Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 492 - 492 Lord Wu Ming's Identity (2)

492 Lord Wu Ming’s Identity (2)

The Black Moon civilization had two Lv. 9 Origin lifeforms, so they were naturally very well-informed.

“Merilun, Wu Ming’s true identity has been made public. I think you have to take a closer look.” A message popped up.

Merilun was an elder with an aquiline nose. He wore a loose robe and sat in a chair, looking at a document calmly.

As an Origin lifeform, he had experienced many things, and very few things could make him lose his composure. But today…

He cultivated for 31 years to become an Origin lifeform. Wu Ming’s true identity is Earth’s Xu Jingming? Merilun looked at the document, and his expression changed. He even felt stifled and found it difficult to breathe.

He knew very well what this Lord Wu Ming meant. Ignoring the future, he would quickly become one of the top ten figures in the entire Oohook Star Alliance right now!

As for the future? As long as the Black Moon civilization was in the Oohook Star Alliance, they would be influenced by Lord Wu Ming in every aspect.

“Damn you, Lunardo! You made our Black Moon civilization suffer!” Merilun couldn’t help but curse.

If it weren’t for Lunardo, then it would only be a normal trading condition with weak civilizations. Although there will be some bullying, there will also be protection. This is common in the universe. A sufficient apology through gifts can resolve the conflict. Merilun panicked.

It was normal for powerful civilizations to take advantage of weak civilizations in trade!

Because of Lunardo, the garrison was withdrawn! Even the other civilizations in the Star Zone didn’t dare to trade with Earth. The unprotected Earth ushered in space pirates. Merilun frowned. If it weren’t for the Redmond Group’s help, Earth might’ve even been wiped out.

If the previous conflict was only about trade and the unfair distribution of profits, then Lunardo had put Earth in grave danger.

And clearly… the Black Moon civilization’s choice to stand on Lunardo’s side had a clear indication that Earth would encounter predators or pirates. However, the Black Moon civilization watched everything happen coldly.

Lunardo is a member of the Primestar royal family. He’s not afraid of Xu Jingming. After all, Xu Jingming has to follow the laws of the cosmic human race. But our Black Moon civilization needs to consider the influence in Oohook Star Alliance. The more Merilun thought about it, the more anxious he became. In the future, he will have all kinds of ways to deal with our Black Moon civilization.

Merilun immediately connected to the virtual world.


In a huge meeting hall.

The 13 elders of the Black Moon civilization’s Supreme Council were all gathered. They had the highest status in the entire civilization, and the 13 of them decided the direction of the entire civilization.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” Merilun looked at the other 12 people in front of him. “I urgently convened the Supreme Council because our Black Moon civilization has encountered a huge calamity.”

“A huge calamity?” The 12 people were a little surprised.

“Merilun, what happened?” a red-brown-haired elder asked.

“Take a look at Lord Wu Ming’s identity document first.” Merilun sent the document to the other 12.

The 12 people fell silent and carefully read the document. After reading it, the 12 people’s expressions changed.

They weren’t ordinary figures. From the information they had learned from the document and the recent events on Earth, they could deduce a lot.

“We should’ve ignored Lunardo back then! The Primestar civilization can’t do anything to our Oohook Star Alliance across the universe.”

“Our decision back then wasn’t wrong. Once Lunardo’s brother becomes the emperor of the Primestar civilization, Lunardo’s authority will increase greatly. I’m afraid many Origin lifeforms in the Oohook Star Alliance will cut him some slack. It’s right not to offend such a person. After all, we never expected… an emerging civilization like Earth was capable of producing someone like Lord Wu Ming.”

“What’s done is done. What should we do now?”

“Lord Wu Ming will become one of the top ten figures in the Oohook Star Alliance in a short period of time! He might even become the number one figure in our Oohook Star Alliance in the future. It’s not impossible for the faction he creates to reach the heights of the Redmond Group in the future.”

“How should we resolve his hostility?”

The 13 people from the Black Moon civilization were very anxious.

Giving Lunardo a tiny helping hand had thrown the entire Black Moon civilization into fire. Worst of all… nothing would happen to Lunardo while he was in the Primestar royal family. Their Black Moon civilization was in the Oohook Star Alliance, so there was no way to hide.

