Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 724 - 724 Human Jing Ming

724 Human Jing Ming

“The Myriad Species Tournament is set to commence in just three days,” announced the golden AI robot. “Detailed requirements for the main competition will be disseminated through the information network.”

Without warning, an invisible force enveloped Xu Jingming and the other powerhouses, teleporting them away.

Fifteen minutes later—

Xu Jingming returned to his residence, taking a leisurely stroll.

His father, Jing Yulong, slumped on the sofa, was engrossed in a program projected on the screen. Yuan Yu was similarly focused, while Xu Jingming’s youngest sister slept soundly in her crib.

“Back so soon?” Yuan Yu expressed surprise.

“Just in time for lunch,” Xu Jingming replied with a smile.

“Jing Ming, the schedule for the Myriad Species Tournament will be announced tonight, and ticket sales will begin tomorrow night,” Jing Yulong informed him. “With dozens of us here, it will be difficult to secure enough tickets. There are only 100 million tickets available, with nearly 100,000 spectator groups vying for them.”

Yuan Yu added, “Only those in World Center City can snatch tickets online, but many who don’t even plan on attending the competition live will be trying to secure tickets. Once they have one, they can be resold for a profit.”

“It will be a challenge for us to get dozens of tickets together,” Jing Yulong lamented. “We may have to sit separately in the stands.”

“Ticket snatching will indeed be a problem,” Xu Jingming agreed.

“It’s even more difficult for the larger species,” Yuan Yu pointed out. “For example, some of the dragon species are 100 meters long, and Mountain Demons are generally over 50 meters tall! There are only 1,000 stands and boxes suitable for them, and there are many large species among the various Dragon branches. It won’t be easy for them to secure a ticket.”

Jing Yulong chimed in, “I heard that contestants in the main competition have separate private rooms to rest in. The relatives and friends of the main competition contestants can also rest in those private rooms.”

“That’s a benefit reserved for main competition contestants,” Yuan Yu reminded them, rushing to tend to her ninth child as she awoke.

In a small building nestled in World Center City, a gaunt gray elf perched before a window, gazing out at the falling night.

The gray elves are considered weak among the various branches of the elves, and they are generally between 60 centimeters and 1 meter tall, the gray elf powerhouse thought to himself. I planned on laying dormant during the first 300 years after my descent. I only had one goal… to survive.

Thus, twenty years after my descent, I sought refuge in the securest location, World Center City, where I have resided ever since.

As anticipated, high-dimensional lifeforms of formidable species began attacking the weaker species, forcing them to flee in all directions. Some sought refuge in World Center City, while others fled underground, the gray elf pondered.

World Center City boasts a high population density and strict regulations. I can’t cultivate freely at all, nor can I unleash my full potential in the dark and narrow underground. The gray elf had no choice. After all, his strength had grown to the point where unleashing it could reduce the surrounding dozens of kilometers to ashes.

Even if he restrained his body tempering, just one breath could decimate an area spanning several kilometers!

Here, I’m safe, but I can’t use my body tempering technique to its fullest potential, much less practice combat techniques, the gray elf ruminated. My strength is only at Lv. 45 for these preliminaries. Even when I charged toward the main competition’s arena, I was ranked at the bottom.

Due to his diminutive size, he was faster than the previous champion, the Giant Celestial, Kabermah.

There are very few opportunities for attacks now, the gray elf mused. It’s time for me to venture out and cultivate with all my might.

He had never dared to unleash his full strength in World Center City. Even the aftershocks of his fists striking the ground could affect an area spanning one to two kilometers. World Center City would immediately detain him, and he might even be permanently disqualified from future tournaments.

How can I defeat those monsters? I was born in the Firstborn realm, after all. I might as well enjoy my life in the Myriad Species World.

Being 300 years behind does not necessarily imply that I will remain trailing for the next few millennia. I still have ample time.

Despite being a formidable species, I was outstripped by a group of weaker ones in the first tournament. How can I hope to compete in the future?

The contestants who failed to qualify for the next round had varying reactions. Some clung to their convictions, some were thrown into panic, while others simply gave up.

The competition among over five million high-dimensional lifeforms was fiercely fought! These lifeforms could process information at lightning speed. After calculating, it was easy to deduce their probability of becoming the number one contender among the myriad species.


Nighttime in World Center City was a flurry of activity and dazzling sights. The eyes of innumerable lifeforms in the Myriad Species World were fixed here, and an abundance of live streams of World Center City were broadcasted around the clock.

“The schedule has been released.”

“The official competition schedule has been announced, along with the 300 participants in the main competition.”

World Center City erupted in excitement.

Countless species in the Myriad Species World eagerly perused the competition schedule. As they scanned the list of contestants in the main competition, they hoped to spot someone from their own species. That would be a source of great pride for their entire race!


“First day of the competition, 59th match of the first round: Badishon (Mountain Demon) vs. Jing Ming (Human)!”

“A human! There is actually a human among the main competition’s participants!”

Countless citizens of the seven human countries also followed the Myriad Species Tournament with great interest. They scrutinized the schedule calmly, but when they saw a human contender on it, they were stunned before erupting in euphoria.

