Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Instant Win

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Qian Jin was confused by Rudy. He thought to himself, “Does Rudy want to lose intentionally, or is he just playing with me? Is he trying to go into a disadvantageous position and pull a comeback to demonstrate his real strength?”

When both people were still confused, Rollin grabbed onto their hands and pulled them to the fairest spot. He suddenly released both hands and yelled, “Go…”


A loud deep noise sounded on the table. The strong impact force caused the table to jump up for a split of a second.

Everyone in the room stared at this shocking scene quietly, and no one moved. The moment that Rollin yelled “go”, Qian Jin smashed Tough Bull Rudy’s hand onto the table with a sudden burst of power.

Qian Jin… won…

Qian Jin didn’t just win; he won so cleanly that Tough Bull Rudy didn’t even have the time to react. He was finished by Qian Jin in less than a second.

The process was so fast that it shocked everyone, and they couldn’t accept the fact right in front of their eyes.

Who was Rudy? He was the third strongest person among all Grade One students at Oakland Academy! He was just behind the two warriors who had a sixth of the Barbarian bloodline. He thrived on physical strength.

Even a lot of the Grade Two seniors in the Warrior Branch were weaker than him in terms of physical strength.

All the students from Class Two stared at Qian Jin. They were all wondering, “How did a guy who was ranked around fifty in terms of physical strength beat Rudy in arm wrestling?”

Everything happened so fast that even Qian Jin himself was shocked and looked down at his right arm. He didn’t know what had just happened. How did he defeat Tough Bull Rudy with a simple burst of strength that easily as if he was arm wrestling with Rollin?

Qian Jin even thought that he might be dreaming. It was unreal! The win came too fast! Tough Bull Rudy was instantly defeated by him!

The room was so quiet that people could hear a pin drop. Rollin looked at the situation on the table and was astonished. All he wanted to find was a person that could lose less terribly and put up a fight, and he didn’t expect Qian Jin to win at all.

Some people were so surprised that they even forgot to breathe. As everyone was shocked, Rollin’s chubby body shivered a little, then…

An excited expression appeared on Rollin’s face as he jumped onto the table like a pig jumping into a bush. He started seizing and grabbing the coins on the betting table and stuffed them into his pocket greedily.

Qian Jin was slightly scared by Rollin’s sudden action. After seeing his friend trying his best to collect the coins, he was finally sure that he wasn’t dreaming. Rollin, who was from a merchant family, was especially greedy for money.

There was a time that Qian Jin was shocked by Rollin’s greed. One time, they were going for a walk when Rollin suddenly stopped walking and said that he smelled money; someone must have dropped some money.

After more than a few minutes of search, Rollin finally found a coin under the grass.

“Hahaha, we won! We won!” Rollin fully utilized all of his ten fat fingers to quickly collect the money. His shaky voice told the others that he was deeply surprised. “Wow, we actually won. I never could have imagined.”

All the coins on the table went into Rollin’s money bag in a matter of seconds. Qian Jin gave him a glance and didn’t ask him to hand over the money right away. Qian Jin had counted how many coins were on the table. If this fatty dared to go back on his words and keep all the money, then Qian Jin would “caress” him and teach him a lesson.

“I actually lost? How could this be?” Tough Bull Rudy couldn’t accept the result. He looked at Qian Jin and said in his deep voice, “This is impossible! I wasn’t ready! We have to do it again!”

Qian Jin didn’t pay attention to Rudy; he was carefully looking at his right arm that won him the arm wrestle. He opened his right hand wide and suddenly gripped his hand into a fist. Three loud, crisp cracking sounds resonated in the room. He felt a real powerful strength in his arm as his sore muscles contracted.

Power… Qian Jin slightly frowned. It was a warrior’s fundamental ability to feel if his or her strength and power had increased.

Because of the shame from the “extremely ugly guy” incident, Qian Jin paid less attention to himself. Even though he suspected that his strength had increased, he didn’t really measure or test it. He only thought that it would be crazy if his dream was real.

After winning against the third-ranked Tough Bull Rudy, Qian Jin had to seriously measure his strength. Although this simple test of gripping his hand caused a lot of muscle soreness, he could feel an enormous amount of strength and tell that he was much stronger than before.

He opened his right hand again and thought to himself as he touched the tip of his nose, “Could it be that the virtual gaming space called Endless World is real? Could I really train in there and improve my strength?”

Qian Jin lightly shook his right wrist. The power was definitely real. Although some warrior students were unable to test themselves to see if their power had increased, as a member of the Qian Family, he could test himself to see if his strength or warrior energy had increased, even if he was a member who had failed in the Bloodline Awakening Ceremony.

“Hey!” Tough Bull’s wild voice interrupted Qian Jin’s thoughts. “Let’s go again! I will win for sure this time.”

“Again?” After Qian Jin was sure that his strength had increased, he was relieved and less nervous. He looked around and asked, “Do you guys want to bet again?”

The people in the room felt the urge to go and whoop Qian Jin’s ass as he sounded very arrogant. Unfortunately, the academy prohibited fights in private. On top of that, none of the people in the room could beat him one on one. If they went together, Qian Jin would at least take a few people down before getting his ass whooped by the rest of the students.

Qian Jin’s fighting ability was ranked in the top ten among all Grade One students, and no one doubted that. Although he never fought like the other nine students in the top ten to figure out a proper order, everyone expected him to be on the top ten list.

No one knew exactly if he would be number one or number ten on the rankings. The only way to figure it out was to actually fight against him. However, Qian Jin wasn’t interested in fighting over a top spot on the ranking list when he came to Oakland Academy.

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