Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 1862 - 1862 You Can't Even Defeat My Clone! (5)

1862 You Can’t Even Defeat My Clone! (5)

Shen Yanfeng wielded his battle blade, and the green blade radiance reappeared. Endless wind power congregated on his blade glow.

Similarly, Shi Tianyun swung his sword, and the blue sword radiance burst forth, rising like water. It merged with Shen Yanfeng’s blade, forming a tornado of blades and swords.

“Interesting!” Wang Teng squinted. He was surprised by their domains.

He didn’t expect someone to comprehend the fusion of blade and sword, wind and water, just like he did.

However, his tornado was still much stronger.

His Flaming Magnetic Meteor Domain was enough to deal with them.

However, he only fused two of his clones so he didn’t possess the full power of his original self. Thus, he couldn’t afford to be careless.

He reached out to the sky, and the massive flaming boulders converged above him, gradually forming an incredibly large sphere resembling a small asteroid.

“Wind Cloud Domain!”

Shen Yanfeng and Wang Teng attacked at the same time. They combined the power of their domains and hurled it at Wang Teng.


Wang Teng pointed forward without any hesitation.

The massive sphere fully condensed and descended like a small asteroid towards the blade and sword tornado.


A terrifying explosion occurred.

The blade and sword tornado rotated wildly in an attempt to completely shatter the massive stone sphere.

The giant rock carried a tremendous impact as it slammed into the blade and sword tornado. The blade and sword energy within it were crushed.

Both sides seemed locked in a stalemate. It was a tug of war.

Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun felt nervous. They didn’t expect Wang Teng’s domain to be so powerful.

In contrast, Wang Teng remained calm, seemingly unworried.

Before long, the situation in the arena finally began to change.


The blade and sword tornado couldn’t bear the overwhelming pressure and emitted a series of cracking sounds as if it was about to collapse.

In just a few breaths, the blade and sword tornado could no longer hold together and began to disintegrate.


In the next moment, before Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun could react, the blade and sword tornado violently shattered. Countless sword energies shot out in all directions.

“How is this possible!” Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun were flabbergasted. They seemed to have lost their voices.

They didn’t expect this result.

Their combined domain… lost!


While the two of them were still immersed in the shock of their failure, the enormous stone sphere continued its unstoppable force, directly hurtling toward them.

“Quick, retreat!” Shi Tianyun regained his composure and shouted with a pale face.

The two of them immediately retreated, but it was too late. The massive stone sphere descended at an incredible speed with an unparalleled impact.

They couldn’t evade it at all. They stared helplessly as the giant rock came crashing down.

The two of them hurriedly activated their domains, trying to shrink them instantly and gather them within a meter of their bodies. This was their last-ditch effort to resist the impact of the boulder.

However, time was against them. The massive stone sphere slammed down and crashed into their domains.


A loud explosion was heard as the giant rock struck the layer of domain power around their bodies.


The domain power shattered instantly. There was no way they could withstand the impact. Their faces were filled with horror.

“It’s over!” Wang Teng’s lips moved slightly as he uttered two words.

Immediately after that, the massive stone sphere exploded and a terrifying Force impact swept out, engulfing the two of them.


They only had time to scream before they disappeared in the terrifying explosion.


The protective shields around them trembled under the impact of the explosion. They looked as if they would break at any moment. The audience was frightened.

The people below the arena felt the muscles on their faces twitching when they saw the incredibly powerful explosion.

This… was frightening!

How could Wang Teng possess such terrifying domain power?

After a moment, the explosion slowly subsided, revealing the situation in the arena.

A massive crater had formed in the center of the arena. There were cracks all around it like spiderwebs. Two figures lay within it, their armor tattered and their bodies covered in wounds. They looked miserable.

“Poor thing!” Many people gasped when they saw this scene.

“Are they dead?” Someone couldn’t help but ask.

“Cough, cough!”

Someone suddenly coughed violently.

The two figures slowly climbed to their feet. They weren’t dead but they were coughing up blood continuously. They appeared extremely weak.

Another figure flew down from the sky and landed at the edge of the crater. He looked down at the two figures within the pit expressionlessly.

Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun raised their heads to look at the person. Their faces filled with resentment.

Tap, tap, tap…

Footsteps approached from behind, and several figures emerged. It was Wang Teng’s true form and the other remaining clones who were waiting outside.

“You couldn’t even defeat my clones!” Wang Teng looked at the two of them and said suddenly.

The clones disappeared, including the one who defeated Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun, and merged back into Wang Teng’s body.

“Pfft!” Shen Yanfeng and Shi Tianyun’s eyes trembled violently when they saw this scene. They vomited a mouth of blood on the spot.

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