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Chapter 401 - No Strange Weapons Are Allowed For This Military Drill

Chapter 401: No Strange Weapons Are Allowed For This Military Drill

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Wang Teng kept the Black Meteorite. He wanted to continue admiring it, but he couldn’t. He was afraid that he would start using the furnace if he kept staring at it.

Mind you, he was an advanced-stage alchemist. It was natural for his hands to get itchy when he saw this legendary furnace.

However, this wasn’t the right time and place. Furthermore, he didn’t have any spiritual herbs with him. He could only wait for the next time.

Here came the question.

What was the function of the Black Meteorite furnace?

From its reaction just now, it was able to condense flames together and increase the speed of dan making.

As previously mentioned, the Black Meteorite furnace was made using a meteorite from outer space. The meteorite had landed in a volcano and was submerged among the lava for thousands of years. Special changes had occurred to the meteorite.

The most widely known function was its ability to gather flames. As for the others, only those who had used it before would know.

Wang Teng contemplated for a moment. Then, he took a deep breath and cleared the unnecessary thoughts in his mind. He started cultivating.

The next day, at 7 am, everyone gathered in front of the dormitory building.

Lieutenant Colonel Niu appeared once again. Nie Jianqiang and the other instructors were present too.

Immediately after they gathered, Niu Li brought them to the military cafeteria for breakfast.

The military cafeteria was huge. The tables and chairs were arranged neatly, and the food was already served on the table. All the dishes were placed in the same way and in identical positions.

Wang Teng was in awe when he stared at the cafeteria. He felt that even a person with the obsessive-compulsive disorder would be cured if he was thrown into the military for two months.

When they arrived, other groups of soldiers were also streaming into the cafeteria for breakfast.

“Huh?” Wang Teng made a soft exclamation. He looked at the two teams who were walking in.

Han Zhu heard him and turned to look in the same direction. He smiled and explained, “They are Xingshan Military Academy and Yunkong Military Academy students.”

“There are other universities here too?” Wang Teng asked in surprise.

“What’s strange about that? The students from these two universities would also enter the Black Sparrow Troop after they graduate. You should read up on these matters,” Wan Baiqiu said.

“Why should I? My brain is already filled,” Wang Teng replied nonchalantly.

“Respect.” Wan Baiqiu was speechless.


“Did they participate in the martial arts competition? I have no impression of them at all,” Wang Teng asked curiously.

Han Zhu and Wan Baiqiu didn’t know what to say.

“Your attention was only on Capital Military Academy and The First University, right?” Wan Baiqiu asked angrily.

“Hahaha, was it?” Wang Teng laughed awkwardly.

The students from Xingshan Military Academy and Yunkong Military Academy saw Wang Teng and his friends. Their expressions changed slightly, especially when they saw Wang Teng.

This was the gaze of a bottom-feeder looking at a star student.

Of course, they weren’t bottom-feeders. None of the ten military academies in the country were lousy.

But compared to Wang Teng and Han Zhu, they felt useless.

Soon, everyone arrived, and breakfast started. A second later, only the sound of munching could be heard in the cafeteria.

After breakfast, Niu Li brought them to the martial arts arena.

The martial arts arena was far from the residential area and the cafeteria. Even with their speed, the martial warriors had to jog for close to ten minutes before they arrived.

Their martial arts arena looked similar to Huanghai Military Academy’s stadium. It was huge, and there were many different zones.

Niu Li led everyone through the door. They walked along the outskirts for some time before they finally arrived at an area with an arena and a spectator stand.

“Perform well. Don’t hold back. Your performance during this drill will affect the future arrangements the military has for you. All the best.”

After a few reminders, Niu Li, Nie Jianqiang, and the instructors from the other universities went to the spectator stand to watch the drill.

Suddenly, Nie Jianqiang stopped in his tracks.

“Oh right, no strange weapons are allowed for this military drill.”

Lieutenant Colonel Niu was puzzled by this random remark. He looked at Nie Jianqiang in confusion.

Han Zhu and his friends understood at once. They turned to look at Wang Teng strangely.


Wang Teng was bewildered.

“Why are you all looking at me? How is it related to me?”

“Don’t you know that you have the strangest weapon of all?” Wan Baiqiu replied.

The other students nodded.

Wang Teng finally realized what they were referring to.

The brick!

These people were looking down on his brick?

“Why? That is a weapon too. I’m not breaking the rules,” Wang Teng refuted unhappily.

Niu Li felt even more confused.

What weapon were they talking about?

Why were they speaking in riddles? Couldn’t they be clearer?

“Why? What do you think?” Nie Jianqiang glanced at him helplessly before he snorted. “You might not find it embarrassing, but I do. Don’t create any trouble for me. Fight properly and let everyone witness your real skill.”

Wang Teng wasn’t convinced. There were many talented martial warriors in the military. If he couldn’t use his brick, how was he supposed to collect more spirit and enlightenment attributes from them?

