Coming of the Villain Boss!

Chapter 997 - The Part-Time Expert (13)

Chapter 997: The Part-Time Expert (13)

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Si Chen’s account was far too powerful, and this kind of powerful skill was not on the level of a normal player. Because a player would by no means obtain a Level 120 account at this time.

The upgraded version hadn’t even reached Level 20.

The game Asking Gods and its game helmets were both developed by Huanyao. The NS Club had game helmets that weren’t on the market, which meant it was highly possible that Huanyao was behind the club.

Si Chen was Yunxing Project’s special consultant, but he had a lot of power.

Of course, she hadn’t gone to the basement and didn’t know what the situation was down below, but at least, in the above-the-ground building, Si Chen was the only boss.

Everyone in the villa was equipped with the game helmets that hadn’t appeared on the market.

So was Si Chen Huanyao’s man?

Ming Shu looked to Si Chen’s wrist where a red thread was tied around. It should be like that.

But this little goblin was injured twice within such a short time

Si Chen bit into a grass and pulled her avatar to leave.

Her location was far from the lava map. Ming Shu didn’t know how Si Chen had made the transportation, but when she broke free from him, she had already stepped on the lava map.

Literally, the lava map meant the place was filled with lava.

There was very little room to tread on, and it was very hot.

The place that the two were standing at right now was also very narrow; they almost stuck to each other.

Ming Shu didn’t know if it was because of the game helmet, but she actually felt a real touch.

She felt the same way as when Si Chen pulled her just now.

The game helmet she used before could make her feel the temperature in the game and the pain during fights, but there was absolutely no such realistic feeling when two people touched.

Si Chen said, “I’ll give you one hour to find the bug on this map.”

Ming Shu smiled. “I’m not your employee, why should I help find the bug for you?”

Si Chen suddenly bent over and approached Ming Shu. “If you find it, I’ll give you a privilege.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “What privilege?”

Si Chen also smiled. “The absolute management power of the team, what do you say about that?”

Absolute management power, that was to say their team would still belong to NS Club in the future, but the club would have no rights to manage them anymore.

But Ming Shu chose to join the club in the first place instead of forming a team by herself basically because she didn’t want to handle bothersome affairs.

Absolute management power? Didn’t that mean she would have to handle everything?

Ming Shu shook her head. That’s not cost-effective.

Si Chen seemed to know what she was worrying about. “Business as usual except for your management power. I’ll provide for you as much as the same, and some people will be specially responsible for everything other than making decisions.”

Ming Shu pondered for a moment. “In addition, you must provide snacks every week.”

“No problem.” Si Chen almost held Ming Shu in his arms. “But… If you can’t find it, you’ll listen to me in the future.”

I thought the little goblin became so kind because he was persuaded by my talent. 

It turns out he’s just digging a pit here and is waiting for me to jump in. 

Good job, little goblin!

Ming Shu reached out her fingers and poked his chest, putting some distance between them. “You can dream about that first, Mr. Si.”

Si Chen sneered. “I’ll wait and see.”

Si Chen checked the time. There were only ten minutes left.

Ming Shu hadn’t come back yet.

He grinned viciously. Soon he would take revenge for his shaved hair.

At the last minute, a figure flew over from afar and landed before Si Chen.

“Have you given up? Okay, if you give up, you must…”

“I’ve found it,” Ming Shu interrupted him. “I’m sorry, Mr. Si, but I’ve disappointed you.”

Si Chen: “…”

After confirming that Ming Shu had really found the right bug, Si Chen became so angry that he went offline immediately.

Ming Shu was also about to go offline when she suddenly received Qingqiu Zhong’s message, saying that they were all online now and should have a team practice.

“When did Jiang Liu reach such a high level?” Ming Shu walked around Jiang Liu in a circle.

“Brother Qingqiu found a game leveling player for me,” Jiang Liu said. “When it comes to the official competition, a low-leveled avatar will definitely affect our team.”

He was right about that.