“After 158,000 years, a new human powerhouse has joined the Myriad Species Tournament.”

“In this era, there are many powerhouses in the world, and their strength far exceeds that of past competitions. The significance of this tournament is also much greater than the previous ones. We humans finally have a contender in the ring.”

“Jing Ming, the head of the Jing family in Eastern Cloud. He was once young and frail, but he dropped out of school to focus on martial arts, and his progress skyrocketed. In the past 200 years, he has traveled the world and honed his skills.” Soon, information about Jing Ming flooded the internet.

“Eastern Cloud Nation, Jing Ming.”

“Our Eastern Cloud is impressive.”

“It’s been said that the powerhouses of today are terrifying. I wonder how formidable Jing Ming is now.”

“His opponent is the Mountain Demon Badishon. He is 65 meters tall and is practically a giant hill.”

The seven human countries were in a frenzy. They eagerly gathered all sorts of information on Jing Ming and his opponent, speculating on whether he could win this match.

World Center City, Jing family.


Jing Yulong, Yuan Yu, a group of younger siblings, a group of guards, servants, and even his old assistant, Ni Yun, were all taken aback as they looked at the list of competition schedules projected on the wall.

“Son.” Jing Yulong couldn’t help but ask, “Is that Human Jing Ming on the scheduled list you?”

“Bro, is that really you?” The young Sixth Brother’s eyes widened with surprise.

“Other than Boss, which of the seven human countries has a powerful warrior named Jing Ming?” Ni Yun murmured to herself.

Under everyone’s curious gaze, Xu Jingming went upstairs carrying a bottle of beverage. “Yeah, that’s me! Therefore, you don’t have to compete for tickets. Official contestants will have private rooms when the time comes.”

“Bro, don’t go. Explain yourself first.”


His younger siblings were thrilled and rushed over to him.

Xu Jingming turned around helplessly. “Didn’t I admit it? That’s me! Alright, I’m going to cultivate. I still have to fight a Mountain Demon powerhouse in the main competition.”

“Don’t disturb your brother’s rest,” Jing Yulong immediately scolded his children.

Xu Jingming went upstairs to his room.

The living room was in an uproar. Jing Yulong, Yuan Yu, and his siblings discussed excitedly.

“I knew it. For my brother to create such a powerful body tempering technique, he must be very impressive.”

“Bro has been traveling for more than 200 years, so he must have been focused on cultivation.”

“Yeah, the family head of the Jing family doesn’t enjoy himself but wanders outside alone and cultivates diligently. It’s no wonder he has such strength.”

“How strong is he?”

“I don’t know.”

“I watched some videos of some terrifying powerhouses destroying an area spanning a few kilometers with a single punch. Is he as powerful as them?”

“Sixth Brother, do you know what it means to be a main competition contestant? The 300 main competition contestants of the Myriad Species Tournament are the 300 strongest powerhouses in this era.”

They chatted excitedly.


As the anticipation of countless lives reached its peak, the Myriad Species Tournament was finally ready to commence.

Xu Jingming, accompanied by dozens of members of the Jing family, arrived at the entrance.

“Welcome, Contestant Jing Ming. I’ll take you straight to the contestant’s room,” a black AI robot greeted them. “Do you have any other companions with you?”

“No,” Xu Jingming replied, shaking his head.

Shadow, Fengke, and Yu Yangwei had already purchased their tickets and did not require the company of the Jing family.

“Very well.” The black AI robot nodded, smiling. Then, an electromagnetic light enveloped the Jing family, including Xu Jingming.


The group was teleported away.

Xu Jingming and his entourage materialized in a large private room with an open roof, spanning 50 meters in width.

“The private room is enormous.”


“The arena is massive.” Xu Jingming’s younger siblings looked around excitedly and spotted a towering Demon Dragon coiled up in the private room next door. Despite being coiled up, the Demon Dragon was still over 30 meters tall.

Its eyes met Xu Jingming’s, and both parties recognized each other as one of the 300 powerhouses in the main competition.

For a weak species to make it to the top 300 in the first tournament, he must be much stronger than me in the outside world, thought the Demon Dragon.

The Demon Dragon’s serious gaze frightened Xu Jingming’s siblings, bodyguards, and servants, sending them into a panic.

“Waa!” the baby cried in fright.

Helpless, the Demon Dragon turned its upper body slightly, facing the other way.

“Don’t worry. World Center City has strict rules, so it’s still very safe,” Xu Jingming reassured everyone.

“Bro, there’s another big one beside us,” his third sister said nervously.

Xu Jingming turned.

In the private room on the other side was a massive bird with folded wings, no less impressive in size than the Demon Dragon.

“Out of the 300 contestants in the main competition, only nine are from weak species,” Xu Jingming explained to his younger siblings. “The rest are all powerful species. The smaller ones are ten meters tall, and the larger ones are nearly 100 meters tall.”

“Bro, you’re the best.”

“Bro, you’re one of the nine weaker species.” The younger siblings were quite proud.

The audience sat in the countless seats in the arena.

In a very small seat in the front row sat an Ant dressed in luxurious clothing, his eyes cold as he watched the arena up close. I, Haverten, cannot participate in the first tournament. I can only be a spectator and gauge their strength.

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