“The 13 of us need to come up with a plan by today,” Merilun said. “We can’t hesitate. Once Lord Wu Ming returns from the Primordial Research Institute and publicizes his attitude toward our Black Moon civilization, it will be difficult to get him to retract his decision.”

All the civilizations and factions in the Star Alliance would wish to befriend him. Only the Black Moon civilization thought about how to resolve any hatred and conflict.


While the Oohook Star Alliance was in chaos, Xu Jingming—who was in the Primordial Research Institute headquarters—had arrived at the dean’s residence.

Deputy Dean Redmond, Secretary General Blacksky, and Xu Jingming stood in front of a huge strange building.

“Don’t be anxious,” Redmond said. “The dean is very busy. He will settle some matters before meeting us.”

“Just wait a while.” Blacksky was already used to it.

Xu Jingming nodded.

Was waiting outside the dean’s door a big deal? Waiting a day was nothing!

Even Deputy Dean Redmond and Secretary General Blacksky had to wait patiently? As a small fry, he naturally had to wait obediently.

Xu Jingming stood outside the building for more than half an hour before the door slowly opened with a rumble.

“It’s quite fast this time,” Blacksky commented.

“Let’s go in,” Redmond said and led the way in.

Xu Jingming followed. As he entered the building, he felt terrifying heat.

The temperature here has already reached more than ten million degrees, right? Xu Jingming thought to himself. But as an Origin lifeform, he naturally didn’t care about this high temperature.

As he walked in step by step, space distorted to varying degrees.

Shortly after walking in—

That is? Xu Jingming saw a miniature Primordial Star in the distance.

Primordial Star? Xu Jingming had received a legacy when he became a peripheral member. The scene of the Primordial Star in his mind was very similar to the scene in front of him.

The miniature Primordial Star in the distance was clearly there, but Xu Jingming felt that the distance between them was very, very far.

Infinite light and heat passed through the obstructions of spacetime and reached this place, but the temperature remained terrifyingly high.

I’m certain that although this miniature Primordial Star looks very small in the building, it’s actually at least a hundred million kilometers in diameter through multiple layers of spacetime. Xu Jingming felt its magnificence just by looking at it. No, it’s not right to describe it in terms of diameter. It’s not a celestial object I can understand normally; it’s a high-dimensional existence.

The layers of spacetime isolation are actually protecting the Primordial Research Institute’s Origin lifeforms. Even though there are layers of spacetime isolation, infinite light still gets transmitted over?

A large amount of information regarding Light Rays appeared in Xu Jingming’s mind. Many questions were answered, and he gained a deeper understanding of Infinite Light.

“This old man’s consciousness carrier is a high-dimensional lifeform, but mine is so weak,” Blacksky muttered.


Xu Jingming saw the miniature Primordial Star outside the layers of spacetime retract all light and heat suddenly. Its surroundings began to turn dark, and the Primordial Star condensed into a figure.

A Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform had already reached Energy Manifestation.

Xu Jingming wasn’t surprised to see the miniature Primordial Star condense into a human form. At this level of life, appearance was secondary; the basic structure of life was the foundation.

This figure was thin, and he had short hair and calm eyes. When he looked at Xu Jingming…

Xu Jingming had an illusion. It was like a high and mighty existence overlooking the people in the small caged world.

A high-dimensional lifeform? This was the first time Xu Jingming was seeing a high-dimensional lifeform. Moreover, it’s only the dean’s consciousness carrier.

The dean walked over like a behemoth that passed through layers of spacetime and finally came close. Although the dean had completely restrained his strength, Xu Jingming still instinctively felt fear.

It was a lifeform that exceeded the vastness of space.

Just seeing a carrier of mine gives you a deeper understanding of Infinite Light? The dean smiled at Xu Jingming. In his vision, he could see traces of Xu Jingming’s body, mental strength, and thoughts.

“Dean.” Deputy Dean Redmond and Secretary General Blacksky bowed. Xu Jingming’s reaction was slightly slower, but he immediately bowed. “Dean.”

“What a talented kid,” the dean praised with a smile. As he had restrained all light and heat, the temperature in the building rapidly plummeted.

Frost even began to appear.

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