Overlapped Moon and Sun also leveled up a lot.

“Let’s start then. Mainly it’s for training Jiang Liu and Chongguang (Overlapped Moon and Sun), right? What about the rest of you, do you have any problems in the game?” Ming Shu asked.

“The professional competition is different from the amateur contest, so we shouldn’t treat it as just for fun,” Tonight’s Moon reminded.

“If we lose, just lose, then.” Ming Shu didn’t care much about the result. “I didn’t come to win.”

Qingqiu Zhong: “Well… What did you come for then?”

“For my little cutie.” Ming Shu had decided to beat up the fake female protagonist when she met her. She would save most of the love for her.

Everyone was confused. Who is your little cutie!

“Okay okay, let’s just get started. Don’t delay here, it’s going to be dinner time soon.” I’ve got group Hatred Points to collect. 

Qingqiu Zhong’s fire for gossip began to burn, but Ming Shu didn’t tell him anything in the end.

Ming Shu clicked the arena and waited for the team matching.

Ming Shu was lucky and matched with a livestreamer again.

The others in the team had all hidden their names, so only Ming Shu showed up with her formal name Wind He Rising publicly and was recognized immediately.

The livestreamer was smart enough to change their room’s name as soon as Ming Shu appeared.

Wind He Rising vs The Most Handsome In The World.

Wasn’t it an attractive title?

It indeed was. The broadcast room that didn’t have but a few people just now immediately became crowded with a group of people after the title was named.

[Wind God, I saw Wind God, ahhh!]

[My Wind God is so handsome. I can’t help but kiss the screen.]

[I’ve watched Wind God in the preliminary contest video more than ten times.]

[Yeah, it was a short but quality video. Ten times is just not enough.]

[Absolutely short and qualified.]

[Are those Wind God’s teammates who stood next to him?]

[Not exactly… Their accounts seemed different from last time.]

[I want to watch the ancient expert.]

The training was mainly to let Jiang Liu and Chongguang become more familiar with the game, so they didn’t play as fast as in the preliminary contest. Ming Shu played with the other party slowly, and whenever she approached position, she would make way for Jiang Liu.

The onlookers were all very speechless.

The flower god was a mobile blood bank in the players’ eyes, but why did Wind God want the flower god to kill?

[The flower god is designed to be aggressive, not weak; but because this character is mainly responsible for healing, it was just difficult for normal people to operate it to attack others. At the early stage, the flower god is raised and protected like a baby in the team, but as the game continues, it’ll usually be abandoned at a later stage.]

Someone explained on the bullet screen.

The team The Most Handsome In The World felt wronged to be killed by a mobile blood bank.

“Wind God, I want to fight you, not a baby!” the livestreamer couldn’t help but shout at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu chuckled. “You’d better defeat the baby first.”

[Oh my god, my prince’s voice is so charming.]

[Hahahaha, defeat the baby first. Livestreamer, don’t flinch, you’ll have a fight against my Wind God head-on when you handle the baby.]

[Defeat the baby first if you want to fight me! Wind God is so cool!]

In HS’s training room…

Tao Zi saw everyone huddling together as soon as she stepped in. She walked over confusedly. “What are you looking at?”

“Tao Zi, come come come, Wind He Rising’s in a livestream.”

Wind He Rising was a thorn in Tao Zi’s side.

She stood in front of the computer.

Livestreams of holographic games could be viewed on a computer.

She swept her gaze over to the screen and happened to see the fan’s admiring words. She frowned immediately.

“I didn’t expect Wind He Rising to be a female. I’ve always thought the player was a male.”

“Me too. She is very powerful in keyboard games as well.”

“I heard that our club invited her before and she was about to sign the contract, but then it led to nothing.”

“Wind He Rising is also very pretty… What do you think, Tao Zi?”

Tao Zi smiled slightly and answered, “Yes.”

“Perhaps you and she will become two legends in the future,” someone beside her made a joke about them.

Tao Zi’s expression became even gloomier.

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