Nie Jianqiang had a headache when he saw Wang Teng’s reaction. He couldn’t understand why he was so stubborn.

What was wrong with the other weapons? Were they hard to use?

This fellow was a talent, but he had a few screws loose.

Were smarter people more abnormal too?


Han Zhu and the other students seemed normal. It looked like they weren’t smart enough.

Yes, this must be why.

He knew that he still had to rely on Wang Teng to gain honor for their university, so he softened his tone and said, “I won’t stop you if you use your brick outside, for instance, on the battlefield. You can do whatever you want with it. However, you can’t use it today. The martial warriors you’re fighting with are our own people. They might be your seniors.”

“A brick?” Niu Li caught this word sharply, and his mind went blank.

What the hell?

As a martial warrior and a student of Huanghai, he was using a brick?

Did he hear wrong?

But when he saw everyone’s nonchalant expression, he had to accept this fact. He looked at Wang Teng with a strange gaze.

This fellow…

Wang Teng hesitated and nodded. “Alright, I won’t use it this time. However, you can’t stop me in the future.”

At first, he wasn’t willing to relent. However, Nie Jianqiang had managed to convince him. They were on the same side, so he should give them some face.

There were many enemies on the battlefield, enough for him to harvest lots of attributes. He wouldn’t be losing too much.

Nie Jianqiang heaved a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Wang Teng would remain stubborn, but fortunately, he took a step back for him.

He had nothing else to say, so he went up to the spectators’ stand with Niu Li and the others.

There were already many military martial warriors seated on the spectators’ stand. They were looking at the students below and discussing in hushed voices.

There were many other soldiers sitting around too. All of them were waiting in anticipation for the drill to start.

After all, these weren’t ordinary recruits. They were all talented martial warriors from military academies. The military drill would definitely be extraordinary and spectacular.

Some of them might become outstanding generals in the future. They would be the influential men of their era, taking control of the overall situation.

Hence, many soldiers who didn’t have missions chose to come and take a look.

The students from Xingshan Military Academy and Yunkong Military Academy were present as well. They were standing not far away in two groups. No one spoke, but they kept glancing at the students from Huanghai Military Academy occasionally.

Wang Teng ignored them. He was looking at the group of soldiers on the opposite side of the arena.

There were only around 50 of them, much less than the number of students from the military academies. Yet, their aura surpassed those of the students combined.

They appeared relaxed as they sized up the recruits, looking at them mockingly.

A 30-years-old man with a mighty temperament was seated in the middle of the spectators’ stand. He was wearing a military uniform with one crimson star on his shoulder.

That represented his identity. He was a general.

His name was Song Wanjiang, one of the deputy commanders of Black Sparrow Troop.

There were many officers sitting around him. They were all field officers.

The most conspicuous among them were a young lady and a young man.

They seemed to be around 20 years old, much younger than the other officers. However, the military emblem on their shoulder was a silver star. They were majors!

Mind you, you wouldn’t just be promoted based on your ability alone. You couldn’t lack enough military exploits.

Their military ranks meant that they had achieved a lot of military exploits.

It was impressive to be able to attain such glory at a young age. They had a bright future ahead.

Niu Li and Nie Jianqiang were sitting on Song Wanjiang’s left.

The instructors from Xingshan Military Academy and Yunkong Military Academy were present on the scene.

Song Wanjiang looked at the young figures below and smiled. “Look at these youngsters. I wonder if there will be any outstanding students among them.”

A face appeared in Niu Li’s mind instinctively. He also remembered Nie Jianqiang’s reminder about Wang Teng. He said with a strange expression, “Maybe.”

“Oh?” Song Wanjiang was startled.

“Did someone catch your fancy?” the young male major beside Song Wanjiang smiled gently and asked. His gaze was sharp.

“Let’s wait for his performance.” Niu Li glanced at the young man, but he didn’t reply to his question.

“I saw Lieutenant Colonel Niu bringing our junior sisters and brothers over. Is he among them?” the young female major smiled and chimed in.

“Kong Li, you haven’t been paying attention to your alma mater, have you?” Nie Jianqiang suddenly smiled.

“Instructor Nie, I just came back from a mission. I didn’t even go home during Chinese New Year. How would I have the time to see them?” Kong Li said bitterly.

“Haha, as a soldier, this is inevitable. Since you don’t know anything, you must pay attention later,” Nie Jianqiang said in a mysterious tone.

Kong Li’s eyes lit up. She smiled and said, “It looks like there is an impressive student in our school this year.”

The young male officer’s face glowed with interest.

“I’m anticipating Huanghai’s performance now,” Song Wanjiang laughed and replied.

“I think you won’t be disappointed,” Nie Jianqiang said with confidence.

“Alright. It’s about time. Let’s get started.” Song Wanjiang stood up.. His voice echoed through the arena.

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