Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 624 - 624 200 Years (1)

624 200 Years (1)

Years passed, and Xu Jingming endured the torture of his ‘painful emotions’ day and night. In the blink of an eye, 200 years had passed since his abnormal emotions erupted.

On a bustling administrative planet, Snake Dragon Planet, in a towering mansion on the top floor of a skyscraper.

Xu Jingming leisurely sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass window and held a glass as he watched the gorgeous city night scenery.

Huge layers of clouds snaked up and down, and buildings tore through them. Lights shone, forming refractions on the clouds. Everything was like a dream.

“Master, all the evidence has been gathered, enough to sentence the 73 targets to death.” Nine’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Mmm.” Xu Jingming gazed at the scarlet wine in the glass and took a sip. It’s time to reel in the net.

Xu Jingming—who was sitting there—had long enveloped the entire Snake Dragon Planet with his psychic force, instantly locking onto 73 targets!

To be chosen by the mighty Lord Wu Ming, these 73 targets weren’t ordinary figures.

With a thought, all 73 targets were teleported and appeared out of thin air in the hall of Xu Jingming’s mansion!

“Where is this?”

“What’s going on…”

“I was at home just a moment ago. Why am I here?”

Of the 73 people, some were wearing pajamas, some were wearing gowns, and some were only wearing underpants. All of them looked around in a daze, but then, the biological battle armor on them extended and protected their bodies. All of them stared at the fiery-red-robed man sitting leisurely in front of the glass window.

Xu Jingming’s aura was too terrifying in reality! Even if he restrained himself, anyone with a little knowledge could sense how extraordinary Xu Jingming was.

“He is?” The 73 people looked at Xu Jingming. The 73 of them knew each other, but they didn’t know this fiery-red-robed man.

“The entire Snake Dragon Galaxy is under your control. More than 100 people have committed heinous crimes, and 73 people live on the administrative planet, Snake Dragon Planet.” Xu Jingming held a glass and smiled at them. “The 73 refer to you.”

“What do you want?” An elder’s expression changed.

“You’re an Origin lifeform to be capable of teleporting us here?”

“We’re from the Ninefish family. How dare you touch us?”

These 73 people were furious.

The Snake Dragon Galaxy was only one of the Ninefish family’s many galaxies! They could control a galaxy and were considered core members of the Ninefish family.

“Ninefish family?” Xu Jingming nodded slightly. “Impressive. Mr. Ninefish is one of the top five Lv. 10 Origin lifeforms from Spacetime Island. The Ninefish family has two Lv. 10 Origin lifeforms and seven Lv. 9 Origin lifeforms… I’m terrified!”

Mr. Ninefish was extremely talented and was already in his 60,000s. His strength was ranked in the top five of Spacetime Island. He was good at nurturing his family’s descendants, allowing the small family that only had a few planets in their territory to expand to 29 galactic territories in just 60,000 years!

“Who the hell are you?”

These 73 people stared at Xu Jingming.

“He’s Lord Wu Ming?” Suddenly, a middle-aged man stared at Xu Jingming, his voice trembling.

“Lord Wu Ming?”

They looked at Xu Jingming with pale faces.

Ever since Xu Jingming became an Origin lifeform, his information was naturally kept a secret. However, a large faction like the Ninefish family still had simple information. More than half of them knew about Wu Ming.

In the intelligence report, Wu Ming had a gentle aura, and his eyes were like resplendent stars, like a deity in the light.

As for the Wu Ming in front of them? The fiery-red robe seemed to suffuse infinite blood. His eyes seemed to contain dark flames as he sat there. When he stared at them, it was as if they were being consumed by dark flames.

This was too different from the photos in the intelligence.

“You recognized me?” Xu Jingming smiled at him. “Not bad.”

“Lord Wu Ming?” These people panicked.

Xu Jingming smiled at them. “Don’t worry; I won’t kill you.”

These people calmed down.

“However, I have to tell you something,” Xu Jingming continued. “I’ve already submitted evidence of your crimes to the virtual world’s officials. This evidence is enough to sentence all of you to death.”

“You…” Some members were shocked, furious, and terrified.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. A crime isn’t a crime when the masses do it. The family will definitely protect us.”

“Even the officials have to cut our Ninefish family some slack.” Some members immediately understood. So what if he had submitted evidence to the officials? With the Ninefish family’s influence, they could at least keep their lives.

Xu Jingming said leisurely, “Oh right, I personally signed and confirmed the evidence when submitting it. I also suggested that… all of you should be sentenced to death!”

“Lord Wu Ming signed; it’s over!”

“We’re dead.”

“I’m finished. My wife, concubines, and children are finished.”

“I have nothing left.”

These 73 people’s minds went blank. They knew very well that Lord Wu Ming had personally signed a request for the death penalty. Coupled with the conclusive evidence, not many could reverse the verdict. Once the death penalty was imposed, everything they had accumulated over the years would be for naught. Their relatives and friends would be implicated.

“I believe someone will arrest you soon and collect your illegal gains,” Xu Jingming said leisurely as he looked at them.

He sensed the panic and fear in these people’s hearts, and some of them slumped to the ground and cried in pain.


“Lord Wu Ming, spare me. Spare me.”

“Lord Wu Ming.”

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