Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Qian Jin’s Weapon

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“In theory, [X Purified Iron] that contains various precious metals is better, but…” Blake smiled as he shrugged his shoulders. “But that only applies only under one condition: the creator must have a high understanding of the art of mixing metals on top of having the ability to forge [True Purified Iron]. Otherwise, [X Purified Iron] would be less effective than [True Purified Iron].”

Qian Jin felt like he understood the basics. [True Purified Iron] was like the foundation; if someone didn’t have a good foundation and attempted to create something more complicated, it would be like constructing a high building without a good foundation; it would crumble.

“Okay, since there is still some time…” Blake looked in the direction of the village gates as he waved his hand. “Go to the mining pit and dig up some ore and bring them back.”

“Again? You want to fool me again?” Qian Jin thought to himself. He stood up, dusted the dirt off of his butt and said, “No problem. Blake, can I grab a weapon?”

Blake pointed at the weapon rack and said, “Pick any weapon you want. Remember to return them when you are done using them.”

The long weapon rack held various kinds of weapons: swords, war blades, polearms, hammers, axes, maces…

As Qian Jin walked by the weapon rack, a weapon attracted his attention. The handle of the weapon was about two feet long. The blade of the weapon was about three feet long and one foot in width!

Zhan Ma Dao (technical name of the weapon)! it was a sabre with a single long broad blade. Qian Jin pulled the Zhan Ma Dao off the weapon rack and chopped down with both hands on the handle. As if lightning flashed through the room, the dust on the floor was separated to two sides by the pressure coming off the blade!

Qian Jin was very satisfied with the Zhan Ma Dao in his hand. It was heavy and large enough; the range of the attack was bigger than an average sword. With the Zhan Ma Dao in his hands, Qian Jin felt like he was a general in battle; the single long broad bladed sabre had boosted his presence.

“Ji Du?” Qian Jin saw the word on the side of the blade. “Is this blade named Ji-Du?” He was surprised.

Blake who was acting indifferent was surprised as well. He murmured, “Huh… He chose this blade. Should I say that he has a good luck? Or does he have bad luck? Should I say he has great foresight…? He actually chose Ji Du.”

“Great sabre! The name Ji Du sounds powerful as well!” Qian Jin swung the blade backwards with one hand, and that move made him look more dominating, as if he was ready to face thousands of enemies alone with the blade.

“This is a great blade, but you can’t fully understand its greatness yet.” Blake waved his hand. “Go and bring back some ores.”

“Oh.” Qian Jin caressed the body of the blade in ecstasy. He felt his warrior energy being conducted through Ji Du with zero limits. “Could this be a Warrior Weapon?” he thought.

Blake had already curled up his body as he dozed off while leaning against the wall.

Qian Jin knew Blake didn’t want to answer any more questions. He walked on the path that led him out of the village excitedly as he thought to himself, “If I meet that damn wolf again, I will chop it in half!”

He arrived at the gate of the village again. He took two deep breaths quietly and walked out of the village as he drew on the Level 6 Warrior Energy in his body.

Just like last time, the three-headed wolf turned into a black shadow and rushed towards him.

“Great! Let me chop you in half!” Qian Jin lowered his center of gravity as he squatted down a little. With both hands on the handle of Ji Du, he used the [Forging Breathe Technique] out of habit subconsciously. Ji Du simply chopped down. Whoosh! The blade turned into a white lightning as it cried in the air.

The white lightning struck on the black shadow, and the three-headed wolf whined in pain as it retreated; there was a wound so deep on its middle head that the skull was visible. At the critical moment, the three-headed wolf sensed the danger coming from Qian Jin and instinctively retreated first. However, it didn’t fully dodge Qian Jin’s strike and got injured. The pain instantly stimulated the beast’s vicious nature as all six of its eyes turned bloody red!

“Going to try hard? Come!” Qian Jin was enjoying this; he was surprised by the fact that the first strike he learnt from Blake today worked so well with the help of the [Forging Breathe Technique].

“Player Qian Jin, please pay attention. Your gaming time for today is almost up, please prepare to go offline.”

The world in Qian Jin’s eyes started to twist quickly, and the Ji Du in his hands started to lose its weight. A confused and perplexed emotion appeared in the three-headed wolf’s bloody eyes.

“Damn! Give me a bit more time!”

Qian Jin yelled as he suddenly sat up on his bed. He looked at the hat in front of him powerlessly; he was so close to getting his revenge! He was also about to experiment on the power of the first strike from the so-called Eighteen Strikes combined with his warrior energy.

“Qian Jin…” Rollin rubbed his hazy eyes as he said, “What’s happening?”


The pain and soreness coming from the muscles in his body forced him to temporarily forget about the Eighteen Strikes.

The horn for morning exercise sounded.

The students in Oakland Academy started to quickly gather around the open field again.

When Qian Jin dragged his body into the open field, he realized that every student around his was staring at him in a weird manner. This time, there were more than just the Grade One students; even the Grade Two and Grade Three warrior and mage students were looking at him strangely.

Rollin immediately listened closely to the crowd’s chatter as he saw this strange event.

“Did you hear? Qian Jin fought with both the sixth seat and seventh seat from his grade last night, and he was the one who came on top.”

“Yeah, yeah. I heard something like that too. I heard he won very easily.”

“That’s nothing. I heard from a friend that he kicked two senior warrior students’ asses after the fight with the two top ten seats in his grade.”

“Yeah, he also threw them into the water well; they drank cold water all night long.”

“He is too reckless; he dared to challenge his seniors?”

“It didn’t stop there. I heard that he rejected Julius again last night.”

“Yeah, I knew that already. Did Julius make an announcement to every guy in the academy? If anyone wants to date her and become her boyfriend, he must challenge Qian Jin in a fight and kick his ass. It seems like Qian Jin got himself into some real trouble…”

“Yeah! It’s Julius! The most popular girl in the academy. Would this mean that a whole bunch of students are going to challenge Qian Jin?”

All the news shocked Rollin one after another. “Qian Jin fought with seniors? And he threw them into the water? That meant he had offended all the Grade Two warrior students! In terms of rejecting Julius…” Rollin wondered to himself.

He gave Qian Jin as huge hug as he said, “Buddy! You treat me like a real friend! You knew that I like Julius, so you’d rather offend all the guys in the academy and reject Julius for me…”

Qian Jin found out that Rollin was pretty strong for the first time through his hug. He pushed Rollin away with all his strength and said earnestly, “Buddy, since I sacrificed myself this much, shouldn’t you treat me to a nice meal?”

“Of course! No problem!” Rollin patted his chest as he proudly accepted Qian Jin’s suggestion. He then lowered his voice and whispered into Qian Jin’s ear mysteriously. “Man, since you sacrificed so much for me already, could you sacrificed a bit more for me?” he asked.

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