Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 647 - Understanding

Chapter 647: Understanding

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“How can I deal with this bad situation?” Qian Jin observed his internal state and thought, “Even if I wake up from this state, I can’t make potions. Those high-level potions require a high level of control and stability. I can’t do that at the moment.”

The grey mist didn’t stop permeating. It was slow, but it was consistent.

Another warrior seal fragment was entirely devoured by the grey mist. Like a star in the sky that slowly lost its energy, it dimmed and disappeared in Qian Jin’s body.

“Universe? Milky way?” Qian Jin looked at all the warrior seal fragments in his body and felt like they genuinely looked like the messy stars in the sky.

“If my body is the universe, then these fragments are stars…”

The universe was there since the beginning of time. The stars that hung in the sky had been there since humans appeared, and they were still there in the primitive times when humans weren’t born. Regardless of what happened and what changes occurred in the world, the universe was always there.

Stars would disappear and be born, but the universe hosted everything and never went away.

“Stars… Qian Jin vaguely felt like he understood something, and those two shattered half shields appeared in Qian Jin’s mind as he thought of this.

This was different from the last time. Last time, only half of the stars in the universe appeared, and the universe wasn’t complete.

This time, Qian Jin discovered that the universe inside his body was complete with the stars all connected. These stars looked like the energy reservoirs, but there were more than 108 of them. They were connected… in a strange way. The life energy reservoirs and dead energy reservoirs connected.

That’s right! The most miraculous thing was that when they connected, Forging Breathing Technique was slowly operating on its own.

“This…” Qian Jin looked at the stars that were connecting in his body. He discovered that this wasn’t a secret warrior power training technique. It was a fighting technique and also a map.

The only reason that Qian Jin could connect the stars was that his understanding of stars and the universe deepened a lot recently, and his awareness of warrior power training techniques and fighting techniques automatically treated these stars as a warrior theory even though it wasn’t.

It was just like how some people see mountains as mountains while others don’t.

Since Qian Jin used dead energy reservoirs and stored energy there, he subconsciously that that live and dead energy reservoirs should be connected, and it was his mind that made this happen.

The accidental inspiration somehow made Qian Jin’s live reservoirs connect with the dead reservoirs. Even though they were still two unique systems, they somehow connected.

Overall, Qian Jin was in a different state.

Life and death energy reservoirs formed a giant cycle, and Qian Jin’s body seemed to have turned into a complete universe with the warrior seal fragments being the stars.

“The universe is within me! Warriors seals are stars, and I’m the Heavens!”

As soon as this thought came across Qian Jin’s mind, the warrior seal fragments started to move in his body. The four soul warrior seals began to move on their own, and they spun in a formation and created several small whirlpools.

These whirlpools gradually increased in strength and created a trace of wind.

This trace of wind pulled on the messy warrior power in Qian Jin’s body and made it move again.

Wind and Cloud Warrior Power! The wind was here!

Once the wind energy appeared, the grey mist that was permeating in Qian Jin’s body started to get blown around, and those warrior seal fragments that weren’t wholly devoured appeared again. These fragments were sucked into different warrior souls.

The four soul warrior seals spun faster and faster, and a new warrior soul gradually appeared in the center.

The feeling that Qian Jin had when he was in the Ancient Desert Sea and felt like he could tear open the sky reappeared.

This warrior seal was… [Tear Sky].

Qian Jin finally understood why he couldn’t condense the fifth warrior seal after [Dividing Metal Multi-Chop], [Break Water Rip Tides], [Crack Land], and [Tear Ocean].

It turned out that Qian Jin had to turn the first four warrior seals into soul warrior seals, and the fifth warrior seal would only appear after the first four soul warrior seals spun and created a new type of energy.

“It seems like my body will recover,” Qian Jin sighed and thought, “My warrior souls were burned too much. If I want to recover them…”

“This?” Qian Jin stared at the spot where the grey mist was blown away. The essence of the Heart of Lucifer that he had once absorbed seemed to have turned into a sticky solid after entering his body, and it was troublesome to completely digest it and would take a long time.

But now…

After being corroded by the grey undead energy, the essence of the Heart of Lucifer melted and flowed like a river. It was effortless for Qian Jin to digest it now.

The essence quickly turned into streams and flowed to Qian Jin’s three warrior souls. Wherever the essence streams flowed, the broken bones, damaged reservoirs and connections, and injured internal organs were all nurtured. They absorbed a lot of essence like dry riverbeds that were finally receiving some rain.

Gradually, the ‘dry riverbeds’ became moist and wet, recovering the vitality that they once had.

