Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Beast Fighting Technique

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However, if he fought tonight, then he would officially be involved in the competition for the Observation Seats. The other top ten students wouldn’t care if he was forced into a fight; as soon as he became involved in the fight for the Observation Seats, he would no longer have an excuse to not accept challenges anymore.

“Can we not fight?”

“Then hand over your tag.” Revolver-Skyblade pointed at the tag in Qian Jin’s hand with his chin. For the past few days, he had been hearing things like, “although Qian Jin is only ranked number 10, he can defeat the number nine and number eight on the fighting ability ranking”.

Revolver-Skyblade treated it as a joke the first time he heard it. He did so the second time too. However, after hearing it three times, thirty times, and a hundred and thirty times, he could no longer take it lightly.

As the eighth seat on the fighting ability ranking, others thought that he was weaker than the tenth seat. However, Qian Jin had never explained himself and told others that he was the weaker one, making it seem as if all the rumors were true.

No matter how relaxed Revolver-Skyblade was, he still held anger against Qian Jin. Now that someone had offered him money to teach Qian Jin a hard lesson, there was no reason for him to not accept it. On top of that, Qian Jin couldn’t reject this fight, so that meant that Revolver-Skyblade could get a free tag.

Qian Jin rubbed the tag in his hand. “These three tags are only trouble makers, but if I just give them up to other people…” he thought.

If a warrior couldn’t even protect his or her own properties and belongings, then he or she would no longer be considered a warrior.

Qian Jin shoved the tag back into his pocket. Although he knew these tags would bring him trouble and challenges from other students, he couldn’t give it up. If he no longer had these tags, he would lose his priority towards the Warrior Energy Concentration Array. He had to keep them for his future.

Qian Jin sighed. He knew that the officials at the academy were brilliant. After giving these tags some additional features, they forced rivalries among the students. That promoted actual battles and helped to train more elite warriors and mages.

“Revolver-Skyblade, stop talking to him.” Caesars yelled angrily, “I paid you to kick his ass! Beat the shit out of him! You are not here to chat and make friends!”

Revolver-Skyblade frowned as he glanced at Caesars. He said with disdain, “Relax, I took your money and I will do what I promised. However, watch your language. If you talk to me like that again, I will kick your ass too. Qian Jin, hand over the tag, and I will go a bit easier on you. Otherwise…”

Qian Jin looked at Caesars and Revolver-Skyblade. He asked Rollin, “Did Revolver-Skyblade hit you?”

“He kicked me!” Rollin roared as he breathed heavily and struggled to free himself. “He was the first person that attacked me.”

“Ok, got it.” Qian Jin looked at Revolver-Skyblade and said, “Hand over your tag, slap yourself in the face twice and apologize to my friend. If you do that, I will go easy on you.”

The small circular space turned silent. The seniors were astonished. “Damn, this number ten seat is brave, daring to talk to a higher seat like that,” they thought.

Caesars was the first person that laughed out loud after the short moment of silence. He knew that what Qian Jin said had triggered Revolver-Skyblade. If this warrior didn’t get angry after hearing that, then his name wouldn’t be Revolver-Skyblade. Any warrior would be enraged after hearing that from someone whom they thought was weak.

Revolver-Skyblade’s handsome face started to twist. He thought he was having some hearing problems. “How dare he? How dare he threaten me like this? Doesn’t he know that the rankings are the most accurate representation of who is stronger? Is this tenth seat having a major meltdown? He didn’t even dare to answer the other seats’ challenges.”

Revolver-Skyblade raised both of his arms that were longer than average as he glanced at Caesars. “You are lucky; I will let him stay in the hospital for a few months,” he said.

Caesars backed out of the circular vacant space joyfully. He picked up a wooden stick that was as thick as a man’s arm and lightly tapped his other palm. He was thinking about how he would shame Qian Jin after he lost.

Only Qian Jin and Revolver-Skyblade were in the circular vacant space now; the battle was about to begin. The seniors stared at them in curiosity. They really wanted to see how this was going to play out.

Revolver-Skyblade stood straight, and his feet were close together as he stared at Qian Jin. He suddenly moved; his left foot took a step forward, and he lifted his elbows. Both of his hands formed fists. One of it was placed in front of his abdomen, and the other one was placed a few inches above it. His right foot took half a step, similar to a defensive boxing position, but his upper body was tugged together. His eyes somehow looked like monkey’s eyes, staring at Qian Jin and mocking him.

Beast Fighting Technique! Demon Ape! The way that Revolver-Skyblade tugged in his body was the initial position of the Demon Ape Fighting Technique. It took Qian Jin by surprise. He didn’t expect that Revolver-Skyblade, who was already a Level 3 Warrior, had learned a Beast Fighting Technique. The Demon Ape Fighting Technique suited Revolver-Skyblade’s longer than average arms perfectly.

Beast Fighting Techniques were created by Great Warriors after centuries of fighting against demons and demon beasts. They mimicked the demon beasts’ strength and form and mixed warrior energy into it to create these special and powerful techniques. Even some of the Great Warriors were famous because they mastered Beast Fighting Techniques and utilized them on the battlefield.

Qian Jin remembered the characteristics of the Demon Ape Fighting Technique. The instructors at the academy had introduced it to the students, and the books in his family’s library had mentioned it as well. The most distinguishing characteristic was that the warrior would be agile and swift; if he or she moved, they would be as fast as lightning and as quick as the wind.

Qian Jin stared at Revolver-Skyblade who was slowly squatting down carefully. He clearly saw the veins on Revolver-Skyblade’s neck quiver slightly. Qian Jin remembered the instructor lecture that for someone who trained in this technique, if their neck veins quivered, it meant that the person had developed the ape sense. It would increase the power of the Demon Ape Fighting Technique, and it wasn’t easy to develop.

Revolver-Skyblade’s hands touched the ground. His right hand was slowly lifted, and it looked as if he was trying to lean forward and use that hand to support his body. Suddenly, his left hand pushed on the ground, and his right foot kicked on the ground as well. His body shot forward. His left hand, left foot, and right foot landed on the ground in a sequence, and his right hand reached forward again, as if he was a sprinting Demon Ape.

The grass that was stepped on by Revolver-Skyblade was flattened into a pile of green paste, and it slowly flowed on the ground. Although Qian Jin was ranked the tenth seat among all students in Grade One, Revolver-Skyblade didn’t count him as a worthy opponent. He rushed directly at Qian Jin, and his arm that was partially hidden beside his waist swung across and stabbed towards Qian Jins’s throat like an ape tail!

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