Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 539 - 539 Inside the Spacetime Star Sand (2)

539 Inside the Spacetime Star Sand (2)

The human who created the origin disintegration model must’ve studied every spacetime layer in detail and understood its detailed structure before creating this move in a targeted manner.

I’m confident that I’ll definitely be able to completely master the origin disintegration model in a few months.

Xu Jingming was thrilled.

He continued watching.

The ruined spacetime world was still collapsing—the collapse became even more thorough with time.

Oohook Star Alliance, Cloud Glow Galaxy, Planet Iwaizumi.

Meng Tian carried his luggage and walked on the street, where countless people came and went.

He took back the villa he gave me, the virtual chamber he gave me, and everything he gave me. Is that a warning? Thankfully, the Cosmic Human Alliance still has laws that ensure the rights of cosmic lifeforms. Even if Father wants to squeeze me dry and sign contracts in all kinds of names, he has to share with me the most basic income. Therefore, I still have some money and can buy what I want through interstellar trade.

If there were no laws, I would probably be a slave. Well, it’s not like I’m much different from a slave at the moment. Meng Tian walked to a villa that he had bought with his own money. He had bought it with cosmic dollars, so his father was very willing to sell it to him even if he was punishing him.

Due to the laws of the Cosmic Human Alliance, children who became cosmic lifeforms had to receive a share of the income. Therefore, his father bought and sold items to his children in all kinds of ways as a way to earn money from them.

Virtual chamber.

Meng Tian glanced at the virtual chamber but didn’t enter. Instead, he turned around and went to the bedroom next door. He then threw down his backpack and lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

It’s been three days. Senior Sister asked me about my situation in reality, but I’ve been hiding for three days. What should I do? What should I say?

This is my only relationship after all these years. I can’t accept it; I just can’t accept it. But how can I defy the large number of contracts Father has contracted with me? And with the strength of the Qingyuan family, how can I resist?

Meng Tian felt powerless. His father was only one of the members of the Qingyuan family, a power that was difficult for him to resist.

The Qingyuan family was a behemoth.

What’s the point of living when one can never see hope in these days of oppression? Meng Tian lay down.

Although the sun was shining outside, Meng Tian felt an extremely heavy pressure that seemed to suffocate him. He saw no hope for his future.

He had once thought that he could exchange all his future earnings for the freedom to love, but in the end, his marriage was already arranged.

“Hahaha…” Meng Tian laughed softly, mocking himself for living like a pitiful worm.


Virtual world network—Pearwood World.

Pearwood World was established by the Pearwood Group in a glorious office.

Xu Lixing sat at her desk. Through the glass window beside her, she could see the entirety of the beautiful Pearwood World.

As the two highest executives of the Pearwood Group were women, Pearwood World was made beautiful.

“Miss, this is the contract with the Redmond Group. I need your signature here.” A subordinate handed a document to Xu Lixing.

Xu Lixing received it and scanned it. As a cosmic lifeform, she quickly finished reading the entire contract and nodded with a smile. “The Redmond Group is our first partner. We can cut them some slack when it comes to payment; there’s no need to be so harsh.”

“About that…” The subordinate said helplessly, “This was requested by the Redmond Group.”

“Alright then.” Xu Lixing nodded and immediately signed her name. With the virtual world notarization, it was naturally legally binding.

“Send the contract to the other party,” she said.

“Alright.” The subordinate left with the document.

At this moment, another female subordinate entered the office and respectfully handed three documents to her. “Miss, these three documents need your signature for confirmation.”

According to the Pearwood Group’s rules, as long as a transaction reached 10 billion cosmic dollars, Xu Lixing or Li Miaomiao had to sign it. If it exceeded 100 billion cosmic dollars, they had to cosign it.

Xu Lixing frowned slightly as she read it. She signed two of the documents and said to the other, “Read through this document carefully again.”

The female subordinate’s expression faintly changed as she nodded slightly. “Alright.”

It was rejected.

Although her team was very outstanding, and she would sign off on most of them, she would reject those she wasn’t satisfied with.

Perhaps it was because Li Miaomiao wanted to groom her daughter, or perhaps it was because she was lazy, but whatever her daughter could handle in the corporation was left to her. She would review only what was needed.

Therefore, Xu Lixing was the key administrator of the corporation.

Over the years, Xu Jingming had invested more and more. Just his investment in the Pearwood Group reached a staggering amount of three quadrillion cosmic dollars, making the Pearwood Group one of the largest corporations in the Oohook Star Alliance.

Of course, it was still very ordinary in the Hunter Cosmic Sector. After all, this bit of money could only buy a few galaxies.

Xu Jingming’s spoils of war over the years were naturally far more than this. It was just that he gradually increased the investment according to the speed at which the corporation expanded, allowing it to expand steadily.

It’s been three days.

Xu Lixing finished her work and sat alone in a chair, looking at Pearwood World through the glass windows. This junior brother of mine hasn’t been online for three days! He didn’t even respond to the messages I sent him.

Xu Lixing frowned.

I asked him about his situation in reality, but he said that he would go back and ask his elders? Then, he ghosted me? There’s no need to do this even if we have to break up, right? Xu Lixing tapped the projection gently. “Director Liu, come to my office.”


Soon, Liu Yige—the head of the Pearwood Group’s intelligence department—arrived at her office.

As an outstanding talent from Earth, Liu Yige felt pressured as a department director of the Pearwood Group. He worked even harder to satisfy the two top executives.

“Miss.” Liu Yige arrived and bowed respectfully.

“Director Liu.” Xu Lixing looked at him. “I want you to investigate someone. His name is Meng Tian, and he’s 35 years old this year. He’s a Lv. 7 cosmic lifeform from the Hunter Cosmic Sector.”

“Do you know which Star Alliance he is from?” Liu Yige asked.

Xu Lixing shook her head. “How long will it take to find out?”

“The Hunter Cosmic Sector is massive, but it’s relatively easy to find a 35-year-old Lv. 7 cosmic lifeform with the precise name,” Liu Yige replied. “It’s just that the Cosmic Human Alliance officials make citizen information restricted. We can investigate the Oohook Star Alliance in greater detail, but it will take some effort for the other Star Alliances. If it’s in the Oohook Star Alliance, we can find out in three days. If it’s another Star Alliance, it might take about a month.”

“That long?” Xu Lixing frowned.

“Thankfully, there are very few Lv. 7 cosmic lifeforms at the age of 35. Intelligence on such people will be gathered by all parties. Coupled with the precise name, I’m confident of obtaining it. Otherwise, there’s no way to find an ordinary citizen under the citizen confidentiality system,” Liu Yige explained.

“Investigate it ASAP,” Xu Lixing instructed.

“Yes, Miss,” Liu Yige immediately replied and left.

Xu Lixing sat alone in a chair and chuckled softly. Do you believe I can’t find you if you hide offline?

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