission to contend for these treasures.

Opportunities were meant to be seized!

Take, for instance, the Miniature Abyss—it had undoubtedly aided him in understanding the depths of the Abyssal Void legacy. The more such opportunities he pursued, the greater his chances of ascending to the coveted third realm in the future!

I’ve engaged in numerous battles during this time and managed to draw the hostility of many powerhouses. Xu Jingming chuckled. When a mere handful of powerhouses united against him, it was akin to delivering treasures right into his hands!

Competition, skirmishes, escape… This period had been rife with excitement, resulting in an accumulation of valuable treasures.

Recently, I’ve obtained a total of 29 wonders, each varying in worth. Additionally, I’ve acquired 16 third-realm weapons and over 120,000 characters, Xu Jingming reflected, visibly content. I’ve made significant gains, but the crux now lies in… how to make it out of here alive!

Xu Jingming was indeed a little puzzled.

Over the past six months, he had tirelessly searched for an escape route, whether through his clones within the mountains or those situated in the outer regions.

Even in Feather Fire City, Xu Jingming had garnered fame and exchanged ideas with numerous invincible half-step third-realm powerhouses regarding escape strategies.

Until now, I’ve never heard of anyone successfully leaving the Ultimate Land alive, Xu Jingming murmured, shaking his head. If we cannot depart, it means we’re unable to carry these wonders and treasures beyond these boundaries. Even the third-realm weapons we possess will be left behind!

Though he couldn’t transport these treasures elsewhere, Xu Jingming believed he had reaped substantial benefits nonetheless. After all, he had attained the invincible half-step third realm in both schools and had successfully condensed a divine rune.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

A flicker of concern crossed Xu Jingming’s face as he sensed a slight tremor beneath his feet, causing the mountain to quake.

It wasn’t just his mountain—across the horizon, the entire mountain range shuddered. Cracks appeared in the distance, emitting a foreboding aura.

Observing this phenomenon, Xu Jingming couldn’t help but feel his heart quiver and his legs weaken, prompting him to kneel down involuntarily.

At that moment, every living being in the Ultimate Land perceived the invisible yet formidable aura. Overwhelmed, they too dropped to their knees, recognizing the supreme presence representing an Ultimate existence.

What… what is that? Xu Jingming wondered, his gaze fixed on the unfolding scene.

From the depths of the fractured mountains, a succession of towering palaces materialized before his eyes.

The aura emanating from this palace complex compelled Xu Jingming and the other half-step third-realm powerhouses to raise their heads in awe.

Meanwhile, beyond the confines of the Ultimate Land, the 35 towering beings observed the spectacle through the karma of these half-step third-realm powerhouses. Their expressions grew solemn, their hearts ignited with fervor.

An opportunity bestowed by an Ultimate being? The third-realm powerhouses couldn’t help but yearn for it with every fiber of their being.

They considered themselves incredibly fortunate that an Ultimate entity had graced their spacetime and left behind a chance for them. The truth was that most third-realm powerhouses had never been blessed with the opportunity to encounter an Ultimate existence throughout their entire lives.

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