As soon as the warrior souls touched the essence, mysterious glares appeared on them, and they started to devour the essence of the Heart of Lucifer.

The broken warrior souls all started to wriggle and slowly move around.

The hammer-shaped warrior soul soon returned to its old shape, and it became even firmer than before. However, it didn’t stop; it continued to absorb more essence.

The essence of the Heart of Lucifer was too much! Many generations of fallen angel bloodline warriors injected their core essences into the Heart of Lucifer before death, and even the benefit from a small portion was hard to describe.

It would have taken Qian Jin a long time to fully digest the essence, but it was corroded and refined by the grey undead energy and became the best supplement for Qian Jin after that intense battle.

Almost no one had ever repaired their warrior souls after igniting them, so no one knew what it was like to heal warrior souls.

Qian Jin’s three warrior souls quickly healed, and he felt like they became stronger again. It wasn’t just a simple increase in strength or quality; it seemed to be a fundamental transformation.

Life energy reservoirs… death energy reservoirs…

Qian Jin looked at the energy reservoirs that connected and the soul warrior seals that were broken and had recovered. They all seemed like stars that experienced death and had been revived.

It was a type of uniqueness that was hard to describe. The stars went through cycles of life and death and formed a complete, natural state.

Everyone would die someday, and many new people came to this world at every moment.

Two broken warrior seals suddenly started to spin like crazy, but Qian Jin didn’t have time to focus on them. In fact, he didn’t even notice their fast rebirth. He was looking at all the broken warrior seals in his body. Some of them were slowly recovering, and some of them shattered so much that he had to re-condense them.

The organs in Qian Jin’s body all recovered, and the life and death energy reservoirs connected and formed a unique circle. This circle represented a complete cycle that continued to spin and would never stop. This cycle was smooth, and life and death seemed to harmonious.


Qian Jin suddenly sensed that his body shook, and two unprecedently large warrior seals appeared above the warrior soul formed by Wind and Cloud Warrior Power.

The two giant warrior seals had different presences. One was filled with vitality and life, and the other was filled with the calmness after death. These two giant warrior seals spun around each other and seemed to be giving birth to life and creating death.

Gradually, these two warrior seals became one. This warrior seal was even larger and more complete. All the stars encircled it, and life and death perfectly combined in it instead of repelling each other.

[Life Death Star Seal]! It was the top-tier fighting technique of the Unkillable King Bloodline Family that Bhang Wusheng was once a part of.

Qian Jin would have needed more than ten years to condense the warrior seal, but this warrior seal was instantly created at the right time and with the right inspiration.

After all, Qian Jin had the inspiration from the two half shields, the Heart of Lucifer, the combination of Wind and Cloud Warrior Power, and the linkage of life and death energy reservoirs. On top of that, Qian Jin just experienced going from the verge of death to being safe again. This experience wasn’t only physical but also mental, and his warrior souls went through the same experience. This was Qian Jin’s warrior path! Being reborn every time he was on the verge of death!

Qian Jin wouldn’t even believe what had just happened.

“Life!” Qian Jin thought of this, and the broken warrior seals started to recover at an insane speed. In just a flash, a few warrior seals already returned to normal.

“This…” Qian Jin was stunned again. “Is this the legendary life seal in the Life Death Star Seal? This terrifying recovery speed that these warrior seals showed is even faster than the recovery speed of soul warrior seals!”

‘Life!” Qian Jin thought of this again, and most of the injuries in his body quickly recovered. Although this speed wasn’t as fast as Adams’ potions, it was much faster than Qian Jin’s normal recovery speed.

Only other top-tier warrior seals such as Kun Fighting Technique and Qian Fighting Technique wouldn’t obey the orders of Life Death Star Seal. As if they controlled their own laws of nature, they seemed to be on the same level.

The grey mist in Qian Jin’s body continued to back off but didn’t disappear. Although only a small amount of undead energy entered his body, it was more resilient than all other warrior powers.

Qian Jin discovered that none of his warrior souls wanted to absorb this energy, and they all tried to get rid of it. As soon as this energy appeared near them, the warrior souls would attack.

“How can I get rid of it? Only letting it die…”

Life Death Star Seal shined again, and the grey mist gradually disappeared as it was repelled out of Qian Jin’s body.

Death! Qian Jin discovered more abilities of this Life Death Star Seal, and he also wondered what abilities that the combined seals of the other five ultimate bloodline families had.

Qian Jin pondered and sensed the warrior seals in his body. They quickly created connections as if they were a constellation. They weren’t all connected with each other; there was an order to it.

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